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*Midnight* -Levi's POV- '

''Kiss me.'' Mikasa whispered. ''Mikasa.'' I said as I brushed a hand across her cheek. She closed her eyes as I savored the feel of her skin. I smooth my hand over her hand and leaned in to kiss her. My lips hovered above hers, feeling her breath and the warmth from her skin.'

I woke up with a start, my heart beating fast in my chest. 'Wait, that-that was a dream?' I think as I try to steady my running heart. Breathing deeply out of my nose, I flopped back done on the bed. I look up to stare at the ceiling. 'Hmm, Mikasa.' I don't know what Hanji was thinking, calling me Captain Ackerman. Well, she is the only one that knows about the arranged marriage thing. I guess she was probably trying to help me by showing Mikasa that she had the same last name as me. Groaning, I run my hand through my hair. The dream..the dream though it wasn't that bad. It was actually really good. I let a smile slide on to my face as I go back to sleep.

*Morning* -Mikasa's POV-

Yawning, I sit up in my bed and rub sleep out of my eyes. I think abut what happened yesterday. Hanji had called Captain Levi, Captain Ackerman. I didn't know that he had the same last name as me. Its kinda rare for someone to have a last name as another around here, so that really shocked me. And if you have a last name as some one else most likely you are related to them one way or another. But the only people that I remember who is related to me and have the same name as me were my parents and they never said anything about other possible family members or maybe they did. They did die when I was very young. Whatever.

I then get out of bed and put the covers back to where they were before. I then do a couple of streches and go to the window to let some air in. When I opened the window I saw three black birds fly by, doing dives and twirls, as if there is nothing wrong with the world. Birds had become incredibly rare after the Titans came, as did most animals. I stare as the birds fly farther and farther away.

After the birds got out of sight I decided to take a bath. I walked to the bathroom that was for everyone to use. I pumped water in to the basin and warmed it up. I took of my sleeping clothes and went inside the bath. I washed off then soaked for a bit. After fifteen minutes, I got out and dried off. I wiped my slighly wet hair of my face and wrapped the towel around me. I hear a noise behind me when I look I see Levi standing right at the door. We just stare at each other, silence filling in the blank spaces. I feel my cheeks heat up, but before I could yell at him or anything he turns abruptly around and walks out. I just stand there, wondering what just happened.

-Levi's POV-

After I walked out the bathing rooms, I headed straight to the horse stables to find Hanji. As I walked down the corridors I couldn't get that image of Mikasa out of my mind. 'Dammit Hanji!' I walked outside and went to the stables to find Hanji brushing one of the horses.

''Hanji, I thought you said none was in the bathing rooms.'' I said, slightly annoyed. Hanji turned to look at me.

''Hmm? Oh yeah, right, I forgot that Mikasa was in there. Oops, silly me.'' Hanji laughed, rubbing the back of her neck. 'Forgot my ass.' She probably knew that she was in there in the first place. Sighing, I looked up at her.

''Anyway, I got to tell you something.'' I said. I then retold my dream to Hanji who nodded every so often.

''Yeah, so I see you are still have those dreams, huh?'' Hanji teases, elbowing me in the arm. I blush and push away her arm. I have been having dreams about Mikasa for the past year and a half and only Hanji knows about them.

''Whatever. Just they are becoming more currnet instead of being here and there..'' I sighed.

''Well maybe its your heart trying to tell you something Levi. you love her?'' Hanji asked, looking down at me. I stop for a moment and think. She is in my mind every second, she occupies every crook and craney of it. I don't know what I would do if she were to ever die. If she told me that she loved me. My eyes widen slightly. ''Yes-yes I love her.'' I whispered, but it was loud enough for Hanji to hear.

''Well you need to tell her Levi. The sooner the better. And don't worry I will help you.'' Hanji said, smiling.

''Hmm.'' I mumbled before walking back out. 'I love Mikasa.' I thought proudly.

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