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Scientific Love


Jungkook a Nineteen Year old who whishes to be a scientist, Interns into A Lab That Is Trying To Produce The First Ever Hybrids. Little Did He Know Why The Lab Actually Recruited Him, JungKook gets Assigned To Look Over They're Newest Hybrid Baby, And Is Suppose To Spend At Least Three Hours A Day With Him. They're Main Goal Was To Get The Little White Fox Attached To Jungkook Over The Years, And They Had Succeeded. Jungkook Knew What The Scientist Planned All Along but He Didn't Know He Was Apart Of The Plan. "Jungkookie, Why am I so different..."TH "Why do you leave and I can't?" TH "J-Jungkook." TH "Taehyung, Please listen to me and listen Closely." JK "Because Your Special." JK "Don't Cry, Come Here." JK Contains: Top sub Tae Bottom Dom Jungkook HUGE Age Gap (19 Years) Mentions Of Violence Mentions Of Rape Smut Sort of Fast Story Line Other Topics.

Fantasy / Romance
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Chapter 1

Jungkook rushed into the birth lab room as they're first hybrid was giving birth to a child.

Laying on the bed before him looking very pained was a woman with fox ears upon her head, sweat dripping down her forehead.

He hurriedly moved to her side, taking her hand in his giving it a tight squeeze as he listened to what the fellow Scientist were saying.

"Okay One more contraction should do it, The Baby has all the fox traits as the mother so far." He listened in as the woman beside him cried and tried to get the baby out of her.

Everything went silent for a minute as Jungkook looked at the head scientist between the woman's legs, before hearing small cries.

"It's a male." The scientist finally stated as he handed the baby to the person beside him, the person quickly making they're way out of the room with the baby in a hurry.

"Please leave the room Mr. Jeon." Jungkook nodded before letting go of the hybrids hand and leaving the room hearing the baby crying from the new nursery section of they're lab.

He followed the noise as he peaked through the glass, at the newborn who was being washed by Jimin, they're second head of the laboratory.

After being dryed Jimin quickly wrapped the baby in a towel and set him in one of the three empty cribs inside the room, leaving through the back entrance.

The baby now left alone cried harder as Jungkook watched with sad eyes, Reaching for the door knob for the nursery as he let himself in quietly.

He walked towards the crib as peered in smiling at the baby, who sniffles and looked up at him the cries quieting.

He reached down and picked the baby up gently, cradling it in his arms as he cooed down at the chubby cheeks it had.

The baby was beautiful to say the least, Big brown eyes, Chubby cheeks, Small pink lips and large white ears.

Jungkook swayed the little fox in his arm as he used his other hand to poke it's nose gently.

"Shh, Sleep." He whispered to the baby, as it just looked back up not understanding a word.

"Taehyung." He whispered and smiled to himself.

"Taehyung." He called again making the baby reach it's hand up, wrapping it's small hand around Jungkooks pinky.

"Taehyung." He whispered again as the baby closed it's eyes clearly not used to the light of the lab.

"Goodnight." Jungkook whispered and set the baby in the crib slowly, making sure it was asleep before leaving the room glancing at suspicious Jimin before walking down the hallway.

"A meeting has been called." He heard Jimin yell behind him.

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