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The Weasley Twins and Pranks

By Sevenise

Humor / Fantasy

The Beginning

1989, August 23rd


Fred stared up at the ceiling, thinking. He glanced over at his twin, George, who was fast asleep. He frowned. You see, Fred had come to realize something, he and George had no place in the family. Sure they were the twins but, what did that really mean? Bill and Charlie were cool and in a way demanded respect, Percy had perfect grades and always impressed Mum and Dad with it. There was Ron, who was the youngest guy and Ginny, the only girl. Where did that leave them? He and George had just gotten their Hogwarts letter that year and Mum and Dad were worrying about money. So they wouldn't be getting anything to set them apart from the rest the way Percy, Bill and Charlie had. No. They were 'Fred and George' or 'The twins' whenever someone referred to either of them. They were treated like they were the same person, no one could tell them apart not even their own Mother. It hurt him and he knew it hurt George.

How could he fix it? Not the fact that people can't tell them apart but, the fact that they are like the shadows of the rest of their family. That needed to be fixed. He lay there for a bit longer and thought about all the things that made all of their other siblings stand out. Then he realized, that of all of things that made people stand out, one was not taken. A smile came across his face. It would be a fun thing for the two of them to do too. He stood up and tiptoed over to George and gently shook him.

"Hey."he paused"Hey, Georgie." no response from his brother. Fred sighed and decided that he left him no choice. He began to tickle him and whisper shout "Geeeooorrrgggiiiieee"

He sat up in bed looking very disgruntled and annoyed. He looked sharply over at Fred.

"What?" he asked in annoyed tone.

Fred grinned "I know what we can do to stand out!"

George's eyes widened any anger gone. They both knew that they needed a way to stand out, they were tired of being ignored. "How?" he whispered excitedly.

Fred's eyes twinkled as he responded "What's something that no one in our little group of siblings is yet?"

George thought about it for a moment before a gleeful expression came across his face "Am I thinking what you're thinking?"

They both grinned and said simultaneously "Pranksters . . ."

1989, September 1st

7:30 Pm

George's eyes were wide as the boys walked into the Great Hall at Hogwarts. His eyes were not wide because of the beauty of the Hall (though it was beautiful), nor were they wide because of the amount of students there. No, his (and Fred's) eyes were widened with fear.

You see, the two of them were very worried that they would separated from each other in the sorting. Panicked thoughts went through George's brain like: What if we both aren't in Gryffindor? Everyone in our family is in Gryffindor. Or What if one of us are in Gryffindor but the other isn't? What if one of ends up Slytherin! Dad would be so mad . . . So you can probably understand their concern. They had decided earlier on what their debut prank was going to be earlier on if they ended up in Gryffindor.


George and Fred had been planning for a long time seeing as this was going to be their first prank and they knew very little magic and since it was their first prank, it would have to work perfectly. They had already discussed their own personalized rules for pranking. They were pretty simple:

Fred and George's Rules For Pranking:

Only prank people who can prank back

Pranks can't harm people (Unless by accident)

Make sure people understand that it is just a joke

If one of us steps over the line, apologize

They figured that this made things more fair. Anyways, they just spent an hour collecting toads and sticking them in a silver box that had a charmed timer on it (they had found it in the attic making them wonder if there ever had been other pranksters in the family). It would be perfect, they would find someplace in the common room to hide it, set the time for five minutes, find a place a place to watch without being seen. It would be glorious.


George smiled as he remembered the prank they wanted to pull. It would be lot's of fun. That is . . . if they were sorted into the same house. He looked at the Gryffindor table and saw each of his brothers had a group of friends surrounding them but, they all were sending glances their way. That made George smile a bit. They were noticing them! The group of first years reached the front of the Hall where Professor Mcgonagall stood with a piece of parchment and a hat beside a stool. To the first years surprise the hat began to sing, as did everybody else in very different tunes:

Oh you may not think I'm pretty. But don't judge on what you see. I'll eat myself if you can find, a smarter hat than me. You can keep your bowlers black, your top hats sleek and tall, for I'm the Hogwarts Sorting Hat and I can cap them all.

There's nothing hidden in your head, The Sorting Hat can't see, So try me on and I will tell you,where you ought to be.

You might belong in Gryffindor, where dwell the brave at heart. Their daring, nerve, and chivalry, set Gryffindors apart;

You might belong in Hufflepuff, where they are just and loyal. Those patient Hufflepuffs are true and unafraid of toil;

Or yet in wise old Ravenclaw,if you've a ready mind, where those of wit and learning, will always find their kind;

Or perhaps in Slytherin. You'll make your real friends, those cunning folks use any means to achieve their ends.

So put me on! Don't be afraid!And don't get in a flap!You're in safe hands (though I have none)For I'm a Thinking Cap!

George looked over at Fred eyes wide, trying desperately not to laugh. He could see in Fred's eyes that he was trying no to laugh too. Mcgonagall callled (yelled) out for silence and all the other years quieted. She began to read names off of the parchment that she carried:

"Diggory, Cedric" she called out and a boy with blond hair walked forward and sat on the stool that Professor Mcgonagall gestured towards. There was silence for a few moments after the hat was placed on his head before the hat called out "HUFFLEPUFF" the boy smiled and jumped off the stool as a table with people dressed in robes with yellow and black crests cheered out to him.

"Jordan, Lee" and so it continued. Lee Jordan was sorted into Gryffindor and all the way down to Cassius Warrington (Slytherin) were sorted. Then after all the of the (very) tense waiting, Mcgonagall called out "Weasley, Fred"

George watched as Fred walked forward and perched on the stool. Nervousness echoed throughout his body as he watched his twin get the hat placed on his head. Fred was looking at him as the hat called out "GRYFFINDOR" People cheered and Fred after glancing at George for a few seconds walked over to the table. George was relieved that at least one of them was in Gryffindor, he was just scared that he wouldn't be able to go to Gryffindor too.

"Weasley, George" was called out and tore him from his thoughts. He walked forward head held high. Not showing how nervous he was underneath. He sat down on the stool as the hat was placed on his head. He focused really hard on thinking brave thoughts but, a voice interrupted that.

"Oh look. Two Weasleys, twins too I'd imagine. Let's see here, you are brave, you have a quest to stand out. That proves that I suppose. Oh, ho. Intelligent too, just like your brothers. A set of standards . . .good . . very good" George gulped wondering what was so very 'good' "I suppose that there is only one place to put you GRYFFINDOR" the last part echoed around the room and the Gryffindor table stood and cheered, though none louder that Fred who was lit up like a Christmas tree. George stood and sped walked over to the Gryffindor table. Where he sat next to Fred and the boy named Lee.

During the feast Bill, Charlie and Percy came over to the two of them and congratulated them (though Percy accidentally called Fred, George but, they ignored that) and the two of them got along splendidly with Angelina Johnson, who sat across from them and Lee Jordan.

Later that evening Fred removed a silver box from his luggage and George grabbed his wand. The two walked down the stairs to the common room and Fred stuffed the box behind a couch, where no one would be able to see it. George then set the charm for five minutes and the two of walked inconspicuously to the little bridge area at the top of the common room where they ran into Lee, who was wondering why they were acting strangely. After they hesitantly told him about the prank, he grinned and promised not to tell and asked if he could watch. George looked at Fred and Fred looked a George. They both turned to him and said "Of course" together as the three of them turned back to the scene below them.

3 minutes later . . .

A scream tore throughout the common room as the first small toad was noticed. The as more toads came flooding out (they had gotten a good 50 toads) people scrambled out of the common room. People who had been in their dorms came down and laughed at the scene. First years to seventh years were screeching. This went on for a little over a minute until a seventh year girl (and prefect) calmed down enough to cast a spell that got rid of all the toads. She then began to lecture everyone in the room about responsibility but, had to stop half-way through because she was laughing to hard. So the message was lost on almost everybody in the room. Lee looked at Fred and George and promised himself that he would help with some of the pranks that they would most likely think up.

Meanwhile the twins looked at each other and grinned. They would be doing this again. . .

just as soon as they found a way to get that box again.

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1. The Beginning
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