Since Day One

Stuck at a Cross Road

No ones Pov

Eren and Armin was in their rooms, talking about stuff that just comes up into their head.

''Hey when do you think they will be back from patrol?'' Eren ask, eating a roll. He looks towards Armin who was staring at the ceiling dreamingly.

''Uhhh...Armin?'' Eren questions. Armin then snaps out his bubble and looks back towads Eren, his cheeks dusted pink. ''Whats up with you?''

Armin looks at the ground then back up. ''I was kinda thinking about.....Charolette.'' Amrin says, twidling his fingers.

''You like her!'' Eren says grabbing Armin and giving him a noogie. ''I always knew you had something for the new cadet.'' Eran teased. Armin was about to say something when someone came by the room saying the patrol is back. They both got up and walked to the front doors. On their way there they would hear people whisper that 2 people are missing, that someone had gotten taken.

''Who do you think they are talking about?'' Armin asks. Eren shrugs and they both continue to the front. When they finally reach outside, they see every one who was on patrol there. The horses was going crazy, trampling the ground beneath them. Armin sees Charolette and runs towards her. Eren then goes over there too.

''Hey what happened?'' Arin asked.

''A titan had attacked us and now Captain Levi and Mikasa are missing!'' Charolette says, trembling. Armin and Eren stood shocked, they hadn't realized that neither Levi nor Mikasa was there. Just then Xavier comes galloping in. Eren and Armin runs towards him.

''Have you seen them, Mikasa and Levi?'' Eren asks. Xavier looks down at them before

''Oh it was horrible! The titan was coming straight toward us most everyone else had ran away, well except for me, Captain Levi, and Mikasa. The titan chased us and chased us, it didn't stop untill we were by some cliffs. I managed to turn around and go back the way I came, but when I turned around they had went inside this cave, the titan in it haste to find them sent some rocks tumbling and started an avalanche. They are stuck in the cave now. I fear that they might be dead, I killed the titan but when I went back to the cave to dig them out, I couldn't, I should have tried harder.'' Xavier says, looking at the ground. By now a group of people had gathered round himto her what had happened.

''Its okay. There was probably nothing that you could have done.'' Armin says patting him on the back.

''We have to find them! They could still be alive! You have to show us where the cave is.'' Eren says.

''Eren is right, you have to show us where this cave is, just in case there is a chance to save them.'' Hanji says.

''I will try, I hope that they are all right.'' Xavier says. 'They belived me like a bunch of fools and by the time we find them, they will be as good as dead.' Xavier thinks.

Levi's POv

After I make the fire I go back over to Mikasa to make sure that she is okay, but when I get back she is asleep or pretending to be sleep I am not sure. I pick her up, being careful of her leg and put her near the fire. I then go to sit on the other side. I stare at the fire, gently feeding it sticks to keep the fire going. I look at he hole above us and see that the moon had started to come out. I look back at the fire then I look at Mikasa's leg. My hands tighten around the sticks that I am holding, when I think about how she had gotten that way. I swear...when we get out I am going to make that little imp pay! I keep biting down on my teeth untill I start to taste blood. I take a several breaths to try and compose myself. I look at the makeshift splinter I made for her leg. I sigh again, I try to think up an upside, at least she cant walk away when I am talking to her, but if she keeps sleeping this is going to be difficult. I sigh again as I lay down and try to sleep.

Mikasa's POV

I hear Levi sigh and go to sleep on the other side of the fire. For now, or at least untill we are rescued, I will pretend to be asleep. I am doing that now, I can keep doing that later, I mean what does he expect me to do? I mean out of all people to be stuck in a cave with I am stuck with him. Why couldn't I be stuck with Armin or Eren, someone other than him? I peek one eye open to look at him. He is on his side, his bangs partly covering his eyes. I watch as the fire make shadows flicker across his face. He...he is actually pretty handsome, I mean he did save me on one or two occasions, hell, he just saved me today! I am not sure if I mind being married to him or not, but maybe I can divuldge on this later. But right now I am going to sleep.

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