Tables Turned

By Reality_Runner

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Chapter 3: The Night in The Polar Star

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I hope you are still with me and this story.

Erina stretched her limbs, groaning in slight pain. That woman was ridiculously strong for her age and complexion. The honey blonde could still feel her ribs ache with every movement she made. Well, Nakamura looked around her new room, at least now she was in her room. Nothing to talk about, really. Simple white walls and ceiling, a writing table and a closet. Luckily, she was not one of the girls who would complain about the size of the room.

Having changed into her pajamas, the teenage girl walked towards her bed and got ready to sleep. Tomorrow would be her first day in the academy and she needed all her strength to show her best at every class. She closed her eyes and let out the relaxed sigh. Suddenly, she heard something move from above. erina opened her eyes, trying to adjust to the darkness of the room. Looking up, she saw that the ceiling panel was gone. erina sank deeper into her mattress and screamed like alittle girl when a head peaked out of it.

"Hi, I am Sato-"

"AAAAH!" Before Isshiki got to finish and react, he was silenced by the alarm clock thrown right into his face. Losing consciousness, the 2nd year student dropped right on her bed. He was inapproproately close to her. Reddening with every second passed, Erina gulped before doing what any other girl would do in her place.

The door into her room burst open as several other residents of the dorm made their appearance. All of them had somewhat worried look on their faces as they entered the room, but those instantly chnaged to expressions of pure shock at what they saw. Right in front of them on the floor was none other than their senpai, which was only regaining consciousness. With the expression of agony you rarely would see on his face, Satoshi's front and face were pressed against the ground with the blonde girl practically breaking his legs and arms.

"Oh, thank God!" She exclaimed happily, not loosening the grip on the student. "Someone, call the police! This guy tried to molest me!"

The other residents sweatdropped at the panicked expression on the blonde's face. They all shared the same thought:

Isn't Isshiki-senpai the victime here?

"Hurry! He is trying to break away!"

"You are breaking my arm!"

"SHUSH!" She applied more pressure, getting the pained scream from the young man.

"Tough guys, you go first." Yoshino hid behind Sakaki's back as they pushed Sato and Aoki to save their senpai.

"Why us?!" Both of them exclaimed. quite scared by the force this girl exhibited.

"Quick, he is unconscious! Call the police!"

Once again it was proved that the Polar Star has luck for weird students...

The atmosphere in the room 205 was quite lively despite the events prior to it. Nakamura Erina could not help but feel ashamed of her own hot-headness. Not only did she attack her apparent senpai but also was close to breaking his limbs. The fact that he was there just to bring her to her welcome party only made her feel worse. And yet, strangely...

"You are not angry with me?" Erina blinked confused. She would fully understand if her senpai tried not to speak to her after everything. But instead he was smiling at her as if she gave him a massage but not a slight conscussion. "Care to explain why?"

"Why? Isn't it obvious?" He stood up with the same smile. erina was even more surprised as the golden light fell on her senpai, sparkles started floating around him and his face was shining with happiness. It looked just like in manga she read. "Small things like such mistakes is what makes the life in the dorm so beatiful! Living under the same roof and eating from the same stove! That's the beauty of being young! That's the reason why I came here! To enjoy my youth with other students!"

Shrugging and wondering if she gave him a stronger concussion than she originally thought, Erina looked at other students. Talking to each other and enjoying the dishes and drinks they made themselves, all of them were acting quite relaxed despite the late hour. Well, except for the glasses wearing guy, whose name turned out to be Marui Zenji. But after a few cups of rice juice provided by Ryoko, even he gave in.

"Hmm, Tadokoro-chan isn't here yet?" Isshiki asked, not seeing the blue-haired girl."I wonder where she can be at such late hour."

"She said she had some practice with Yukihira-san tonight." Yoshino said with a light giggle. Several guys rolled their eyes while Ryoko slightly elbowed her friend. Erina choked at the mention of him.That didn't go unnoticed by the Wild Game girl. "Is everything alright, Naki-chan?"

"He doesn't live here, does he?" Erina asked Isshiki hopefully. While she was doing a great job at hiding it, Erina was praying to all the Deities above herself that this guy was not even in 2 kilometres radius from here. Otherwise, she would have to look for another home. Moreover, that ribs-crushing hug was for nothing!

"Yukihira-kun?" The 2nd year blinked. Erina nodded. "No, he lives in another dorm."

"Why do you ask?" Sakaki questioned after Erina let out a sigh of relief. The master of rice fermentation smirked mischievously. Erina gulped, perfectly knowing this kind of smirk. "Is our little Nakamura-chan in love with him?~"

This time Erina acted not lady-like and spurted out her drink.

"Me?! Like him?!" She was red in the face from the anger and embarassment. The very idea of having any kind of emotions but hatred and disgust was more than enough to make her sick. The Hell-like aura formed around her body, making all the students take a step back. "I would rather date a gorilla than him! He is the most arrogant, selfish and big-headed person I have ever met!" She exclaimed with fire practically erupting from her mouth. "And I swear to God, once I get a chance I will have him take his words back!"

The atmosphere of determination and competitiveness was floating around her as if the very Gates of Hell opened behind her. Girls sweatdropped lightly at such reaction to a small joke. Guys, however, felt more danger and emptied their cups of rice juice, trying to calm themselves down. Several minutes later, Erina let out the sigh and excused herself for such aggressive behaviour.

y student, presenting their small dishes. It was fun, in a certain way. Erina smiled, even though she could easily list all the flaws in the other people's cooking. SHe could feel that the jerky and cheese were smoked for ten seconds longer. The fritters cooked by Aoki lacked the balance between the vegtables. And yet... Erina decided against critisizing the dishes, which the guys put quite the effort into.

"Time to get Tadokoro-chan here!" Isshiki exclaimed excitedly at the message from Fumio-san about the arrival of the mysterious resident. Erina though that Isshiki would go and invite the girl like a normal person. Instead he walked towardss one of the speaking tubes. The expression on his face turned somewhat sinister and intimidating. He spoke in much creepier and maniacal-like voice:

"Tadokoro-chan... Are you asleep...? We are all having fun here... There is so much delicious food..." Erina felt shivers go down her spine. The dark and shady aura formed around him, making it hard not to scream. The way he spoke sounded more like some psychopath trying to lure his victim into the trap than invitation. "If you are still awake... Come down here... Ok...?"

Several minutes later, the door slightly opened, revealing still sleepy and quite terrifed girl. She had two navy blue braids, beatiful yellow eyes and the aura of child innocence floating around her.

"I-I am here..."The girl spoke. Erina could understand her stammering. The voice Isshiki-senpai spoke was not even remotely welcoming. Tadokoro turned around and saw Erina. She instantly gasped, which surprised Erina. "Oh, you are new here! I am so sorry for not being here earlier to greet you! Please forgive me!"

Erina was taken aback by how nervous the girl was. She started apologizing without stop, talking about how rude it was of her not to greet someone on her first day in her new home and how sorry she was for that. While initially it was kind of cute, the apologzing didn't stop and somehow Tadokoro was just constantly bowing to her in shame. Now that was quite embarassing.

"It's fine. There is really no need to worry, Tadokoro-chan." Erina smiled. The timid girl sat nearby. "Nakamura Erina. Pleasure to meet you."

"Tadokoro Megumi." The girl smiled back. "Nice to meet you!"

The sparks flashed in Isshiki's eyes. He stood up and smiled brightly at them.

"Now that we all are gathered here..." He turned to Erina and held out his arm. "Welcome to the Polar Star, Nakamura Erina!"

Erina smiled warmly. This place was not so bad after all. The guys were nice and girls were really great. And Isshiki seemed to be pretty okay as long as-

"Let's get the party started!" He exclaimed happily. In an instant, without even making any other movements, Isshiki stood almost stark naked with only his apron preventing Erina from fainting. She looked around trying to see the same shocked expressions on the faces of other students. But there were none. Hiw was it even possible?! "It is the night of the YOUTH!"

"DON'T TURN AROUND! MY EYES!" The bright red Erina exclaimed.

Or maybe this place was just as crazy as she originally thought.

To be honest, it was pretty rare for Erina to hang out with so many people during such late hours. Growing up as the only but very responsible child, the honey blonde preferred to stick to the strict schedule of her day, which started with waking up and making sure her appearance was at the top condition and ending with going to bed after doing her homework. But tonight she enjoyed the time with her peers and didn't regret even a moment...

One after one, the others fell asleep, except for Tadokoro, Isshiki and Erina herself. Tadokoro busied herself with cleaning up the room. Erina was about to help her when suddenly she was stopped by the 2nd year student.

"Once again, Erina-chan, welcome to the Polar Star!" He smiled so brightly and warmly that it was hard not to smile back. He looked around. His smile remained on the lips of his. "Oh, we are out of food. There should be some slices of spanish mackerel. I'll make something."

"No need to worry, senpai." Erina shook her head. Ignoring the lack of clothes, the honey blonde was about to go and help Megumi. "I have eaten enough, so-"

"Erina-chan,... I insist." With that said, Isshiki presented his dish to her. But something was off. Erina could swear she saw something change in the smile of the senpai. It was not that relaxed or happy. The aura around him changed as well. She took a piece with her chopsticks and put it into her mouth.

Erina gasped as the world around her changed instantly. She no longer stood in the room of the dorm but instead she found herself surrounded by blooming trees of sakura and fresh grass. She took a breath and felt the smell of spring in the very air. The air... It was so fresh and clean that you just couldn't help but close your eyes and enjoy the peace of spring nature...

Snapping back into reality, Erina opened her eyes wide and stared at the dish. It was overwhelming with its rich flavour and superior taste. Comparing it what she tasted before, this dish was on a completely different level. Even despite the fact he was the 2nd year, Erina couldn't bring herself to believe that it was the only reason. Her eyes widened as the possible reason appeared in her mind. No... He couldn't be...

"Those words you said at the opening ceremony..." He was sitting right in front of her. He pulled down the piece of cloth on his head. Somehow, the peach-coloured apron seemed less ridiculous than before. The shadow concealed the upper part of his face, giving him a more intimidating look. "To stand at the top of Tootsuki... I have to admit, you picked not the easiest dream to accomplish..."

"You are..." Erina spoke in whisper.

"Isshiki Satoshi..." He smiled. This smile now radiated confidence and superiority. "The 7th Seat of the Elite Ten Council..."

"Now, Erina-chan, I am really intrigued by your cooking skills." He said with the same smile. Erina quickly got a hold of herself. No matter who stood in front of her, Erina would not back down. She tied her haird into a high ponytail and headed to the kitchen. Her face had the calm and collected expression. No sign of fear was evident.

"Let's go." She stated in ice cold tone. No longer she saw the senpai, now all she saw was the opponent, whose cooking she was going to beat.

Unknown to them, the dispute between the two did not go unnoticed by the infamous Angel of the Polar Star. However, her eyes, while still soft, held the slight mischief and much more power than during the whole night. Putting the empty bottles and plastic plates into the bag, Tadokoro smiled lightly. This smile was just as light and soft as the one she smiled with at the party. But nothing could hide the hint of malice in it. This was going to be quite interesting year...


Divine Light Dormitory

It was the late night already. Yukihira yawned loudly. If he could, he would rub his eyes. Groaning silently, he kicked the door with his foot and entered it. The room was almost three times the size of a normal room. The posters with numerous dishes and advertisements of them were on the walls. Some study books and notebooks were lying on the ground, completely forgotten. He tripped over one of them and almost dropped the person in his hands.

"Hey, watch the merchendise!" Rindo exclaimed, apparently not asleep.

"Oh, sorry." Yukhira apologized sincerely. He breathed out. A few minutes of awakward silence and-

"You are not asleep!" Yukihira exclaimed, looking at her accusingly. "Why did you pretend for?!"

"Simple." She shrugged. Her lips curled into cattish grin. "I was just too lazy to go up the stairs, open the door... So booooooring~!"

"That is not-"

"Though now I would like to get seconds." She added sheepishly. "After all the hard work-"

"You didn't do anything-"

"So, Yukihira-kun?" She smiled seductively at him. "You will not leave your senpai in this kind of-"

"I am out of here." He said simply, dropping the rapsberry-haired girl on her bed and left the room at the top speed. "Have a good sleep!"

While it might seem cruel, Yukihira knew better than fall for the scheme a second time. Hearing the sound of the girl running behind, Yukihira put more force into his legs and tried to run as fast as he could. Spotting the door at the end of the corridor, Yukhira batged into it. He still hardly remembered whose room it was, but as long as he could escape Rindo...

"Yukihira-chin?" The voice spoke behind him. Soma turned around, recognizing the voice. Behind him stood the master of Chinese Cuisine, Terunori Kuga. "What are you doing in my room?"

"Oh, you see, Rindo-senpa- Are those the high-heels shoes on your feet?"



"You tell no one."

"And I can use this place as my hiding spot."

"Deal." Both of them said at the same time.

Sorry for a small chapter!

I still hope you liked it!

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