Love Sewn Protection


The doctor looks at the paper and nods.

"Ok, Jungkook. Thank you. Oh, by the way your name is the same as the nearby kings son. You also look like him as well. The queen is nowhere to be found along with their son. It was told that the king is a vicious man along with our king but the claims on our king aren't all that true. I should know I've been the doctor of this family since the king was a babe. Many of the people from the from the villages that are ruled by the nearby king move here to get away from his rule. He apparently is worse than he was before since he no longer has an heir to take the thrown. As a matter of fact you have the same last name as the king and queen but you can't really go by just that." The doctor says making the boy slightly nod in agreement.

"Our king told me that if anyone found the two and came forth. He said he would allow the two to stay in the castle and would never push them to go back to go back to their kingdom because he knows how the king is in the nearby kingdom. He's witnessed it. To be completely honest with you I actually think that you are the nearby Kong's son but I can't can't really voice this to the king. Your mothers mother lived in the village. Your mother did to until your father saw her one day while he was visiting with our king and your father decided right then that he would take her as his first concubine. He eventually made her his Queen and the two had you. I would assume when the queen ran away with their son she came here and laid low all of these years. If king Jeon really cared he would have been looking for the both of you longer than he did." He says before someone clears their throat gaining the attention of Jungkook and the doctor.

They look up to see the king and his advisor.

"Daesun, can you go check on Taehyung please. He's laying on his bed unconscious." The king says making the doctor nod before he heads out of the room leaving the three.

Jungkook puts his head down not knowing what to do.

"If you really are King Jeon's son I just hurt Taehyung's betrothed. I won't ever forget that or forgive myself for it either. Namjoon, you are going to visit his mother. You are going to take a portrait of Queen Jeon Chaesa and bring her back here. She will most likely agree to come with you since her son is here. Come to think of it. The doctor said you look like King Jeon and Queen Chaesa. If you are their son I apologize to you about your predicament but you have an advantage if you are their son. You can get closer to my son, getting to know him better. Aaaaaahhhhh what have I done? What have I done?" The king asks panicked.

"My king please calm down. The kid knows why everything has happened the way it has. Sure you do have some explaining when the time comes to Taehyung finding out but let's not worry about that just yet. If Jungkook is King Jeon's son he'll get to know and get closer to Taehyung. I'm sure the kid will find a way to communicate with the prince." Namjoon says making the king nod absently.

A few minutes later the doctor comes back making Namjoon, Jungkook, and the King look at him expectantly.

"Taehyung is fine. He is still asleep. He does have a broken nose and bruises on his thighs where the dungeon master grabbed him roughly." Hearing this Jungkook gets mad making the three see this.

Jungkook writes down something on the price of paper he wrote his name on then shows it to them.

When is this going to be done healing because I want to start training as soon as possible.

"It will take a week or two so it won't be all that long. It may seem it but no it's not going to be all that long." Doctor Chu says making Jungkook nod.

When the two weeks are up the doctor checks to see if Jungkook is all healed up and come to find out Jungkook is actually King Jeon's son after his mother confirmed who she is with proof that she was the lost Queen. This news made Jungkook happy but he wondered when the King will tell Taehyung. He also hopes that no one will tell Taehyung that he is betrothed to someone before the King does. Jungkook doesn't want Taehyung to hate him when he finds out. He'll worry about that when it's time for that to come to the surface but for now he has to focus on being the the best personal bodyguard Taehyung will ever have while being taught how to be a prince as well.
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