Tables Turned

By Reality_Runner

Action / Other


Disclaimer: I don't own Shokugeki no Soma. Hence, I don't receive any material profit from this. But I receive reviews and favourites)

Author's Note:

Guys, I hope I didn't ruin your favourite characters.

Although it is the Reverse Role story, I didn't change positions of all the characters. Most of them remain the same.

Anyway, I just want you to enjoy it. (Like Tadokoro would say.)

I hope I will hear your thoughts about the story. (Like a chef would hear during Shokugeki.)

The prologue is served!

(By the way, sorry ofr any puns I make. Really terrible at those.)

The life is, many aspects, like the dish.

We use the ingredients we have and try to make the best out of it.

Sometimes we follow someone else's footsteps, trying not to go far from the created recette.

Some of us experiment, trying to find their own way of cooking.

Theere are billions of versions of the same dish and study all of them seems impossible.

How much will change if we switch two ingredients of the same dish?

Will the taste worsen or improve?

Or in the long time run, this doesn't make the difference?

Let's have a taste~!

Sumiredōri Shopping District.

Nakamura Erina sighed in relief. The day was finally over.

The tables were empty, her friends went home, the smell of dishes was long gone. Letting her honey blonde hair loose, the teenage girl could finally relax. It was funny how much she both loved and hated summer days like this one. Helping her mother with the small restaurant was a funny thing when she had spare time. But still sometimes it seemed to her that the whole district was eating here.

The restaurant "Kazoku Ai" could hardly be called the fancy place. It was not very big, probably slightly larger than any other establishment in the district. They didn't have too many tables to serve, so they didn't need many people to operate properly. Usually, erina asked her friends from school to help around in case it was a really busy day. But still people loved this place. And that thought reminded Erina that all the time and labour was worth getting the love and trust of their clients.

"Excuse me?"

Nakamura was interrupted by the apperance of a woman at the entrance. She was in her early thirties, bit already had the aura of power around her. Removing the sunglasses, which were quite unnecessary due to the late evening, the business lady smirked.

"I would like to talk to the owner of this place." She said calmly, clearly looking down on Erina. The teenage girl paid little attention to this, preferring to remain calm towards the intruder.

"I am afraid, she is not here right now." She spoke the truth. Her parents loved spending some time after the work in a small cafe (despite her mother cooking much better) or a park. "How may I help you?"

The woman smirked before placing a hand on the table with a smirk.

"Apparently, you can." She smiled devilishly before handing the paper piece to the blonde teen. "My name is Minegasaki Yaeko..."

She looked straight into Erina's eyes.

"...and I want this poor excuse of a restaurant tp be wiped off the city."

For a few minutes the absolute silence reigned supreme. Yaeko couldn't help but smirk at how easy it was. This restaurant was going to become the first step in renewing this district. The realtor woman also made a mental note to fire whoever gave her information about this place. Accodring to that person, this redtaurant was supposed to be the heart of the whole area. Its strongest protection. And what does she see? An immature teenager, apparently too scared to-

"Bye. See you never." Erina nonchalantly said, getting the attention of the woman.

To her own surprise, Minegasaki found herself outside the building with a cramped paper ball thrown in her face.

"You think this is it?!" The lady growled, glaring at Erina. She really hated the fact that her three assistants were busy with another shop. Though, she could be intimidating herself if she wanted to. She walked up to Nakamura and looked right into her eyes. "Do you even know, what a real restaurant is?"

Erina was silent. She could care less about what this woman was trying to start. However, her eyes got filled with cold hatred when she heard the woman cross the line with the following words:

"Your 'restaurant' is nothing. Even less than nothing." She grinned in mock sympathy. "It's a joke..."

The last words echoed in the room, the venom in the voice was too evindent to miss it. Erina just stared at the floor, the shadow concealed her eyes. The realtpr smirked. It seemed that she had finally pushed the idea through the thick skull of this girl. Or so she thought...

"A joke?..." Erina repeated her world in cold tone. She calmly combed her hair, not even casting a glance at the woman. "Then let me show you..."

Erina looked straight at the realtor, and the latter instantly broke into cold sweat. The menacing aura of power surrounded the girl, swirling around her like a hurricane. Those were not the eyes of someone to back down at the first opportunity. No... It was more than clear that this girl could put up some fight.

"... who is a real joke here." She said with ice cold voice, unaudibly inviting the woman to come in.

The next moment the blonde teen started doing something on the kitchen. Yaeko, after regaining her confidence, just smirked. No matter how threatening this girl looked seconds ago, she still could do nothing about what was coming. It took her investigator several weeks to completely break down the system of their work.

Today was Saturday, end of July. At the end of every month they would buy new products and check their equipment. This month, however, was far more busy. And, according to the invedtigation, they had no more spare products left. Minegasaki looked at the girl sympathetically. It was such a pathetic thing to watch.

'Just some small fish, trying to survive in the life of real culinary.' She thought, remembering all those third-rate restaurants, which were long gone and replaced by high-class apartments. 'Nothing will help such low-level business. Not even a professional chef would be able to make anything from those leftovers.'

"Your dish is served." The calm voive of the girl interrupted her thoughts once again. The woman opened her eyes, readying herself to make the perfect patronizing look at the dish and the girl. Instead her eyes opened wide in shock.

"This is..." The realtor whispered, unable to believe her own eyes.

"Magrets de canard with peaches and potato cake." Erina said with the superior look in her eyes. The sheer smell was sendinh shivers down the spine. The woman seemingly tried to get a hold of herself. But still the dish was too tempting.

"H-How...?" Yaeko muttered. She slammed her hand on the table. "Whatever trick you are trying to pull, there is no way you could have ingredients for those! Your diner doesn't even serve duck meat here!"

"True." Erina confirmed. "Your informator did a good job while investigating the system of our work. But, luckily, he was dumb enough to miss one point in any restaurant."

Her smile grew wider.

"Menu expansion." Those words echoed in the whole room. The aura of greater power formed around the blonde cook. "Every diner or restaurant should consider that over some time people might want to try something new. And it's not always about the dish but also about the main ingredient. Duck is not very common in Japanese cuisine, so I have been trying to find the way to incorporate it in traditional dishes."

All this time the realtor was sitting there silent.

"That's why I have learnt how to cook various dishes with it." She smirked. "And started it just one month ago..."

How? That was impossible. To properly understand all the aspects of cooking a certain type of meat you would need more than just a month. Not to mention, the use of other ingredients.

"And there is another thing your worker failed to learn." She let her hair loose. "Among the local people I, Nakamura Erina, am known as..."

The power, coming from this girl, could easily rival those of professional chefs.

"...God's Tongue."

The woman hesitatingly took a bite. Instantly, the duck meat flavour exploded in her mouth. Crispy and juicy at the same time, the breast was practically melting inside her mouth. Shaking, Yaeko reached for potato cake. The fried garlic and potato had golden colour, both inredients only strengthened the taste of duck meat.

"I have fried them in duck fat." Erina exolained the meat flavour of the vegetables. "It made this part faster and also helped to synchronize dishes with each other."

The victorious smirk made its way to the teen's face.

"Still think of this place as a joke?" She asked with her tone cold and superior. The woman closed her eyes.

Standing in the holy gardens, she was met by the goddess. Sitting on a throne, was the teenage chef. Her clothes were made of pure white silk, her right hand supported her head as she looked at the realtor. The blonde raised one hand.

The beam of light fell on the woman. Yaeko tasted the dish, which came from above. And now... She was to answer.

"I-It's nothing special..." She managed to barely lie. The smell of fried duck breast and peaches, potatoes and garlic soaked and fried in its fat were only making it harder to keep the straight face.

"Is it so?" Erina spoke as the dish in womans' s hands started going back. Desperate, Minegasaki grabbed the plate and tried to hold it in the place.

"NO!" She exclaimed, trying not to lose it. "I-I..."

"...I was wrong..." She fell on her knees. Her confidence was crushed. The fighting spirit was gone. All she wanted now was to taste this heaven once more. "I will never try to demolish this diner ever again, so please..."

"Treat yourself." Erina said with a smirk.

And so the realtor did.

Nakamura Natsume was a woman in her mid thirties, thought still having a pretty attractive appearance. She had long honey blonde hair and pink eyes. When she entered the restaurant, the woman saw her only daughter writing something down.

"Hi, mom!" Erina walked up to her and hugged. Natsume could easily feel the smell of fried ducl from her daughter and looked at her confused. "Just some unexpected patron." Erina shrugged before bringing the list she has made. "Anyway, I thought about adding that dish I have been working on. It might take some time but-"

"Erina," her mother spoke calmly. Natsume looked around the restaurant, thinking if she had made the right decision. Then she looked at her daughter, the list she has made and the whole place once more. "I am going to close the restaurant for two-three years."

The awkward silence filled the space. The only sound was Erina's eye twitching.


Tôtsuki Tea Ceremony and Cooking Academy

The classroom was filled with shadows. In straight lines stood several stidents. Each one of them held a tray with a dish on it. They were shaking nervously and fearfully.

Another one fell on his knees. Heis dish was not even half-eaten. The young man was sweating bullets. His heart was racing so fast that he could feel it beating into his rib cage. The student found himself unable to even look up.

"...Next." the young man in the official academy uniform spoke, not even paying attention to the fallen student. His yellow eyes glowed with demonic light. The left people started shaking even more violently. "And try to surprise me..."


"...And try to surprise me..." Yukihira Soma whispered.

"WHAAAAAAAAT?!" the whole class heard someone scream. They were caught off guard and many students dropped their dishes, completely ruining them. The class groaned and silently or openly cursed whoever did this tp them.

"C-Can we do this over?" One of the students asked.

"Why?" Soma looked at them confused. "You all failed."

"WHAAAAAAAAT?!" All of them exclaimed in unison. "WHYYYYY?!"

"Don't worry, you are just background characters to emphasize how different I am from my canon version." Soma explained with a smile.

"...What the hell is he talking about?"

"Anyway, I will go and wait for the next chapter where I make my official appearance. Bye, guys!"

The door closed, leaving confused students behind.

"What the hell was that?"

"Who was he talking to?"

"He was looking at the wall and waving at it, wasn't he?"

"But there is nobody there!" One of the students exclaimed in frustration. "Is there?..."

A few seconds later the whole class ran out of the room.

And here is the first chapter!

Hope you liked it!

Anyway, omakes don't have one theme. They can be part of the plot. They can be used for semi-comedic relief.

If you liked it, leave reviews and thoughts! Long reviews are just like tips. They are always appreciated!)

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