Since Day One

Finding out

Mikasa's POV

Two days after the 'walking in' incident, I noticed that Levi was acting more weird. When he gathered and picked people for patrol, he would always put me in the patrol group that he was in. I had also noticed that at certain times or other, that he he would be staring at me. And just at me too, and for a long time. But when I looked in the area that he was in, he would look the other way. Is he planning to kick me out or something? I mean, I know that, that is probably not true, but that is the only reasonable explination that I can think of. I remember that I told Eren and Armin about this, which prompted Eren to say, ''Sounds like he has a crush on you.'' after that he and Armin started laughing. So much with going to them for help. I was thinking about asking Hanji, but whenever I get near he she would always say stuff like, ''Do you like flowers? and Here comes the very beautiful bride.'', honestly that girl, I just cant make heads or tails of. Although if I am right about Levi having some sort of relation to me, maybe he already knows and he is just looking out for me. 'But if he is already knew, why hadn't he told me?' I don't know but by the end of this day I will find out why he has the same name as me.

I walk out my room and run into Armin, who seemed to be carrying some old gear.

''What are you doing with those?'' I asked as I pointed at them.

''Huh? Oh, hi, Mikasa, and what I am doing with these I am seeing if I can modify them to make them better out on the field.'' Armin says, adjusting the load he is holding. 'those look kinda heavy.'

''Hey do you need help or-'' I started to ask before being interrupted by him.

''No, no, its fine, I promise.'' He said, smiling.

''Oh, well alright. Well I am going to go now.'' I said, pointing down the hall.

''Oh, okay then. See you later Mikasa.'' Armin says going to where ever he was going to. After he left I went to the mess hall to eat some breakfast. I push through the double doors and went inside. I went to the kitchen and picked up my food then went to go sit with Eren like I usually do. But before I could even go over to the new table, one of the new recruits, Xavier, stopped me.

Levi's POV

I watched as Mikasa came in and went to go get her food.

''I see you , you know.'' Hanji teased, slightly poking me in the ribs. I glared at her before getting back to my food. Hanji only laughed before fixing her glasses.

''Hey Levi, I think you should see this, looks like you got some competition.'' she said pointing to Mikasa and one of the new recruits.

''So uhh I see you always be sitting with that dude Eren, is he your boyfriend or something?'' the boy, I think Xavier, asks.

''No he is my brother.'' she says, voice full of boredom as she tries to go around him.

''So what I am hearing is that you don't have a boyfriend.'' he says , blocking her way once more. I feel a vein pop on my head.

''Yes, now please move.'' Mikasa says, going around him once more. He grabbed her arm and pulled her back to him.

''Aww, why you got to be like that?'' he says, eyeing her up and down. I hear my chair scrape on the floor as I go over there. I grabbed Xavier's hand and pin it behind his back.

''We do not harass our fellow members, especially ones that are veterans. Do you hear me?'' I growled out. His face turned white.

''Yes-yes Captain Levi.'' He stuttered before running out of the mess hall. I look over the mess hall to see every one staring at us.

''This is of no concern to you, get back to what you was doing before.'' I commanded. Everyone ceased looking and went back to their usual chatter, although I have no doubt that they are talking about what just happened. I went to go sit back down. When I got to my seat I noticed that Hanji was looking behind me. I looked behind me to see Mikasa.

''I want to ask you a question.'' she says.

''Not now.'' I say as I sit down.

''No it has to be now.'' she says, walking closer.

''Just listen to her Levi.'' Hanji says. ''Yes what is it?'' she asks her.

''Why do you have the same last name as me?'' she asks. Me and Hanji looked at each other before turning back to her.

''We need to speak privately.'' I said as I got up and we all went out the mess hall.

''Privately?'' Mikasa asks confused.

Mikasa POV

I followed them out of the mess hall and into the corridor used for planning attacks.

''So why am I in here?'' I asked.

Levi sighed, ''Mikasa, the reason why you have my last name is because you are supposed to be my wife.'' he says as Hanji nods behind him.

''Your-your wife?'' I asked shocked.

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