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A traitorous Revenge

Mikasa's Pov

We all set off on horseback to go on parol. Levi is in front, Charolette is beside me,with us being behind Levi, and the other ones are behind us carring flank. I look in front of me to see Levi staring straight ahead. I know he did this on purpose, putting me into the same patrol group as him and having me as close as possible to him. I mean what does he expects me to do? Just be like 'oh, you're my husband that I just heard about. Okay Then, lets get married and live happily ever after.' He really doesn't expect that to happen, does he? I continued looking at Levi's back when he turns around on his horse and glances at me. I look away before he could notice that I was staring at him. But when I looked away, I noticed an extra person and horse galloping beside us. I can't tell who it is because they have their hoodie over their head. I was about to ask Charolette who it was when I begin to hear something. Apparently everyone else heard it cause they all stopped.

We sit for a while, then we look towards Levi, who had his hand up signaling us to stop.

''It seems that there is a Titan near here, but it doesn't notice that we are here too. We have to work quickly to get rid of it before it notices that we are here.'' he says, looking out into the tree line. He then gets his horse and goes into the forest, we all follow him. I was listening for the Titan when I noticed that the Mystery Dude is back again. He seems to be really close to me, manuvering his horse to go behind me then besides me then back again. I was about to ask him what his deal was when we spotted the Titan. It was a 10 meter Titan, and it seems like it doesn't know that we are here. Levi signals us to be quiet and to sneak up, but the the Mystery Dude who kept getting close to me, had his horse step on a tree branch making it snap. The titan looked toward the sound and then at us. With a deafening roar it turned and charged at us.

''Forget about being quiet! Go! Go! Go!'' Levi commanded, signaling his horse to go left. We rush and spread out and spread out, everyone riding their horses to go find a higher tree so they could attack. But before I could do anything someone pushed me off my horse and onto the ground, hard. I look up to see the Mystery Dude still on his horse, hovering over me. He lifts up his hoodie and its Xavier. He then starts laughing.

''You think that you can embarrass me in front of everyone? Ha! Well you are going to be on for a surprise, and since you think that you are sooo much better than me that you cant even date me, well how about that you get eaten, so that way no one will ever date you!'' He says. He then gets his horse and makes him walk on my left leg with his front hooves. I scream as I fell my bones break inside of my leg. After he figures its broken enough, he smiles cruelly at me and looks back up to the titan. ''Hey over here come and get her!'' he screams, making as much noise that he can. He then turns around and gallopsaway as the titan comes charging st us. I try to get up,but a sharp pain kept me down.

The titan was upon me when I felt someone hoist me up and onto their horse. I look up to see that it is Levi, he then starts to turn around and go the opposite way. I look back at the Tiatn and watch it eat my horse. After it does that it turns is sight on us.

''Are you all right?'' Levi asks me, glancing down at me then back at the front. We then make a turn towards some cliffs. ''My leg...its broken. Xavier did it.'' I said. He didn't respond, but just kept going forward. I look behind me again to see th titan still affter us and gaining. He then goes inside this cave, once we are in deep enough puts me and him down of the horse. He then gets the horse and sends him outside. Once outside he hits the horse and he runs and I can kinda see the titan run after the horse, but as the titan runs past the cave, he hits something and rocks and boulders started to fall from the ceiling of the cave. Levi grabs me and covers my body with his so I dont get hit by the falling stones. Once the debris had stop raing down, he lets off. I wipe dust from my eyes as I look at the entrance. The whole entire entrance is blocked off by rocks and boulders, the only source of light is coming from the top of the debris pile, I watch as Levi goes over and try to reach the hole but to no avail, every time he does the rock pile would shift, making more rocks fall down, He then comes back to me.

Levi's Pov

''Are you okay?'' I ask her. She looks at the ground and mumbles under her breath. 'Yes, except for my leg..' I bend down and look at her leg, it is purple and has some scaring on it. I take off my jacket and wrap it around her leg. She winces slightly as I tighten it to keep it in place. I then get up and look around. Its a small cave, only one way out but is blocked, I guess we will have to stay here until someone rescues us.

''We will be staying here for the time being. Okay?'' i told Mikasa as I looked back towards her. She only mumbles an agreement before looking at the ground. I sigh and went to go make a fire so we wouldnt freeze to death.

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