Boy In The Attic


A baby named Jeon Jungkook just turns one before being kidnapped buy a man who owes Jungkook's family money. Jungkook's father is the leader of a mafia and as you can tell Jungkook is the heir to be leader of the mafia. The man kept Jungkook in the attic and mistreated him. He would only give him food scraps. He gave him old clothes and rags to wear and clean himself with. Jungkook was treated like this up until he was 18. On the day he turned 18 the man left the house and never returned. Jungkook was left locked in the attic with nothing much to eat. He had a bathroom that he could get water from up there so he wouldn't get dehydrated but he would have to make his food supply last as long as he could make it.

Thriller / Romance
Age Rating:


This is just a note if any of you did not know this is a work of FICTION. If I wasn't clear. I do not own BTS nor BigHit that would be impossible for me since my ass is broke 🤣 and I do not withhold millions and billions of dollars sooooooo uuuuuuhhhhhh yeah.

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