Love Sewn Protection


Authors POV
3 Years Ago

The king leaves the confines of his castle and the side of his queen and sixteen year old son Taehyung. He walks to a waiting carriage that sits outside. He doesn't even tell the driver where to go the driver already knows, he's taken him to the spot multiple times in the past. The people of his kingdom doesn't know what their king doesn't mean that they don't suspect or speculate. Many of them suspect the wrong things. The wrong things like them thinking he is on the hunt to find new concubines which is far from the truth. Their king is on the hunt but it is not for concubines.

The driver stops at the entrance of the city letting the king slip out before the driver turns around heading back to the castle. You may be wondering how people don't recognize their king. There is a simple explanation. He blends in. He hides himself in the dark looking fo any lonely walker.

He spots a woman who he knows to be a widowed mother. He spots her son a little ways ahead of her.

"Jungkook, don't go to far ahead of me. You know I can't see you if you do." She calls out to her son.

"I'm sorry eomma. I didn't mean to." The boy says as he walks back to where his mother continues to walk unknown that they are being followed.

The two gets to their little cottage. They go inside as their as their king watches on. He has picked his next target but is berating himself for doing so.

He turns around and stealthily walks away before he gives into his urges. As much as he wanted to kill he didn't want to leave the boy motherless. He goes through dark and deserted streets for his next target.

The people of his kingdom are scared at night now because they have been finding the king's victims. The noblemen of the city urge the king to find the killer and charge him for their crimes. All of the victims have been widowed men and women who either have grown children or none at all.

It doesn't take long for him to find his next victim, a woman limply walking towards her cottage from her flower garden. The woman is widowed and he son and daughter are grown.

The king takes out a dagger that is hidden in his belt. He stalks the woman before attacking her.

"Grandma! Eomma wanted me to..... GRANDMA!" The king hears before he looks up to see the boy he had seen earlier.

The boy looks at him with a terrified tear stained face.

"You killed my grandma." The boy finally says.

"And you saw too much. You are coming with me. If you don't the same will happen to your mother." The king says making the boy immediately nod his head.

"I will send someone tell your mother tomorrow that you witnessed something you shouldn't have. Do you know what happens when a person swears to secrecy?" The king asks making the boy shake his head no.

"Your lips are to be sewn together to make sure you never speak of what happened ever." The king says making the boys eyes go wide.

"How will I eat and drink. Please my king, I don't want to die." The boy says desperately.

"It will be loose enough you can eat but tight enough you won't be able to talk. This wasn't a split second decision. Do you think of me that lowly boy?" The king asks growling slightly making the boy cower a little.

"No! I don't think lowly of you my king. I was just being curious and asked questions." The boy says half panicked.

"That's good I wouldn't want to have to put you through traitor treatment. Do you swear to never speak of this to anyone?" The king asks making the boy nod furiously.

"I swear, I swear." The boys says making the king chuckle a little.

The king escorts the boy to the entrance of the village where his carriage awaits.

The driver doesn't question him for fear of getting punished. The boy and the king get into the carriage and heads to the castle.

When the carriage stops the two gets out and the boy is escorted by the king to see the castle doctor.

When they get there they the dungeon master and the doctor. The two looks at the two.

"He has sworn to secrecy. This one stays alive. I don't want him dead. Doctor Daesun you know what to do." The king says making the dungeon master nod before harshly gripping the boy's shoulder making him whimper in pain.

"Shouldn't he be in the dungeons if he has done so?" The dungeon master asks tightening his grip on the boy's shoulder.

"You do not hurt him. The only thing that you will be doing is going back to the dungeons. Also what I say about the boy is my business not yours. As a matter of fact I have something I want him to do so go do your job before you are punished and relieved from it." The king says before the dungeon master lets go of the boy harshly making him stumble.

The dungeon master leaves before the king turns to the boy who has just found his footing.

"I am going to assign guards to protect you like I do for my son. I know this is an odd situation. I will have a room set up for you. The doctor will come check on you like I will to see how you are doing but mostly when you will be able to start your training. During your training and even after you are finished I will be sending your mother part of what you will be making in a salary to help her because I'm sure you would do that if I would give you the full amount. I will be sending it through someone I believe won't steal the money and keep it for themselves. I am not as mean many claim me to be. Before you ask I do what I well do that because I can't resist the urge. I had forgotten that your grandmother was an grandmother. If you have noticed I have only done it to men and women that are widowed and that has no children of their own or they are widowed and don't have kids. If I wasn't a person who is remorseful I wouldn't be treating you the way I am now. My son Taehyung who everyone calls Princess isn't allowed in certain parts of the castle especially the dungeon. When you are done with your training you will be assigned to being a personal bodyguard for him. I want you to protect him even before he is assigned to you completely. You of course aren't the only one to be assigned to him. There was eight in all we lost one because he did something he shouldn't have. You are going to be my son's silent bodyguard that will never show his face. When you are training you are to keep your mouth covered. I don't want my son seeing anyone with their mouth sewn up because they have sworn to silence." The king says before the doctor ones up to him.

"My king, I have something to tell you." He says.

"What is it doctor Chu?" The king asks.

"The dungeon master took my non poisonous thread. I keep that when you want me so the same but you want them dead. I can look some more to see if I have any of my other thread put somewhere."

"How do you know that he took it." The king asks.

"It was here before he left. I was looking at it a few minutes before he left and no one else has moved since then except for when I went to get it to find it wasn't there." The doctor says to him.

"Ok, you continue to look for any of your thread. If you find any do what you need to do but make sure that it is loose enough for him to eat but tight enough that he can't talk." The king says making the doctor nod.

The king then leaves and heads down to the dungeons to find the dungeon master no where to be found.

"Yoongi where is Haeshu?" The king asks one of the guards.

"He came down but he left not to long ago. He said something about Taehyung then something about a boy as he was leaving."

"Yoongi, Yugyeom, and Mark come with me three of you guards take their posts. I will be reassigning Tae's bodyguards tomorrow." The king says as he leaves as the three guards follow behind him.

A scream comes from Taehyung's room making the king and the guards run to his room. When they get there they see the dungeon master punch Taehyung in the face knocking him out.

"Haeshu, you are under arrest!" Yoongi says as he and the other two guards grab the dungeon master and rips him off of Tae before the king runs over to his unconscious son.

"NAMJOON!" The king yells for his advisor as he holds his unconscious son.

"The dungeon master is to be executed in the morning." The king says angrily.

"I will give Jackson the position of dungeon master like he as always wanted. I will be down in a few minutes. I need to talk to all of you." The king says before the three take the dungeon master away to the dungeons and puts him into a cell.

The king waits for his advisor to come. When his advisor gets there he lets out a sigh of relief.

"My king what happened?" Namjoon asks.

"Don't worry right now I need you to go to one of the maids and tell her to set up the room next to Tae's because that is where the boy who is going to train to be his new bodyguard is going to be. Also when you are done do you mind asking the cook if he can fix something to eat for the boy. The boy won't be able to eat regularly for a while so it has to be liquid base his lips are being sewn together."

"He swore to secrecy for something?"

"Yes, now I have to go talk to the guards." The king says before leaving heading down to the dungeons and the guards quarters.

"Everyone, the dungeon master tried to have a boy I brought back killed and had planned to since I brought in the boy. The boy has sworn to secrecy but the dungeon master thought it wasn't as fit as death does in his mind. If any of you think the same way move to one side of the room. If I find it out you will have your tongue cut out and will be executed if you lie to me and I find out about it." The king says before six of the forty guards that were standing there moves to the side of the room.

Those specific guards that were Taehyung's bodyguards.

"Jackson you are the new dungeon master don't make me regret changing your post."

"Thank you sir."

"Yoongi, Mark, Hyunwoo, and Jaekyun take those six and put them in cells. I'll deal with them tomorrow with the day guards." The king says making the guards nod before he leaves.


"I know it hurts but you have to keep still or it won't come out the way it is supposed to and the king will have my head if it doesn't come out the way he wants it." The doctor says to the whimpering boy.

The boy does his best not to move as the doctor continues to see his lips together until he is finally finished.

"You won't be able to eat properly for a while until your mouth heals which is going to take a good bit of time. I'll check on you tomorrow when you get up." The doctor says as he gently cleans the blood from the boys sewn lips.

Tears fall from his eyes due to the pain.

"I will give you something for the pain. I should have asked you what your name was before I did this. If you can do you know how to write your name?" The doctor says.

The boy nods his head yes making the doctor smile. He hands the boy a piece of paper and writing brush. He sets a pot of ink on a nearby table. The boy walks over and writes his name on the paper: Jeon Jeongguk but prefers to be called Jungkook....
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