The Weasley Twins and Pranks

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October 31st 7:00pm

Fred grinned and people looked at him warily because it had become a well-known fact that when one of the Weasley twins grinned, you ran as far as possible. There was even more caution added in because it was Halloween. The perfect time for pranking.

Over the last two months it had become known the Weasley twins were pranksters, they played pranks on anyone they could! Though all the pranks were harmless . . . it could get a bit annoying. Well, that's what Percy thought anyways as he saw his two younger brothers sitting side by side. Then he decided that he would not be a part of whatever was about to happen and left the Great Hall hurriedly. Fred watched as Percy scurried out of the Great Hall and sighed. He looked over at George and said "One less victim"

George looked up from his food. "Well, you have to admit. He wouldn't of found it all that funny." Fred sighed, Percy had no appreciation for pranks at all. It was something he and George were trying to fix but, some people were lost causes. In the prank world, at least. He leaned over to Lee and whispered "Did you get them?" Lee handed over a handful of little orange and black balls in response. George who had watched the interaction grinned. This would be fun.

Fred handed a half of the little balls over to George and they both forced neutral expressions on their faces. Now, you may be wondering what the prank is that they were in the process of setting up, it is quite simple. They didn't know. Over the last few months they had been conspiring with Lee (Angelina was getting quite suspicious) and since the twins had planned all the pranks prior to this one, they could hardly complain that Lee was planning one.

Fred glanced down at the little orange and black balls and wondered what they were for he glanced suspiciously at Lee. It had not gone unnoticed that he didn't have any. Another thing that had not gone unnoticed was that Lee hadn't told them what time the prank was supposed to happen. Or for that matter, what the actually was. They had always told him that. Realization dawned upon Fred and he nudged George. George looked up surprised. Fred leaned over and whispered "I wonder who the victim of this prank is."

George looked at him weirdly then glanced at Lee Jordan. His eyes widened comically. He quickly whispered back "You know we could . . . change, who the victim is." Fred grinned at his twin. They were in agreement then. George leaned over and asked one of the older students the time. The blonde haired Prefect (yes, form earlier) glanced at them warily then cast a quick tempus. She informed them that it was 7:19 pm. Fred and George glanced at each other knowingly if they were right then it the balls would explode in a little less than a minute. "Ready Fred?" George enquired.

"Ready George." Fred responded immediately.

Lee looked up and across the table at them. With seconds to spare the twins tossed the little balls across the table at him. As seven-thirty dawned the balls exploded all over Lee. He was covered in orange and black dye and looked horrified. The entire Gryffindor table went silent, Lee looked at them angrily but then , surprisingly, began to laugh. Snickers went went up and down the table, and the snickers became full out laughter. There was a lot of humour in the situation, as you can probably imagine. There were the two twins standing next to each other laughing their heads off, across from one of their best friends who was drenched in dye. That happened to also be splattered across the table and a few specks on the people beside him.

Lee looked up and said in between gasps for air "Never prank the pranksters, it never works out." Fred looked over at George as the teachers rushed over, they were in agreement once more. Lee could help plan the pranks from now on.

1989 November 12th 10:00 am

It was a cold Sunday, as you can imagine. Days tend to be cold in November, and all the leaves were falling off the trees and they were no longer the brilliant reds and oranges. Now, they were just a dull, muddy brown and no one went anywhere without a warm cloak. Now, as cold as this day might be in the courtyards, the Quidditch pitch and the field by Hagrid's hut, none of it was as cold as it was by the Black Lake. The winds had time to pick up over the large plain of water, and the water itself was blown off the lake. This of course, is where the twins were. Why are they there you may ask. Well, no one else was there. The perfect place to get away from teachers, older students. . . siblings.

Yes, they were both angry at Charlie. They could usually tolerate Percy more than almost all of their siblings. The problem was not him though. Charlie had taken one of their most precious items from them. The Marauders Map. The map was utterly amazing! It showed where anyone was in the castle and they hadn't had a detention caused by pranks since they had found it. Very useful indeed. Now this map had not been the easiest thing to aquire. Nor, sadly, had they found it on purpose. It had all started like this:

George sighed as he glanced over at his brother Fred. They were in detention because of a prank gone wrong, once again. This is really getting tedious he though to himself quietly. All of this getting caught makes them cautious about us. He looked around the room that he had dubbed "The Prison Cell". In other words Filch's office. Fred suddenly stood up out of nowhere and marched over to Fich's desk and promptly threw open a door dramatically and began to rustle threw the doors. Curious George stood up and investigated a different drawer and began to rustle threw.

It continued this way for about ten minutes neither commenting on what they were doing. Until George stumbled across a huge amount of blank parchment. Began to unfold it as Fred came over to investigate. It was blank. He looked back in the drawer and noticed a note had fallen out. He picked it up and saw that in an unknown scrawl it said, I Solemnly Swear I'm Up To No Good and Mischief Managed. Later the writing would be identified as Filch's.

Present Time

"Do you think we could steal it back?" Fred said out of nowhere shaking George out of his thoughts.

"No, he would know it was us." he replied simply, knowing of course that Fred would continue to generate possibly plausible ideas for it's return.

"What if we-"


"How about-"

"Wouldn't work."

"We could convince-"


"Maybe Angelina."

"That would work" Then the plan was set, they would be convincing Angelina Johnson to steal back the map (with their plan of course) and hide it for about a week. Then, Charlie would be getting the pranking of his lifetime. That last statement of course depending on whether or not he annoyed them. They would just increase the ferocity every time.

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