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Freeridge's Advocates.

Groceries and Vatos.∆

Waking up to a raging hangover was not one of the things on the list of shit to do today. It's a real struggle to even open my eyes and when I do crack open the crusty sons of bitches dizziness, lines, and stars are the only things in my sights for a while. That's why it takes me a bit until I notice that I was the only one in the room.

Letting out a long groan before sitting up and stretching, that only meant that Juju didn't sleep much at all. Turning to grab my phone I see purple glowing numbers reading 05:49. I let out another long groan. Nigga I didn't even sleep that much I was only asleep for 2 hours and, let me tell you my body can feel that shit.

Hearing my name being called from downstairs is the only thing that breaks me out of my thoughts. I hear her coming, galloping like a goddamn stampede....' I wonder if this was how Simba felt when he was stuck in front of the antelope. Shit, maybe I gotta 'enough tine not to be like Mufasa If I hurry and jump out the window I might be able to make it to my car.......'

The thoughts causing me to shake my head and pause for a brief second....did I really just reason jumping out the window because I didn't feel like dealing with my - the closed-door slammed open to reveal my dreaded sister.

"Sissy there is no food!!" What time is it? My sub-conscience groaned out from the back of my head.

Not even 6 o clock and this mother fucker's worried bout food. Is she crying?

"What are you crying for?" I groaned out. The hangover I developed from drinking too much last night really whooping my ass and my youngest triplet is not making my life any easier. I should've taken aspirin before I actually started drinking then I wouldn't even have a headache.

Glancing over to my right I see that Nena is still peacefully sleeping. That girl didn't even let the 5.6 earthquakes or the category 4 hurricane wake her up that we were in about a year ago.

"There's no food!!!" Aaliyah proceeded to scream with her spectacular performance. Her auburn dreadlocks swinging against her caramel skin, and her hazel eyes wide with worry as she waved her arms around in the save me Jesus motion.

Otherwise known as the help me lord and my personal favorite Jesus take the wheel motion.

Where she be getting all the energy from in the morning? Definitely not from me nor anyone else in the family. Closely inspecting her face I see nothing but exhaustion....and hunger.

Leveling her with a glare I wait until she is finished doing her little food macarena. Which doesn't really take long at all.

"What the hell you want me to do about it?" Damn near letting the words leave my lips in growls. This puta knows damn well that I'm not a morning person. She turned her pleading watery eyes to me. That really is the only answer I needed and really wanting to get away from her gordita ass.

I let out a long groan and quickly get up knowing I won't be able to sleep if plum wakes up hungry and already having one of mi bebés with tears in her eyes at my door, crying for food as if she hasn't eaten in weeks. I turn towards my night bag to collect my things and get ready I go into the updated bathroom not sparing the time to appreciate being far too ticked off to look anywhere but the sink and mirror.

Brushing my teeth before throwing on a black strapless crop top, and some light blue pants along with some black soldier boots. I head out of my bathroom mi hermana nowhere to be seen hopefully going to catch a few more hours of sleep along with Juju.

Prior to leaving I glance over in the master room to see plum sleeping with her ass up in the air. Causing me to let out a light chuckle. She's one of the only things that gets me laughing nowadays and she'll probably be just as hungry as Liyah when she wakes up. Shaking my head I quietly cover her with a blanket that I got out of the night bag before closing the bedroom door and heading for the front door.

Making sure my .9mm is loaded; grabbing my wallet I close and lock the door before running to my all black impala before turning it on and connecting my phone to Bluetooth. Wanting to get this over with as soon as possible I set the course to a Walmart in freeridge, a little further away from the house but I had a lot of shit to get seeing as it was a 20-minute drive I take off. Cruising to Like me by Joey Badass.....Maybe arriving a little sooner than expected because of my magical driving skills.

I walk in and the store was basically empty at this god forbidden time. Not even the workers look like they want to be here at 6 something in the morning. Huffing I begin to walk through the aisles and grab everyone's favorite food so I don't have to hear their loudmouth. Making sure to grab some chocolate cookies for Nena while also grabbing some bacon bites for Cerberus.

While getting things for this week's dinner I start strolling to the milk section. Nena has been begging me to make a chocolate mouse for a while and it could be a good quick new home dessert. Grabbing 2 glass cartons full of 2% white and chocolate milk I was putting them into the cart when I suddenly hear some shuffling in the next aisle over going towards the bathroom behind her section.

Glancing over, I see a boy about the same age as me in a very bad shape trying to go into the men's bathroom. He was leaking blood from the various cuts on his body and just slowly shuffling along until he finally made it through the bathroom doors.


Deciding to mind my own damn business I carry my ass on to the other aisles I needed to go down. Really too tired and not trying to be superman and get into anything over my head with my still existing hangover. All those hopes and dreams were shattered when I suddenly hear.

" Where that Lil nigga go?!" Glancing down the candy aisle like some irked off Oompa Loompa, I see three niggas all of them wearing turd green and piss yellow shirts. All of them looking to be 20 or over so why the hell they searching for a little boy? The one who spoke appears to be the one in the middle. He had a faded hair cut and a lot of badly placed tattoos on his face one of them being numb which he had tattooed in giant letters under his right eye.

"They going to kill us if we lost him! This the first time they let him outta they sight since Spooky got locked up!!" The second guy who spoke up was a lighter shade than the other two. He had very short dreads on the top of his head the rest of his hair was shaved off he didn't have any tattoos on his face unlike into his friends. Everything on him was practically begging to be covered up with ink he was big and ugly all around from his eyes, to his nose, to his teeth, all the way to his personality. The true definition of having a face only a mother could love.

Spooky?? ...Well damn, Lil vato doesn't even have any backup...Lemme go mind my own business before, I get caught up in something I don't need to be in. Imma leave that shit for the birds. I quietly think yo myself planning on going to the yogurt section.

"Go check the bathrooms!" Yep just going to walk my black ass right passed and go pay for my stuff.

Going straight into the bathroom pursuing the three men that had just entered I quickly scan my surroundings before silently creeping into the bathroom. Once behind them, I peek to see the largest one who has long nappy dreaded hair holding the poor kid up by his torn shirt. The sheer amount of panic in his dark brown eyes triggering nothing but fury to bloom in my chest in me causing me to move.

First knocking the two people in front of me out by pinching the pressure points on their necks. I watch as the boy's eyes slowly widened probably just realizing I'm not with them other niggas. I go up to the biggest guy grabbing the arm that wasn't holding the boy up and bend it behind his back until I feel the pressure dislocating it. Shoving my Glock into his mouth to muffle his scream not letting him turn to look at me.

"Let him go." My deadly calm voice rang out in the quiet bathroom. Guaranteeing pain if he didn't do what I wanted in the next 5 seconds. Dropping the kid as if he was made of fire......... this nigga just pissed himself... this triflin ass mother fucker.

Pistol whipping him in the face to knock him out, I swiftly grab the boy and begin covering him up in his jacket. Before grabbing his arm gently and slowly starting to lead him out the bathroom to my cart, then to the register to pay before walking out.

While putting my groceries into the car I turn my head to discreetly look at the scared boy and notice he's got some bushy ass eyebrows. Also noting his torn clothes while looking at his bruised, cut, and bleeding face. So deciding to put off the eyebrow subject until later, I fully turn to the vato.

"Are you coming with me?" I invited making sure to keep my voice steady in case they hit his head. The boy gaped, stunned that I had even bothered to ask him. Sighing, I wish Liyah was here she's the one who talks to people. Not that I can't it's just more of an annoyance more than anything else.

"I won't hurt you and, I don't have anything to patch you up here so are you coming?" Patiently waiting until I see him bobbing his head, his eyebrows going up and down along with his head but not moving an inch off his face. He slowly starts to limp towards the passenger side before trying to open the door as you would a regular car.

I hold back my chuckles, as his eyes damn near pop out of his skull when the butterfly doors did what they were designed to do. Going towards the driver seat I promptly get in the car.

"My name is Elaina," I said turning to him once I finished getting situated in the car. "My name is Cesar." His voice was obviously way weaker then it is supposed to be.

"Well Cesar, you got any family you need to call to come get you?" He looks down at his lap. "My brother is in jail. Has been for 2 years now." 'Hm. That's not reassuring. Does he atleast have the same eyebrows as you salad?' Looking forward to him to continue but only becoming disappointed when he doesn't keep talking...

"Alright let's go home then." Starting the car I speed out of the parking lot.

"Thank you for helping me." I heard his pained mumble. Turning my head to see him glancing around the car, his body still tensed up from the ass whooping he just got, before finally deciding to just look out the front window. Making sure to keep his eyes on his surroundings. Thankfully they were heading deeper into Santos territory. Those damn prophets weren't even supposed to be on this side.

If only Oscar was here, he wouldn't be going through any of this. All his life Oscar was the only one to be there to protect and take care of him. Though, he didn't really realize how much he depended on his hermano until he had been arrested for possession of cocaine and illegal weapons.

"Anytime mijo I would want the same to be done for my sisters," I said breaking him out of his thoughts. Which was true. The only ones outta all of us who know how to fight are Juju and me.

"How many sisters do you have?" He asked fully turning towards me. Now certain that this wasn't a trap but his mind filled with way more questions. Who was this girl? Where did she learn to fight like that? Where are we going? But his mouth just would not form the words for the life of him. What was she thinking? Was she just as nervous as he was?

Damn....this kid really got some enormous eyebrows. My sub-conscience would not let that shit go yo. Shaking my head, I start to slow to turn onto my street.

"I used to have 6." My simple but monotone tone of a voice rang out through the car throat tightening at the mere thought of my elder sisters.

"Now I have 3. Aaliyah, Julianna, and Arianna. You'll meet them when we arrive at the house. We're almost there hold on tight." While driving down the street I notice a moving truck parked right in front of the house. I keep driving until I was stationed right next to it on the side of the new house.

Twisting towards Cesar to tell him that we were here only to start to let out a small laugh when I see him clinging to the seats for dear life.

"Sorry I do drive a little fast," I muttered to the terrified vato. Calmly watching as his wide brown eyes turned towards me as if I'm crazy, but he didn't die so...

Letting his eyes wander over to the house I swear I see them get a little bit wider. This was the creepiest house on entire the block. EVERYONE avoided it no one really knowing why but even the OG Santos didn't want to turn it into a trap house so what the hell?! Turning towards the beautiful girl once again about to express his concerns only to be cut off.

"Come help me with the groceries and let's go get you patched up," I said before walking into the house with bags of food. I go straight to the kitchen with my hands full of bags. Its cherry wood cabinets the first thing that catches my eye as soon as I walked in. Rotating my gaze around the room I notice there was a silver flat top stove on the marbled cherrywood island in the middle of the kitchen. The silver ovens were mounted inside the cabinets so you don't have to bend to bake it put things in the oven. 'I'm going to be able to cook my ass off in this.' I thought with a small smile.

"Juju!! Come help me please!!" I screamed while heading further into the kitchen. Motioning for Cesar to hop on to the marble island. Before going to grab the first aid kit that was thankfully on the far right counter.

"Yeah, Sissy?" I hear her say just before catching sight of Cesar. "Oh sweetie what happened?" She said in her soothing Louisiana accent. Something she still hasn't grown out of despite living with me in all different types of places for 6 years. Turning towards her I begin to answer her question as Cesar was to busy staring gobsmacked at her yk say anything.

" I saved him from some niggas while shopping. Can you patch him up? LIYAH!! Get your ass down here!!" My voice rang out bouncing off the kitchen walls to be carried all the way to her room. Where the hell that puta at?? Waking me up at the unforgivable hour to not have her ass in here when I bring her damn food.

"Sissy I'm fixing up my room!"....No, this bitch did not just.

"Alright, then I'm eating your Cheetos!"


Yeah, move them feet bitch.

"Not my Cheetos!!!!!" She screams rampaging into the kitchen wearing a baggy t-shirt and some sweats. Only to abruptly stop when she bumps into and catches sight of the Mexican boy who had yet to sit on the counter because Juju was checking out all of his injuries. She lets out a squeak"H-Hi."

Did she just stutter? Instantly turning to look at Juju who was already looking at me with amusement and astonishment. Aaliyah miss 'hey what you trying to do tonight attitude' is stuttering? Don't get me wrong I know for a fact that she is still a virgin all of us are but I also know damn well that she doesn't act like one and NO ONE has ever gotten her to squeak out just a hi.

"Hola princessa," Cesar replied smirking. Oh so you tryna get at my sister okay Salad I see you but, it was sort of sweet in love at first sight kind of way because you could tell he was just as captivated in her as she was in him. 'This could get interesting' I think to myself as I continue to watch my free show.

I watch as she shyly puts up a smile. The blush that had started to creep onto her light caramel cheeks deepened until they turned a bright red. Then her eyes started to slowly drift down towards her outfit before they snap back onto the eyebrow warrior the blush had damn near caked her whole face much to her horror and my satisfaction. The older sister in me secretly relishing, enjoying watching her little sister embarrass herself every once in a while. She then turns and high tails it out the kitchen as if a hell hound was on her heels.

'The fuck is her problem?' I think heading out of the kitchen. She ruined my fucking show.

"Nana, can you put the groceries up while I got a check on this puta?" I asked my grandma, before going after my Aaliyah. Walking down the hallways I pass people putting furniture away according to the interior designers' instructions.

I finally see her going into a room with a rose painted on the door. Well, that is her favorite flower and she's an artist so I'm not surprised to see her already painting up the house and it's not like I mind as long as I can paint some of the rooms and doors as well. But how long was I grocery shopping for? It couldn't have been more than 2 hours. Putting that thought away for later I walk into her room and notice my daughter playing with some toys on Liyah's bed.....and Liyah is going through her bags??

Once she sees me in the doorway though she drags me into her fully furnished room.

"Who is sexy in the kitchen?! You can't just bring home cute people and not tell me!! Look at what I'm wearing!" Oh, this horny little mother-

"Sorry, sis I didn't know I would be saving anyone at Walmart today. Next time I'll be sure to tell you how far to shove it next time you're hungry." I mumbled teasing before walking over to Nena who was dressed in her favorite blue jeans and a plain grey shirt.,

While ignoring my sister's call of

"No! That's not what I mean." Nena was making the t rex eat the little soldiers because they stole her cookies.'...Damn right Mija you protect your cookies.' joining her by grabbing another t rex I begin to Nom Nom Nom on the soldiers who were just trying to escape the inevitable. In the end, I just picked her up and started tickling her stomach and, she started laughing her little ass off.

"Are you even listening to me!!!!" I hear a yell from down the hall. All three in the room groaning upon recognizing the voice and how close it was to the room. All of us glancing at each other intending on not doing anything but before we could say anything the voice of Ari continued.

"I said I didn't want it there are you retarded do you know who my sister is?!?"

Heaving out a sigh before grabbing Nena, I start heading towards the screech of the banshee. I spot her and her dyed blonde hair screaming at one of the very handsome Philippino male movers.

I take a really good look at her as I'm walking over. She's a shade paler than any of us from how long she's had to stay inside. Considering how she constantly stayed in the hospital in Crenshaw this is the first time in years she will be staying with us and I know she wants to make it perfect. That's no excuse for how she's talking down to this dude right now though.

"Hey, princess how about we do not call the people who decorate the house and have our things in their hands retarded." My voice starting turning into what my sisters call my 'Persephone' side I honestly just call it my important voice.

Something that surprisingly slipped past Ari. Gazing at her, I watch as she turns to me with her puppy dog face. Thinking about it I know this move was really hard on Arianna before the disease took over. She and her sister were as thick as thieves and she was the sweetest little girl always being polite and caring. Then once shit went down and got real she became critically depressed and began pushing everyone away not saying that she didn't have a right to but when she fell in the deep hole of depression, and we all fell in right after her.

Not that it was any of her faults it just seems like once cancer came, life just got worse everywhere else too. And after finally getting enough money for the treatments she needed, shit just got more real in Crenshaw forcing all of us to do some things we regret but in the end, we all left on good terms. Although now she hides her hurt and pain behind this spoiled princess act.

"Sissy I want him fired right now!" Her high pitched voice echoed throughout the house. What did he even do for you to come at him like this? Looking around I notice everything looks fine. Pictures are being hung plants are being placed in their places. They actually did a great job decorating in my opinion for all my brother is worth in the sibling department you can't deny that he does know our style.

"What's the problem, Ari?" I said with a light shrug after examining the house making sure there was nothing actually wrong. Also while loving all the plants the movers were placed around the house. Just as that thought crossed my mind 2 workers both with

hands full of bamboo palm, ivy, and moss cane all great plants for air filtration. Making a small note in my head to put some air-filtering plants into the med room I bring my attention back on the subject at hand.

"They gave me the smallest bedroom in the entire house I can't fit all my shoes in there!!" She shouted in my face...shouted....in my motherfucking face?

Has this bitch lost her mind? Looking down at Nena I see her giving Ari the same look as have you lost your mind? 'I'm bout to whoop her ass.' I think to myself as I hear the little devil behind my ear saying 'grab her by her dyed blonde hair and toss her ass over the railing down towards the pits of hell where she belongs.'

Yet, on the left side the side I was holding Nena I hear the little angel 'there is no need for any more violence in front of Nena not when you can help it.' Looking into her hazel eyes I reel in the ratchet grab a hatchet attitude until I'm calm enough to put this bitch in her place.

"Who are you talking to?" I ask in the calmest voice I could manage at the time. Knowing, that she is probably just stressed from the giant move. Though she did want a fresh start all she ever knew was Crenshaw and it was hard for her to finally open up to me about it before moving. She kept creeping around me until she finally broke down the night before the move. The silly duck. My thoughts already beginning to calm me down, and though I tried my best to remain calm considering how everyone in the hallway paled I think I did a pretty horrible job.

"Sissy I wanted the master bedroom." She whined in her high pitched guilty voice, changing her attitude quick and taking a few steps back while ducking her head down in submission. Although, her spoiled ass still dares to ask me for the master bedroom after showing me that type of disrespect. Don't do it.....don't do it.

"Go to your room. Youll is fine I told them to give you the room with the most sunlight. " I said calmly gazing straight into her eyes. Secretly enjoying the happiness that entered her gaze before she bounded out of the room with new room ideas. Turning to Nena not sparing a glance at the young girl who ran out of the hallway. Nena was looking at me with amazement

"Food!" She says looking straight at me causing me to let out a slight chuckle. Okay, babe lets go get you some food kissing her forehead I look up and see no one around.


I need to go check on Cesar anyway and then find out when Cerberus will arrive. Walking down on the dark wood floors and through the grey walls of the house. Listening to Nena's talk of the latest episode of teen titans.

Passing through the long hallway connecting the front and back doors I entered the kitchen to see.....no one there? Alright, where these putas at? Going to the counter I hand Nena an apple for her to eat before turning around I see the worker that I saved earlier from the fire breathing dragon, behind me looking like he wanted to say something, with the way he was nervously posted up.

His attractive face downcast as if I'd castrate him if he uttered something wrong. Admittedly something I have done before but not without proper cause. I seriously haven't seen people this scared of someone whose holding a three-year-old in their arms.....Unless that person was a pedophile. My sub-concession snarked in response in the furthest reaches of my mind.

"T-Thank you!!!" He shouts out at the top of his lungs in my kitchen. Hm. What is going on with people and screaming today? Looking down at Nena I see her giving the cutest confused look with her head cocked to the side while little bits of apple sat on her fat cheeks. So I unconsciously adopted the same bewildered position before looking back up to the mover.

"Are you okay?" I inquired quietly. Scared he was going to faint at any given moment. Looking at the way his chest heaved up and down from what I would assume is anxiety. My hermano would've had everyone he sent drug tested before sending them here to help move after what happened last time. Also knowing they were all my brother's trained people I continue to look at him. 'Maybe he's just nervous' I tell myself still reaching down to grab the gun on my waist discreetly.

"No-no one has ever saved me before." He nervously started looking down at the ground like I kicked his puppy. He looks young but a couple of years maybe like 17 or 18. He honestly looks like someone whose been drastically hurt recently by the real world. I think I can get a good story out of him maybe a good friendship? Still staring at him with a neutral look in my gaze.

"Walk with me, "I declared walking down the hallway in search of my lost sisters and puppo. I find them in the Med room. Smoking weed out of two of the bongs.

The workers did a great job putting everything away as fast as possible. Everything in the main house was done I'm assuming they working on the kitchen now by the sound of it.

I spot eyebrow lord all nice bandaged, leaning against one of the bean bag chairs with Liyah in some shorts and a baggie shirt with her dreads up in a bun. Cesar also has a new all-black outfit with a tee and long pants and his golden chain. I see them awfully close to one another. Walking inside and motioning for the worker to close and relax on one of the bean bag chairs

"Ooh, what's going on in here?" I say in a playful flirting voice before placing Nena down who automatically goes to the fish tank to see if there were any fish in there yet. Once she finds out that there is nothing but water in there she goes off to explore. Shouting with joy once she spotted the giant black Pres canary and Pitbull mix. Who was more than happy to cover her face full of doggy kisses. Clearly missing his little hooman despite only being apart for a full 24 hours.

Turning away from her, he takes off to play chase with her somewhere in the house. Walking over to Juju, I take a seat next to her on the same bean bag basically in her lap, hitting the bong when she comes up for air.

Looking over I notice that my sister has seriously put a claim down on Cesar one that she knows that everyone will respect. Especially Juju and I considering how we always liked older guys.

I have to admit though, Liyah has to have that boy hypnotized with the way he's looking at her. Though when I glance, at her she is just as captivated in him something she will probably try to deny later on. Turning my head to Juju after being tired of watching them eye rape each other I see that she has come to the same conclusion I have. Smiling and getting her attention I start making kissy faces.

Maybe people might think I'm making too light of the situation with how young all of us are but, what can I say if your old enough to fully carry out a blood mission you're old enough to fuck, smoke, and swallow whatever you want in my book.

Grabbing my phone I look to see the numbers 18:00 blaring at me from the screen and no messages. "Come cook with me," I said to Juju. She's not doing anything anyway. Knowing she will follow me I head into the kitchen. Nodding to the mover to follow me out of the room before I fully leave the room.

"Chica she looks in love," Juju said with a giant smile causing one to spread on my lips as well.

"I know I've never seen her like this," I said going into the fridge to pull out the chicken I brought earlier from the store. "It's good for her. She's smart enough not to fall in love at first sight though. Let's take them out someplace tonight so they could go on a date!" Juju said enthusiastically. practically Jumping in her spot before leaning on the kitchen counter.

"Juju it's only been a few hours calm down." I said laughing "Plus the poor boy just got patched up." I continued.

"You're a right sissy." Juju said nodding her head as if I made the discovery of the century "We'll do it tomorrow!"


Very new to writing so reviews are always appreciated!

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