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Healing Pains


Katniss E.,Peeta M.,Finnick O., hurt comfort, fluff,romance, family,rated K+, everlark grows together after the tragic events.

Romance / Drama
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New beginnings

The large,open house seemed even emptier. I was all alone.Prim, gone. Peeta still at the hospital in four recovering from the horrific tracker jacked venom. I’m as good as dead to the world. The last time I moved from the large sopha was when I got here three weeks ago. I know it’s unhealthy, but I have nothing to live for. No sister to feed and care for. I’m worthless.

Greasy Sae comes over, and takes care of me once a day. She tries each day to get me to go hunting, but I can’t move. I used to love the woods; what’s happening. It’s like I lost the will to live.

“Good morning Katniss”, Greasy Sae said to me as she closed the large, wooden door that led into my house.

“Hey”, I said softly.

Greasy Sae normally comes each day at nine and stays till one. Feeding me breakfast and lunch. Although I normally just take a couple sips, and leave the rest on the tiny coffee table by the sopha.

“Sae, why do you take care of me everyday?”, I ask stoikly.

“To thank you for everything you did in the revolution” , she said genuinely. “And plus if it’s any constellation Peeta asked me to take care of you until he came back.

“What? Peeta is coming back!” My mind wonders to the beautiful boy with the bread.

“Katniss,Katniss! You there?” Sae says.

“Ohhh yeah sorry. What did you say?” I say apologetically.

“I said that I will call Peeta and ask him when he is coming home” she says.

“Really?” I ask nervously and somewhat excited.

“ Of course” she almost yells.

Ring,ring,ring. Each time it does my chest pulls tighter!

“Sorry hon, doesn’t look like he is answering” Sae says as her countenance drops.

All I can get out is, “Oh”.

Sae leaves later on, and I have nothing else to do so I take a nap.

I am slowly awaken from my nap when I hear Sae banging on the door.

“Come in”, I yell across the empty, spacious room. Why would Sae be here this late. Oh no is someone in trouble? Am I in trouble?

I hear the door open timidly, and that’s when I saw him out of the corner of my eye. The boy with the bread all cured from venom looking amazing standing in my doorway! Peeta is here, and he is cured. My Peeta!

“Hey, Katniss”, he says timidly.

“ Hey Peeta glad you came back”, I say,not knowing how to word it.

“I’m all cured” he says excitedly.

“ I can see that, you look amazing.” I didn’t mean to say it like that, but it’s the truth he did. I mean the war is over, and I can start to build up my relationship with him again.

“Thanks” he said while his eye glistened.

I don’t even want to think about what I look like. I haven’t moved off this couch in three weeks besides using the toilet of course.

He doesn’t say a thing about how awful I look. He curls up on the couch with me. His strong, muscular arms tangled around my should, my head laying desperately on his exhaling chest, I missed this. I could stay like this for the rest of my life. Entangled in his warmness. Safe from the outside world and most importantly me and him both safe from the games,both safe from Snow.

The morning light burst through the opened windows lighting up the whole house. Apparently I must have fallen asleep because when I looked Peeta and I were in the same position we were the night before.

I carefully moved out of his arms trying not to wake him, but only finding his bright blue eyes open.

“Good morning” he says quietly.

“Hello” I say.

“ First time since the victory tour that I have sleep and not had a nightmare” he says happily.

“That makes two of us” , I say.

Remembering that me and Peeta actually got married before the quarter quell, and had only my mom and Prim attend, we need to start getting the house ready and accually start to be a family. All that depressing stuff I had issues with before are out of sight. I have a new cause to be Peeta’s wife.

“Peeta we need to redecorate to house so we can both live in it”, I say happily.

“Sure” he says, “Let’s start today.”

“Oh and Katniss since we don’t get money for being victors anymore I have to work at the bakery each day, but I won’t be long” He assures.

“Ok and I can hunt game, and sell that as well. We will have plenty of money together probably too much”, I say.

“ That’s great!”he says.

We started working on the living room. Peeta painted it a dark green while I made from rustic shelves with wood from my woods.

We spent all day on the living room, and we finally got it how we wanted it. I felt like I was in my woods.

“Thank you so much Peeta”, I say

“No problem”, he says.

Tomorrow we will do the rest of the rooms downstairs, and move on later to the upstairs.

Peeta made his cheese buns for super that night, and I ate away.

We layed on the couch that night because we haven’t messed with the upstairs master bedroom yet. Ungulfed in his arms was the perfect ending to an awesome day.

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