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Stuck at a Cross Roads pt 2

Mikasa's POV

I wake up a few hours later, groaning a bit in pain because I had accidently rolled over on my injured leg. I sit up, hissing in pain as I rub my leg. I look up at the hole and noticed that it is still night. Sighing, I layed back down. 'Why me?' I think once again. Why did I have to deal with this problem, why not someone else, what did I do to get in this situation? No...this isn't right, self-piting isn't me. I shouldn't wallow in what happened and feel sorry for myself. But then...what can I do? I mean...wht if my parents didn't die, would I be married to him right now? Does this whole, well, thing change how I feel about him? I mean it isn't as if I want him to declare his love for me in private, me fawning over it, then him gently taking me by the chin and kissing me, me tasting his lips, and he is tasting mine, my hands going through his black, silky hair as he....I shook my head as I tried to clear the thoughts out. My face reddens as I realized where my mind was going with this.

Damn it, I cant sleep. Sighing again, I sat up, staring at the ongoing fire. Well at least I am thankful for him making this fire or else we would be frozen pops.

I was about to lay back down again and try to get some sleep when I heard someone sit beside me. I look over to see Levi staring down at me. My gaze temporarily fell to his lips as I remembered what I was thinking a few moments ago. I quickly shifted my gaze to the cave floor while my face quickly gained heat.

''Whats wrong? Do you have a fever? Your face is red.'' Levi states, looking at me. I shifted nervously and shook my head no.

''No, I...its just a bit hot.'' I said, still refusing to look at his face, more in general his lips. I blush some more, my face bout the same color as a strawberry.

''Maybe you should get a bit away from the fire.'' Levi says. 'Is it just me, or does he sounds really concerned?' He then grabs the middle of my arm and gently tries to move me away from the fire, being mindful of my broken leg. But there was a rock that neither of us had seen and my leg had hitted it, joltling it, I cry out out a bit.

''I'm sorry.'' Levi says hurriedly, his eyes slightly wide. He then takes my leg and gently examine it again as he pushes the leg sleeves of my pants up a bit. I mentally take a sharp intake of air as I see my leg covered in bruises which are colored purple and blue. I mean I am used to seeing injuries on everyone else and I had seen worse, but injuries on me...I dont know.

''No, its okay.'' I said to him. Levi nods but keeps looking at my leg. We sat like that for a few minutes with him just staring at my injured leg. I look at the fire, then at the ground, then at the hole and watch moon light filter in.

''I'm sorry.'' Levi says again. I turn my head at him, confused why he said that again.

''No,no..It was an accident, you didn't mean t-'' I begin to say untill he interrupts me.

''No, maybe I dealt with that incident wrong....if it wasn't for me, Xavier wouldn't have hurt you and we wouldn't be stuck in here.'' Levi says, his hand making a small fist at the side of his legs. He looks at the ground, as if he is ashamed.

''No, like I said, it wasn't your fault. Its his, he is a traitor, you're not, you are a great leader.'' I said as I put my hand on his leg. He looks back up to me and our eyes meet, we stay like that for a few minutes untill I break it. ''Well maybe we should be getting back to sleep.'' I said, taking my hand off his leg.

''Yeah, yeah...we should get some sleep.'' he says, standing up and went to go lay down three feet away from me. I lay down and went back to sleep.

Levi's POV

After I layed down, I stared at the cave wall and thought about our, albeit short, conversation. I touch the part of my leg where she had touch it, smiling a bit to myself. When I heard her even breaths I had figured thst she had fallen asleep and that I should too.

Next Morning

I was awoken by rocks coming out of the cave and voices shouting. I sat up and stared at the entrance. I shielded my eyes as bright light came flooding in as the cave entrance became bigger and bigger. I then saw sillouettes of people standing outside, calling me and Mikasa's name.

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