About A Girl.

Chapter 1

3 weeks later.

I watched every news channel just to keep up with the times.
I only did it to see if maybe there was someone looking for me, but not one report of a killer cult had been reported. I looked on phone poles and message boards to see if my face had been overlapped by missing person posters. To my luck, there was nothing and was able to relax for a change.

My motorcycle was full of gas and I was able to get a good night's rest after my little episode. I somehow managed to get over it within a week and just accepted it for what it was. There was nothing I could do to change my actions and maybe it was for the best.

I wasn't sure where I was going to live, but I made sure the money I took was put to good use. I used as little as possible and stashed it in my wallet, my bag, and in the seat of my motorcycle.
I bought store maps to keep track of what states and small towns I was in. I took pictures of each rest stop, store, and the street that I was on. I wasn't probably a smart idea, but it was to help me keep track just in case I lost my memory again. I haven't had a recent episode lately, but then again that voice hasn't spoken to me yet.

I was able to figure out that the voice was the cause of all these violent episodes. The reason I would lose my memory and the reason for what has been happening to me for the past five years. I knew that I was experimenting with, but I soon realized that things were beginning to get dark.

I only went willingly so my father would pay more attention to me instead of all those whores he brought into the church. I soon discovered that those women he was bringing in were ritual sacrifices.

I shook the thought out of my head and went back to take notes from the new channel. I wrote down the numbers of the channels and the times just in case I forgot. I cut and dyed my hair so no one would recognize me and spend most of my day in the sun trying to get a little color to change the tone of my skin. I forced myself to lose more weight and changed my entire wardrobe so just in case there was a missing person poster for me.
I knew my aunt would be looking for me, but no one else that I knew of would be. My mother's side of the family had cut ties with us after she dies and my father's side of the family was either dead or just didn't care. I'm sure the most recent picture they would have of me would be from three years ago when I had turned eighteen.

The long brown hair down to my knees, was pale as snow and wore makeup to hide my blemishes. I had a smile plastered on my face the showed perfect rows of teeth. Back then, I was, at least, a hundred and fifty and maybe even hundred and sixty pounds. I weigh myself every day and did small exercises and drop a massive fifteen pounds. I could fit into my skirts properly and my shirts were not tight fitting anymore.

Spending most of my time in the hotels and only left for a quick walk or some food. Surviving on bottles of water, a can of soda and some sandwiches with a small chocolate bar. Even though my appearance had changed, I was still afraid that someone would recognize me and turn me into the police. I made sure to keep my maps confidential and would have a spare one which had fake directions in case anyone was to follow me to my location.

Managing to keep a few fake I.D.s on me just in case I got pulled over. I also wore fake color contacts so no one knew the real color of my eyes. I never used blue because someone right away would notice and be suspicious.
I locked my door, shut the curtains, switch off the light and watched the news until I fell asleep. I was starting to feel strange again.

I got up extra early that morning.

Leaving the hotel and heading for Las Vegas to do a little touring and get a new map. I studied the route and quick get away in my head so Making sure that it wouldn't take out my real one. I didn't plan on stopping until I made it to las Vegas unless my tank was empty.

I was making good on time as far as I was concerned.
There was hardly anyone around so I was pleased to know I wasn't going to deal with much traffic. The Venetian Resort-Hotel-Casino since I had the money to do and go to any place I wanted. Maybe I could mess with the machines to get a little more cash. Traveling on a motorcycle made it easy for me though I wish I did take the car, but then that would have made it easy for the cops to track me down.

I was two hours away from Las Vegas and before I could turn into my lane. I heard the sound of police cars and what immediately freaked out. Turning onto my secret lane immediately and went past the speed limit. It wasn't a smart idea on my part, but I was not about to be confronted nor caught by a cop. The sounds were slowly disappearing, but I noticed something, a yellow Mercedes-Benz SSK going the same speed I was on the same road I was one.
Holy shit that's a rare car even in this day and age.

Speeding past the vehicle taking quick glances and taking my usual route and before I knew it the police were back. They were in front of us, but I dodged passed them and to my surprise, they were after that car and not me. I was going, at least, ninety on the motorcycle, surely they would have pulled me over, but the car did the same thing I did. I kept my eye on the road but took a glance after glance and the two police cars had crashed into one another.

Thankfully, the police officers were unharmed and managed to get out of their smashed vehicles. I slowed down a bit just in case there was more officer around to pull me over. It was not my intention to get caught or be the cause of innocent lives.

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