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Freeridge's Advocates.


Having had enough of the bullshit that has happened in the last three years Elaina Arevalos heads to Freeridge, California in hopes for a fresh start. When not even a day goes by before she ends up saving Cesar from some prophets can she even ask if her life will ever be peaceful? For two years she's trying to finally create the family she's always wanted, and for two years she's successful not running into a major drama but after not being interested in love or anything after her ex-girlfriend's death. What happens when Spooky gets out of jail?

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I do not own on my block or any of its characters. I only own my own ocs. I also dont own the pictures. If you don't like the book don't read it and I'm always welcome to nice criticism but if your an ass you will be removed. I also dont speak spanish so I'm gonna do the best I can.


Driving to get to my new house in Freeridge was tiring as hell with my mija in the car. Let me tell you I did NOT sign up to be going through this bullshit. Don't get me wrong I know this is the first time we've got to spend time together in a while but, I also know the girls hyped her up on candy and soda from the way she was practically vibrating and jumping in her purple and black car seat. Fortunately, she crashed from her sugar high about 40 minutes back and I would be able to carry her big head into the house.

Tapping my hand on the steering wheel, I pull through tagged up streets until I arrive at my new house in Freeride, California. There were little trees and bushes blocking all edges of the house at the end of the street giving it a very good privacy setting. Its walls an off white concrete with beige tiles on the roof. There was a big yard big enough to store some of the cars Juju and I like to work on, a small garage, and a large grey doggie house for my dog Cerberus.

As my eyes roam the house I let out the sigh that seems to have been on the tip of my tongue since I left my old home in Crenshaw.

I notice there were no lights on in the house and that I will have to get blackout curtains, considering the number of windows there were. It won't be nice when I have to drink my self to sleep only to be woken up by the sun wanting to show how much holier it is than I.

The houses off white cemented walls shined in the fading sunlight the light reflecting off the windows giving it a warm and cozy look thankfully along with the sun going down so is the famous unforgivable heat.

Stepping out of the car was a little more challenging than I thought it was going to be considering how my skin wanted to mend into the car seat. So, after I finally was able to surgically remove myself I was able to start walking up to the reinforced door one of the first things I noticed.

'That was probably one of Vin's ideas.' A bitter smile came at the thought....missing mi familia. I honestly don't even know where he is right now. 'I'll find you when it's safe again.' Already knowing the words were lies before they even left his mouth.

The second thing I noticed was the cameras discreetly pointing at every angle surrounding my house. So if a lizard decided to cross my yard I would know about it. I opened the door and propped it open with one of the door stoppers that were right next to it.

Not even bothering to look further inside Going back to the car and I pull out mi mija without waking her while also grabbing whatever else we needed to spend one night in an empty house.

Quickly grabbing my silver .9mm from the glove department, I place it in the waistband of my black yoga shorts and start walking back into the house; once fully inside, I put Nena and the bags down in the living room on the deep brown wooden floors before running my hands through her soft curly black hair. Glancing at her mixed cream skin with her crazy ass hair I secretly admire her beauty.

'She deserves this fresh start more than any of us. ' I quietly think to myself continuing to take in her peaceful sleeping face that looked so much like her fathers.

She has such an innocent face but, that's just what lures you in about her. She has such a devilish smile when you get past her angelic eyes.

Rubbing her hair once more I walk out and grab a few more bags before placing those bags around her as well. I go back and lock the door before going through her night bag and pulling out her pajamas.

Picking her up to wake her only causes her to start groaning and whining as she lazily opens her eyes and gives me a sweet soft kiss.

"We have to change your clothes before you go back to sleep Nena," I say quietly to the 3-year-old.

"Tía" /Aunty/ she said with her quiet rarely used voice it coming out soft and toddlerish. Her tired eyes trying to close despite my best efforts. God this girl could try to sleep through anything!

"You can't call me that anymore mija," I said to her softly with my soothing voice while looking into her deep amber eyes. My mother always said that I had the voice capable of putting anyone to sleep. I remember when I was 4 she told me one night that she wanted me to sing for her every night to chase away the nightmares. Unfortunately the next morning I found her overdosed in the tub covered in urine and throw up.

"Yes, mama." She said starting to get a little excited but still in her sleepy haze.

"I love you, mama," Nena said burying her head into my shoulder. Secretly trying to go back to sleep from what I could tell from the way she started to slump into my arms.

"I love you too Nena. We have to get you changed before you go back to sleep plum."I said chuckling to the half-asleep toddler before looking away and turning to my phone when I hear a gunshot notification. Grabbing my phone from my back pocket.

Clicking my phone on I see a blaring picture of Nena and *Bang!!* another new text message. This one from the moving company. [ We will arrive Tomorrow at 7 am] Alright. Not that bad and there's really nothing I could do about that right now.

Scrolling to my other messages I see one from Abuela./Grandma/

[ We are 30 minutes out. She is in a mood driving us all loco.] Chuckling when I finished reading.

'She just lost her sister, nana.' I thought to myself. Before shaking my head to get rid of the thoughts of her. Putting down Nena on the floor I turn around to really inspect my surroundings. The house was okay, it needed paint and you know....stuff.

Shaking my head I turn to look back at my daughter. Her familiar features unconsciously bringing up old unwanted memories of before the beginning of all of this bullshit.

*Flashback 2 years ago*

Sitting here with my hands bruised, slashed, and bleeding all over the place from the street fights I've had that past week. The dark purple and yellow bruises seeming to do a puzzle the way they fit on top of each other.

Kissing my teeth and looking far out of space while throwing my head back, and letting out a small scream while standing up to let out my frustrations. Today was not a good day, but it seems like bad days are the only days I'm allowed to have anymore honestly.

Turning my head around to fully take in my shitty surrounding of an abandoned apartment building with dried blood on the walls, broken glass bottles everywhere, and dirty couches and mattresses. The whole place stunk of mold, anemone, and shit. A scoff escapes me.

'Where am I?' I groggily think to myself my mind refusing to come back to reality. I already know why I was not home..... trying to get too fucked up to remember anything.

This is not where I am supposed to be doing that though. I pry through the existing migraine to get to the depressing things I'm forced to call my thoughts. While pulling out my phone to check to see if I have received any messages, nope but it is 02:30.

'I should probably go home.' Although, as soon as that thought went through my head it was already gone. My mind is too filled with the existing numbness and static to absorb any more thoughts of home.

Not now.... 'There's no one there to return to anymore.'

Walking through the trashed old and moldy apartment building somewhere in NY blood territory if the tagged up place was anything to go by. Stepping outside I let my dull empty gaze roam the surrounding empty ragged up buildings, walking down the broken sidewalk I pass druggies who were hopefully just passed out, laying in abandoned yards.

The tall grass damn near covering the white lady I left laying there. Not spraying them a second glance I make my way to my 2014 purple and black Dodge Charger that was parked up the street.

Quickly inspecting my car to make sure nothing was broken and no one was inside. I crack open the door ignoring the slight squeak that sounded from the springs.

Stepping in the car with a groan I start the car and look at my phone again to connect the Bluetooth and start playing Leroyce -Forever before taking off toward a destination not really caring where as long as it's not here.

Opening my glove department I pull out a blunt and light it before coming to a stop. 'Got to get off the road soon don't want to get pulled over again.' I sigh, even though I look older than it I am still only 10. One that really is tired of this world's sadness /Bullshit/ 'I really don't want to call Vin to tell the officer to let me go if I get caught.' I add another sigh to my day as I pull into a parking space and turning off the car.

Not paying attention to the red car that was creeping down the street until it catches my peripheral vision.

Cutting my eyes towards the vehicle I continue to smoke my blunt while listening to the music letting it vibe though me. Looking closely I watch as they roll down the window as they pull out a beretta and light a house right across the street.

It wasn't long before the screaming and yelling started to happen nor did it take very long for it all to end. The houses wooden exterior not standing a chance against the rip bullets they shoved in the berettas clip.

"Eastside Trey Way!!!!" I hear as the red car peels off the street. Shaking my head I just start my car again and pull off. That shit ain't got shit to do with me. Not now at least. I have more pressing matters I would think.

'I haven't eaten in 3 days' I think with, yeah you guessed it another sigh not particularly having an appetite or craving anything to eat. Especially after what I just witnessed not even 5 minutes ago. I could already hear the sirens making their way to the house.

Putting out the roach that was left while also making sure my silver Glock is by my side, I pull into another parking lot with a strip of different hair shops and immigrant stores that had a corner store at the end of it. Before cutting my car off and getting out.

Walking up to the store, I open the door and notice there were three young chicos in the candy aisle and an Arabian at the register. Going straight to the bakery aisle I grab two banana nut muffins before going to grab a mango Arizona and some chips.

"Can I get a black and mild wood tip?" I asked as soon as I walked up to the Arabian girl at the register. Her big brown eyes first going to my holstered gun before looking into deep into my hazel green eyes. Looking like she was having a debate with herself on whether or not to ask for an armored mixed girl's Id. Flipping her fake blonde hair it seems like she made the decision that she doesn't care about my life.

"That will be 9.34."

Placing a 10 on the counter I walk away leaving the change. Going straight back to my car rolling another one and, staring off into space letting my mind wander into the depths that would only bring and leave more scars.

The only thing that brings me back is the sound of my ringer going off. Looking at the screen I see a picture of my hermano Vin and me on the screen. My long curly black hair pushed to the side my eyes closed and a bright smile on my full lips showing off my pearly whites.

Vins tattoed arms wrapped around his hermanita as tight as possible knowing that would be the last time we would see each other for a while.... and it's already been 2 months.

"Qué?" I demanded as soon as I picked up the phone maybe a bit too harsh but not caring at this moment.



"Te necesito." His deep voice says hesitantly over the phone.' Really....now you need me? You didn't seem to need me when you got my girl pregnant.' I thought bitterly. Before pushing the thought the furthest of my mind. I don't need to be thinking about her anymore. Plus it might be about Nena.

"Por qué?"

"We can't speak about it on the phone. I need you to come to me." His gravely deep voice demanded on the phone. Not really giving me a choice in the matter in my head.

But now, what could be so important that you cant tell me over the phone. Well, the only way I was going to find out was by going to him.

"I'm in New York right now, get my location and set it to the nearest airport. Make sure you keep the cops from my route I don't want any problems. Order me a private jet and set it to where ever you are."

"Thank you, Elaina."

Humming, then ending the conversation. I received the route not even a minute later. Taking care of my family is a full-time job that I didn't even sign up for....but without them I would have given up a long time ago. I sighed again before pulling out of the parking lot finally lighting the blunt.

'This finna be some bullshit. Well, at least I get to go to London.'


Hearing a truck pull up outside the house. Walking to the door I peek out the bulletproof window to see Abuela's/ Grandma/ black truck outside. The short Mexican lady is cursing my hermanitas the hell out I notice with a small smile. Knowing them they probably deserve it. Shaking my head I start making my way to the door unlocking the door and stepping onto the second brick step.

"That's your excuse for getting all that shit on my seats!?!" oooh car problems...... Walking right back inside before grabbing Nena who found her toy bag and was currently sleeping on a stuffed animal.

But she was already dressed in her pajamas so imma just count it as a win-win situation. I already did what I needed to do which was open the door them heffas on dey own.

"Sissy save us!!!!" I hear both my other twin sisters yell. No. I think to myself before shaking my head. You fucked up her truck. You did this to a crashes grandma. Ain't got shit to do with me. Briskly walking away I look down at my baby girl.

"Let's go find somewhere to sleep, Nena." Walking off not bothering to listen to the distressing calls of "Sissy!" from all three of my sisters now.

I end up picking the empty master bedroom mentally cursing my brother for not having furniture arrive before his family did.

Laying down on the carpet floor while putting white headphones in my ears; using a giant panda stuff animal as a pillow, I pull an already asleep Nena over me and, put her head on my chest before closing my eyes.

I stayed like that for hours my insomnia not letting me sleep and my mind never truly letting me rest. I patiently sit, wait, and listen to my sisters and grandma put away the little things they had before going to sleep.

Well, at least grandma and my two younger sisters did.

Looking up to my door as I hear the door click open. My younger sister Juju is there with a burning blunt and bottle of Hennessy...... our sleep medicine.

She's wearing a faded purple spaghetti strap crop top and black pajamas shorts. Most of her tattoos being shown off due to the lack of clothes. Pushing a deeply asleep toddler off of me and onto the panda. I watch as she wrapped her arms around the toy before turning and grabbing my phone.

After making sure my bebé was still fully asleep, something I don't know why I even questioned, I stand up.

Following my younger sister outside to the back yard, we hop on the concrete railing facing opposite of each other with the bottle between us and pop it open. Taking out my phone I start to play Say yes by Floetry. Before I really start to look around the back yard.

Cerberus was going to have the time of his life fucking shit up back here. He will be arriving tomorrow along with the furniture, he doesn't do well with long road trips at all so we decided to just drug him and put him on a plane along with the rest of the stuff.

"I thought Vin said he would be here?" Her raspy tired voice said drawing me out of my thoughts. Making me turn towards her big puppy dog hazel eyes that had dark circles from lack of sleep and brown curly hair made her look like a sun goddess. Her light caramel skin basically glowing in the moonlight.

Out of all of my siblings, I connect with sisters the most. Maybe because I went through a lot of bull shit with them? Maybe because they the only ones who shared the womb at the same time as me? Either way, I'm happy for it considering how much the world seems to hate my guts its good to have sisters that actually care if I die or not.

"You know why he can't come here," I said simply before hitting the blunt. Knowingly about to start an unwanted argument.

"Wouldn't you say to protect his girls he would actually be here with us? Not there trying to get himself killed?!"She asked irritated and worried.

"Hm." Taking the bottle she chugs down the liquor with no regrets. Before handing it to me when she is done, I do the same thing until I feel somewhat alright. Not at all enjoying the burn that rises up to my chest.

"What school are we going to go? Will you do football?" Now, why would I be thinking about doing football? This ain't my home and I'm no longer interested in shit like that.

"We will be going to sign up for school soon I guess and no I'm not doing football."

" You might be able to start a new life, have friends, find love." She continued. Her mind filled with nothing but romance, roses, bullets....and lean. She already knew that we shouldn't really get attached to anyone out there. It was far too dangerous to get anyone evolved in our lives but right now on this railing, she can dream.

"Are you listing out Liyah's to-do list or mine?" I said laughing and fully feeling the effects of the alcohol. Not wanting to be the one to state the facts. Not wanting to be the one to ruin the atmosphere this time.

"All of ours fool!" She says laughing. Her smile showing off her small dimples. The smile slowly going away putting her head on my shoulder before shaking it her curly hair falling in pools around both of our shoulders.

"After everything that's been going on we deserve it.........How did we get here hermana?" Sighing I don't answer, knowing that question was more towards the Angels than to me.

"This isn't fair, for him to send us to one place while he's halfway around the world." She continues with a slight whimper in her voice. Taking another sip out of the bottle before passing it and lighting a black and mild.

"He's trying his best." Those softly spoken words could've been yelled at the poor girl with how quickly she quieted down.

Looking over at her downcast head.

"Yeah he is trying his best....but, his best could be with us there to help." She said sobbing. Causing me to unconsciously tense up never really being able to deal with anyone crying. Luckily the medicine is working.

"You know why we can't do that Juju. Come on." I said picking her up from the railing and stumbling back into the room after I placed her next to Nena before turning around and locking the door. The poor girl was already asleep when I turned back around.

What could I expect though after everything that's been going on? Quickly checking my phone for the time to see 02:45. I finally lay down next to them and let the alcohol in my system drag me into Morpheus's arms.


Very new to writing so reviews are always appreciated!

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