About A Girl.

Chapter 9

2016 already? ha.
I was going to post Act 9 yesterday, but I had to recover from celebrating and editing. I thought about giving up on this whole story, considering my time is limited and I have other things to do and such. I decided that maybe a few more Acts would do.

6 days later.

I was able to find a nice two bedroom apartment that was only four hundred a month and I lived close to the public markets. The pace was pretty well hidden from the public eye since the outside sort of looked abandoned and non-livable. The inside was rebuilt, every wall was repainted, all the floors were brand new. I had gotten lucky, which caused me to be wary of this place since it was a dream come true. The room next to me was abandoned and closed off from anyone, I didn't bother to ask why and kept my distance from it.

My paranoia subsided and I began to go out more often and felt comfortable in my surroundings.

I got a part time job at a sushi restaurant which that was a few blocks away from my house. I loved my co-workers and they showed me the kindness and respect that no one in my life as ever showed me. Well, I really couldn't say that, ever since I met Jigen I had this odd confidence build follow me around everywhere. It didn't really bother me much, but I would get the tingling feeling just thinking about it and of course, Jigen at times.

Maybe it was that act of kindness she showed me and it's stuck with me ever since.

I made myself a cup of tea and began to get ready for work, which was a hassle because I had to put on a heavy yukata. I loved wearing it, but it took me forever to put it on, I had to have the neighbor help me the first few times. She was nice enough to give me a kimono slip and her koshihimos. My yukata was a deep red color that has snow white birds being crowded around with light red and white flowers with dark green leaves.

I put on light makeup to bring out my sharp facial features and put on a deep red lip stick that made me look older than I really was. I put rollers in my hair so I had nice large curls and worked on my bangs so they weren't in my face too much.

" Bad news ladies, we won't have a singer since she quit so we need one of you to go out there. " Said miss Koi. " Of course, we won't be ready for another hour, so each of you come into my office for a singing audition. I need four of you to be out front in case a customer comes in. "

Before I had a chance to even move four girls pushed past me like they were being gunned down. I was the last girl at the end of the line, but it was going by so quickly I was already in the middle waiting to be called on. One girl, Kiki stood on the other side of the way smiling as I guess that she had been picked to sing, but the line was still moving to Kio's office and each girl seemed either disappointed or glad they didn't have to go on stage.

The good thing about the stage is that it was far away enough so the customers weren't right up in your face. There was also a small barrier that prevented them from coming over to try and get you. There were statues and flowers that surrounded the stage to make it look more presentable. Each table was round that would fit a party of seven and there was a large table in the back that was placed on an old stage, that would be used for weddings or more important people that worked in companies.

" Arthrisha, you're next. " Called Koi. " Now just do a song that you know and we can see if you and Kiki can switch back and forth. "

I nodded nervously and went to my happy place to find that so called good voice of mine.

" I need an easy friend. I do, with an ear to lend. I do think you fit this shoe. I do, won't you have a clue. I'll take advantage while, you hang me out to dry, but I can't see you every night, free. I'm standing in your line I do, hope you have the time. I do, pick a number too, I do, keep a date with you. "

" Excellent!" Koi exclaimed. " You and Kiki will be taking turns singing, so you'll have to change your outfit. "

" What's wrong with this?" I asked, looking down at it.

" Don't worry it's nothing bad, it's just you'll be singing tonight, so you need something a bit flashy is all. " She smiled widely. " I have the perfect outfit too. "

Oh great, it's not like I had spent half an out getting ready for work and now she wants to put me in something else?

Kiki had gone on stage first as a few of the girls were helping me getting ready and I had to say, I was getting a bit uncomfortable. They had re-done my makeup and put me in something I would never wear, not even on a date. The color of the dress was absolutely beautiful, but the length was making me rethink my job just a bit. The dress was a deep red, strapless dress that had a black sash with a dark gold swirl design and was pinned down to hold it around my waist. The back of the dress was long enough to reach my ankles, but the front of it was so short that the golden garter belt could be seen. It was tight fighting around my curves, but the entire bottom of the dress was loose.

I was given black flats because there was no way in hell I was going to wear high heels on that death stage. I wore a black choker with a small ruby attached by the golden chain and had a golden lotus clip placed in my hair that had small chains dangling from it.

It hid my small scars very well.

" You got ten more minutes before show time. " Koi commented. " You look stunning, knock 'em dead. "

I looked in the mirror again and did a little twirl to make myself feel less nervous about singing in front of hundreds of people. I hope I don't crack, it's my first time singing in front of people and I really wish it wasn't me that got picked. I still wondered how the hell that even happened anyway.

Jigen's P.O.V.

I really did not want to be here.

It was Lupin's idea of fun since Vegas was a bust and after being chased down police thanks to Fujiko. Man, I hated that women with a passion and yet Lupin had seen something in the she-devil.
I was slamming down a few drinks to keep myself from doing anything rash and I was still pretty upset with Lupin for dragging me out of the comfort of my room. I knew Lupin was here for the women and even though I don't agree with his lust in women, he sure does know how to pick the nice ones.

Two women came by and sat with us and Lupin was reeling them in with his so-called seduction and of course, they fed from his hands. I avoided the two women and of course, any other women that were going to come near me. I didn't care if women were attracted to me at all, but they always seem to try and move in on me. I try my best to be polite, but there is something that is bewitching about certain females.

" Oh come on Jigen have some fun! "Exclaimed Lupin.

I grunted at him. " Yeah, just keep those drinks coming. "

The music stopped playing and I put my focus on the stage to see who else would be performing. I wasn't going to lie, I liked it when restaurant's did live performances it made the place more comfortable for me. The performer was wearing a very short strapless dress that was covered in sequences and had a sash around her shoulders. She sang her little heart out, but it wasn't enough to keep me looking at her, but it didn't stop lupin from trying to look up her dress.

" Oh, I can't wait till Scar come's on stage! " Exclaimed on of the girl sitting on Lupin's lap. " I hear she has the voice of an angel. "

" Well, if she's as beautiful and sexy like you two, then she must be good. "

The two girls giggled and I cringed trying to distract myself with something else.

" I kind of wish Fujiko was here to enjoy this moment. " Lupin sighed thoughtfully.

" Oh god, you can't be serious? She tried to kill us and not to mention the incident at the hotel. " I sighed, annoyed trying not to mention anything in front of these girls. " I'm sure you remember. "

" Relax, this is a vacation." Lupin grinned. " It's going to be a nice two weeks wouldn't you say? "

I sunk deeper into the chair. " Yeah, if you say so. "

" Akiko, she's next! " Exclaimed the same girl. " This is going to be great! "

The other girl looked annoyed as I did and just rolled her eyes and got up to leave. Well, one less person I have to deal with tonight. I slammed down another drink as they were cleaning that stage a bit and switching things around to make it look more presentable. The lighting dimmed down and candles were being lit around and on the stage and it made me wonder what kind of music was going to be playing.

I hope that Lupin could control himself because this was setting the mood for something strange.

" Alright ladies and gentlemen the show will be starting in five minutes " Announced the barkeep.

I ordered myself another drink before the show and sat there trying to feel content, maybe tomorrow will be better. I might have to find another place to spend the night since things were getting a little hot and heavy between the server and Lupin. I decided to stick around for a bit to see if this girl the server had been bragging about was something special. The light shut off, leaving only candle light and soon little figures moved across the stage and a warm welcome greeted the figures.

The lights above slowly dimmed and I could finally see the women that the server wouldn't shut up about. She looked like any normal girl would, in fact, she was attractive compared to those flowers on stage.

" Oh, baby! " Exclaimed Lupin." Those legs, Those hips and not bad for breasts. "

" Lupin!" I hissed. " Don't be rude, she's probably nervous. "

The music began to start and I felt myself relaxing as I watched her movements.

Last fire will rise, behind those eyes.
Black house will rock, Blind boys don't lie.
Immortal fear, that voice so clear.
Through broken walls, that scream I hear.

I leaned into the table, suddenly feeling interested as I watched her sing and sway around a bit. The more I looked at her the more she became familiar to me, why did she look so familiar?

Cry, little sister. Come, come to your brother.
Unchain me sister, love is with your brother.

Damn, she could sing really high.

" Oh, someone's interested. " Teased Lupin.

" Shut up. " I flipped my hat down feeling embarrassed.

Blue masquerade, strangers look on.
When will they learn, this loneliness?
Temptation heat, beats like a drum.
Deep in your veins, I will not lie.

I couldn't take my eyes off her, despite my hat covering my eyes, but I would sneak little peeks at her and Lupin would make a lewd comment about her legs. Yeah, I know that were nice, but I was trying to figure out if I knew her or not, or if my mind was playing tricks on me. `

She kind of reminded me of... Scarpetta. `

I haven't thought about her since we left Vegas and when Lupin suggests that we should go to settle for a little break I almost protested. I wasn't sure why he wanted to come here in the first place, there was nothing to my knowledge that we could steal. Scarpetta would cross my mind from time to time only if I touched my inner pocket to feel that letter I would sometimes forget about. I was lost in that women's singing voice and the thought of Scarpetta I shoot myself up from the chair and went outside to smoke.

What the hell was wrong with me?

I stood out there, hidden by the trees that were placed by the bench I had sat myself at. I took long drags off my cigarette and tried to focus on something else besides her. I didn't understand why, maybe it was because of that letter or maybe the fact that I'll probably never see her again. It wasn't like me to start caring about women I had hardly known, let alone one that was trying to get away from whatever.

" Hey Jigen where did you go? " Shouted Lupin.

" Over here " I waved.

" Hey, you just left without saying anything, is anything wrong? "

" No, I just needed to take a break that's all. "

Lupin raised an eyebrow. " You're thinking about that woman again, aren't you? "

I was done with my second song and Kiki had taken over for the rest of the night.

I was told to hang out by the bar to meet and greet some of the customers, but I didn't feel like seeing people let alone talking to them. Half the people in this place were drunk and ignorant and having me wear this dress only led to one thing on a man's mind. I had to stay in this dress and pretend that I was somewhat interested in whatever they had to say.

I kept some pepper spray with me just in case one of these disgusting guys wanted to touch me or try and take me home with them. I had a few mixed drinks that I only trusted a bartender to make and I never accepted any drinks from a stranger. If they wanted to get me a drink, I would have to watch them and the bartender was good at keeping a close eye on the customers.

I had been drinking light and fruity drinks just in case Kiki's voice gave out, but she was doing such a good job I hardly noticed her. As long as those men stayed away from me, I really didn't care whether or not she stole the spotlight from me. I really didn't consider myself a singer nor a very good one, so I went on to assume the all these people were drunk and just liked the way I looked. Most of the population in this bar were men so there were maybe ten or fifteen different women that would come to the show.

The women would come by and talk to me, tell how marvelous I was on stage and who they liked the way I looked. I would simply nod or tell them thank you even though on the inside I was shocked. I wasn't used to such nice compliments and tried to be polite about it. The bar was starting to get crowded, so I decided to go to the very back where there was there was an empty table that had those old fashioned heavy curtains. The only way could see me if you were to walk by and actually try to peer in, but anyone from the stage could see me just fine, which I thought was odd.

The seats were made of dark red velvet to match the curtains and the table was made of granite just like the bar. I took a small drink from my glass and watched Kiki dance around and sing whatever song it was she had picked. I tried to listen, but it was too loud for me to hear the lyrics, I was only purposely trying to distract myself. I didn't want to mingle with any of the customers, nor did I want them buying me drink after drink to try and impress me.

" I couldn't help, but notice that you're sitting by yourself. "

My ears perked up to the sound of a male voice, I turned to see him sitting next to me.

" I don't want to sound impolite, but I would like to be alone. " I stated. " Please leave. "

" Actually, My friend is the one who wants to meet you not me. " He smiled at me. " Of course, if you let him join you for a drink. "

" Why would he want to see someone like me? " I finished my drink off. " I can assure you that I am nothing special. "

He grinned this time. " Oh, I beg to differ my lady, in fact, he told me that you remind him of someone. "

" Let me guess, an old friend or maybe someone that he might be interested in? " I asked, looking at him. " How did you even spot from anyway? "

" I have my ways of seeing." He smirked " And I guess you could say that, he's been in and out with this girl, but she seemed to have disappeared. "

" Does this girl have a name? " I asked, even though I didn't really care.

" Of course, but I can't tell you unless you invite my friend over to come and talk to you. " He winked.

" I don't like games mister" I growled. " Besides, I'm done for the night. "

I didn't like the way this guy was talking to me let alone looking at me.

" Hey, wait a minute!" He exclaimed. " He's just outside! "

I walked away and made my way to the back where our dressing rooms were at, but instead of changing, I grabbed my coat and bag. I made my way to the exit, but when I opened the door I must have either hit a person or a trash can because a loud thud could be heard on the other side.

" Oh god, Are you ok!" I exclaimed going to the person's aid. " Sir, are you ok? "

I mentally smacked myself, if I didn't let my anger and paranoia get to me this would have never happened and I could have avoided conflict.

" Yeah, I just need a drink I'm sure....

He stopped speaking and looked up at him, peeking though his hat and right away I knew who this man was only he had a different colored shirt and jacket on.

" Jigen? "

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