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Remember Me


An ordinary girl gets taken from her mom when she is just weeks old, but she isn’t the only one, 4 other kids were also taken away from their parents.they are transformed into deadly weapons, not like guns or swords but evil magic. After the company got invaded the only thing the kids could do was separate and swear to never see each other, or else the population would be in danger

Action / Mystery
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Chapter 1


I stared back at the paper, I was starting to get pissed and annoyed having to see this piece of paper all the time.

Y/n:”I just don’t understand why the colleges I applied for have rejected my application”.

With all the anger building up in her she ends up burning the paper with her hands.

Grandm:”Sweetie... i..I thought that stoped years ago”.

Ten years ago

Reina:”How dare you make fun of my style you slut, you can’t even afford these clothes, so tell me why did you make fun of them”.

Y/n:”Well you guys have to agree with me, her clothes make her look like a clown and her makeup...sheesh, her make makes her look like my grandma

Some of her friends laugh at that and they end up earning a glare from Reina.

Reina:”Well I’m guessing you don’t look great in make up either”.

Y/n:”First of all you just told everyone that you don’t look great in makeup and second of all I’m to pretty to wear makeup.


She raises her hand ready to slap you.You close your eyes ready to feel the pain but it never comes.You open your eyes not believing what you were seeing.

Reina:”H..hi Taehyung”

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