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The 74th Hunger Games

The Shock

"Well, I believe in you." He said with a small smile. It was a smile, but it was sad. Knowing that he would most likely never see me again, and an innocent 14 year old would die. He then reached into the glass bowl, grabbed a paper, and opened it. "Jack Spinner." He read into the microphone. The crowd turned to an asian boy, who looked like he just witnessed a murder. He slowly made his way up to the stage, and stood on the man's right side. "And how old are you?" The man asked. "Uhm... I,-" He paused. "Im 15."

"Well I certainly believe in you too young man."

I was sitting in the cold, dark room. My parents had just left. My best friend Lila left before them. I was scared. I was alone. I was unhopeful. And I was certain I was going to die. A knock on the door came, them it opened. The man stepped in, and motioned for me to follow him. I got up and everything went in slow motion. My home. My family. My life. Down the drain. I followed him onto the train and sat down next to the window. Fruit and scones were offered to me, and in EVERY OTHER occasion I would be stuffing my face. But this time? No. Jack sat next to me, and across from me was the man that revealed his name to be Christo. I was looking out the window and ignoring all the words Christo was saying, but I heard the last part of a sentence where he stated, "You will have a mentor that was a past victor of the Hunger Games. They will help you through this." Just then the door opened and a woman stepped through. She had blonde hair and hazel eyes. I could see her eyes hold back tears. I guessed she saw how young we were and what a tragedy that we wouldn't make it. That we would be forced to kill other children. Nothing could help me feel better right now, silence was the only medicine.

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