About A Girl.

Chapter 2

" North on Koval Lane, past E. Harmon and past E. Flamingo Road, and take the first left after Westchester Drive."

For the past hour, I've been repeating the instruction out loud just to keep track of my surroundings. The sign above me showed me the lane to stay in for the Venetian. I noticed that the street had no name, but to my surprise, the casino signage was good enough for me to see, Showing me how to get to the Venetian's self-park facility.

Set on the Las Vegas Strip, lavish, Italian-themed, all-suite casino. I knew there was no way in hell I was going to spend hundreds of dollars on a room especially by myself. I really didn't want to be that person, but breaking into the hotel seemed more fun then paying additional fees. I most certainly do not have any form of government-issued identification. Everything I have with me is fake and I'm scared to put any of it to use.

It's not like I haven't done it before, just as long as no one gets hurt in the process, I won't have to worry about it.

Check-in begins at 3 p.m. and checkout is at 11 a.m., So trying to get out early should not be a problem. If I pick a room that no one really pays any mind to, I should have no issues. I'll have to rely on that "thing" to help me scout out any people that are not staying in rooms. I don't want to pick a lock and discover someone else sleeping in the room I plan to stay in.

I had to plan everything carefully or I'll end up in the jailhouse.

Breaking into the hotel was harder than I had expected.

The exit had one of those keypads and it required a few wires to be switched, but it was nothing I couldn't handle. The exit door was permanently broke and now anyone could get in with ease. As long as it benefits me for an easy escape, I didn't care.

The dim lighting around me didn't help that much, but my dilemma was going up. I knew there were thirty-six floors, but my chances were limited if I couldn't find a room. What I was about to do would surely make me forget, but my notes I have taken during my traveling would help me.

I took a deep breath, removing my leather gloves with ease. I relaxed my hand, feeling around for the metal bar that would help me find my desired room.

" Well here goes nothing."

W̞̹̜̥͚̭ͅe̖̭̤͔̬̻l̺̣͚l̠̟͖,̘ ̻̘̬W̞̮̪͍e͙l͈̟̹l̮. lo̹͕̦o͇̲͈̣k̰̖ ̖̠̙̙w͍̹̬̻̼̳̫h̻̼̩o̲̩̮̰̖̥ ̱̠̰͕̻c̬̙̮am̳̹͍e ̱̪c̗̖̰̖ͅr̫aw̪̰̙l͖ing ͎̝b̪̗a̯c͔̻̫͓̼k̬̯̤̗.̦̭͍͍ͅͅ ̪

" Don't get cocky with me!" I snapped. " you and I may share the same body, but you don't control me"

I heard dark laughter echo throughout my head and for a near second, I swear it was in the stairwell with me. The last thing I wanted to do was ask for help from this thing that had been forced upon me.

F̞͈͔̦͇̗or͚͖̱̺̱̬ ̭̗̻̫n̜̯͕o̤͕͕̟̫w̲̩͚͈̮̟̭ ̩͎̙̙̘d̥͔̥͙͚͉̩e̯̙̠̲ͅa̹ͅr͙,͎ ͍͓͍̱̙j̮̖͍̺͇̻̦u͎̰̲̖̰̟s̠͓t̫̙͖ ̪w͉̞̲̦a̟i͚̖̻̤̳̫t͙.̝̗̹ ͈̟͚

It was the lights that had stopped her from speaking again.

Steady thuds of shoes hitting uneven grounds, hushed voices around her. Slower and slower the thuds continued until they came to a complete stop. I stared in awe at the spinning and twinkling light, swaying on the spot as a dizzy calm overcame me.

Flashes. No, visions of doors and numerous stairs were being passed around in front of my eyes. They all hit me in one staggering rush and I fell to my knees feeling a pounding headache. The images came faster until they weren't images at all, just swirls of light and color that burned through the backs of my eyelids. It was all too much, and through the confusion, I could feel an undercurrent of a different emotion slowly coming to the surface.

Pure rage.

Raking my fingers through my hair, gritting my teeth, trying to seal my eyes shut. I was feeling every raw emotion I thought that I could never feel and it was pushing me.

The pain stopped and so did the images.

Panting, I unclenched my fingers from my hair, snapped my eyes open and cough from the stress upon my chest. I rested my head on one of the steps, taking deep breaths and felt myself twitching from the sensation. Black was beginning to take over my vision, but I did my best to fight it. I could hardly hear anything, my heart beat and my struggling to breath was all I was aware of.


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