Since Day One

Found but still lost

Levi's POV

I watched as sunlight filter in and the silhouettes become more detailed. Once all the rock dust cleared I could see that the people was Hanji, Eren, Armin, and the others. Once they saw me, the first three came rushing in.

''Oh my gosh we are so happy that you are alive!'' Hanji says as she rushes to hug me.

''Yeah, Xavier told us what happened, he says he feels so bad that he couldn't save you, but now he will be elated to know that you are alive.'' Eren says.

''Wait. What exactlly did he say?'' Mikasa asked, now woken up and coming towards us with help from Armin.

''Wait, what happened to your leg?'' Eren asked concerned. I glanced at her leg and remembred what happened to it which only serve to make me a bit angry.

''It got broken, now what did he say?'' Mikasa says, emphisizing the last bits.

''Well what he said was...'' Then Armin, with help from Eren now and then, retold the story that Xavier had told them. 'Why that fucking bitch!' I thought angrily as blood starts to boil through me. I glanced at Mikasa who only looked at them in disbelief.

''Where is Xavier!'' I yelled as I started to go out the small cave with Hanji and Eren beside me and Mikasa now riding Armin's back.

''Well he is outside of course, why?'' Hanji asked confused. But I didn't answer her as I went out into the open scanning for the traitor.

''Where is Xavier?'' I asked everyone there. They all looked around and shook their heads not knowing where he is.

''Excuse me...Captain Levi, but what is going on?'' Charolette asked me. I took a deep breath and turned to everyone.

''I tell you all when we get back, but as for now we need to get Mikasa into infirmy.'' I said, nodding my head towards her. Everyone nodded as they all got on their horses and Eren and Armin helped Mikasa into a carriage. I decided to use Armin's horse since he was riding with Mikasa. 'He better not be at camp, because I swear if I find he I will strangle him with my own hands.Hell, what I am going to do to him is gonna make what I did to Eren look like I was being merciful.'Later, back at camp. When we finally got back, two girls had took Mikasa and taken her to the infirmry while the rest gathered around me.

''Now Levi whats going on?'' Hanji asks, crossing her arms. I sighed as got my thoughts together.

''Xavier is a traitor, what he had told you all is a lie, what had happened was...'' then I began to tell them what Mikasa had told me. I watched as some faces had shocked expressions and others have very pissed off expressions. ''..So if any of you see I will permit you to do anything you want to do to him and then bring him to me so I may do more.'' I said as I finished and sent everyone on their way. I watched as Eren went off to go somewhere, Armin trying to comfort a sad Charolette and Hanji come up to me.

''You're okay right?'' She asks me. I glance at her and then to the ground.

''Yeah, I am fine.'' I said.

Mikasa's POV

Two weeks after we had been rescued had passed and no one had seen hide nor hair of Xavier. I sigh as I sit in my room and stare at my leg. It had been confirmed by the healer that my leg had mended itself but I am still not allowed to do anything for the next two days, just to be sure. I hear my door open as I watch Charolette come in. Every since I had been room sentenced Charolette had been coming to my room and we would just talk. She is the only one who knows about the supposed arranged marriage and I found out that she has a crush on Armin.

''Hey Mikasa.'' she greets as she comes to sit on my bed.

''Hey Charolette.'' I reply back. Her eyes gaze around my room and settle on a bowl of soup that I had eaten earlier.

''So he is still bringing stuff up to your room?'' Charolette asks, smiling a bit. Levi had been coming up and making sure I had everything I need like food, drinks, making sure I don't get a fever and stuff. Fussing over every little thing, like if I left the window open for too long he would get upset and say that I could get a cold, always asks if I am eating enough and well just general fussing. I blush as I look away and out my window.

''Yeah, he did.'' I said as my blush, for some reason, got deeper. Charolette watched me and then looked at her fingers before looking back up to me.

'' it possible that you love or at least like Levi back?'' she asks. My eyes widen slightly as this thought goes through my head. 'Do I?'

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