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Disclaimer ::im bad with descriptions. "AHHHHH!!!! OH MY GODDDD!! "I screamed as I squealed and rolled on my bed. Screaming in pure happiness and excitement. It happened. I can't believe that it did. But it happened. My application for the kink school finnaly got approved!!!! " This is going to be fantabulous " ... .... Place this story in your library, follow and leave a star for more!! This book is made solely by myself but it's inspired on 1 book in total. And that is Kink School by @BeyondTheSmuts So, credits to her/him/them and make sure to follow and read their story ! This book /story is +21 as you may have guessed by the tittle and... Just read the name of the book again. Date started ::25.03.2020 Date ended ::

Romance / Other
Kami Land
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Whiny groans left my mouth as I rolled on my back, groaning laudly.

5 days.

Exactly 5 days have passed since I send the application.

And I'm about to eat , my whole being.

I was so nervous and......


I exclaimed loudy as I moved my position once again, I rolled on my back and looked up to the ceiling.

Through my life I ... Honestly I've lived a pretty normal life.

If you ignore the fact that I'm a potential psychopath, and bipolar. Yea, pretty much normal.

In high school I was one of the top students in my class, call me a nerd if you want I care and you're lonely.


My laptop decided that it had a slapping kink so, it slapped me across my fantabulous face with a notification. I almost got a heart attack along with a broken neck because of my reflexes and scary-kittnes.

It was a answering e-mail from the school.

I took deep breaths, in and out, in and out, in and out.

It was always a dream of mine to get into the school, yes I know some people may get a heart attack when they find out because everyone suspects that I'm a 10000% nerd.

But I don't care, even if I'm a nerd I'm me. And I love myself, and even nerds love sex.

In and out, inhale exhale

I opened the e-mail.

"AHHHHH!!!! OH MY GODDDD!! "I screamed as I squealed and rolled on my bed. Screaming in pure happiness and excitement.

It happened.

I can't believe that it did.

But it happened.

My application for the kink school finnaly got approved!!!!

" This is going to be fantabulous "


The next day.


I woke up feeling lifeless, absolutely lifeless.

You wonder why I feel lifeless when I finnaly got into the school I wanted to get in so badly? Let me tell you, everything that happened.

____flashback to the the day 30 min after I received the acceptance e-mail of the kink school, and after I kinda calmed down. ___

I was laying on my bed with a huge grin on my face.

"This is going to be a fantastic year. I know it. "

Ringgg ringgg

A unknown number was calling me, with a suspicious look on my face I answered the call and with a awkward voice started to speak.

"Um... Hello? How can I help you? "

"Hello? Is this miss Y/N that I'm speaking to? "

A man with a deep, unique voice spoke from the line. Making me feel chills to my spine I gulped softly and spoke.

"Um, hello. Yes ,I'm Y/N."

"Well, hello then Miss Y/N.My name is GD and I'm the principal and owner of the kink school you applied to. I'm afraid to inform you that there was a mistake with your application. "

Welp, there it goes my whole world is falling apart just like that.

Welp, life was nice.

I suppose that this is it.

I wonder if it would hurt if I were to throw myself out the balcony ... Or is overdosing on soda batter? I thinked, but I woke up from my "daydream " When ... How do I call him? Principal GD called my name.

"Y/N? Are you listening "

"Ah, sorry. I was trying to measure the distance from my balcony to the ground. "


Dead silence.

"Anyway, as I was saying. There was a problem with your application. You will have to apply again, because the app that was providing people with the applications had a breakdown which resulted in it giving out wrong application forms. But, sadly we were to late to properly take action. I apologize in the name of Kink School about this delay, and I hope that you won't mind it too much. We have already sent you the new, correct application form so I would nicely ask you to fill it out, and send it again. The official reply regarding your acceptance will be given to you in maximum 2 days. "

We said our goodbyes and I sighed.

"Well at last, hope is a thing ".

I mumbled felling kinda peachy.

I simply gulped, placed my phone to charge and covered my head under the blanket as I lied down trying to run away from the world.

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