About A Girl.

Chapter 3

This was all a lie.

Everything that is happening right now is all fake. None of this is real, none of this is helping me, I can hardly feel anything. Feeling my stomach turn from being uncomfortable, the clanking of metal and the sounds of running water. Someone was in the house doing dishes.

My surroundings were strange, but I was familiar with them and tried to feel somewhat safe. I knew this was a trick to get me to go out the door that was in front of me. Soft humming could be heard, I knew it was my mother's humming, but there was no way in hell I was leaving this room. I was determined to stay away from whatever was waiting for me on the other side, I wasn't going to fall for it again.

I was shaking, sweating and pacing around my area, taking a second look around before I realized that this was my old room. The walls were brightly colored like a game of Tetris, littered with posters, family picture's and drawings of miscellaneous objects. This was the night that everything turned bad, as soon as that sun went down everything good would disappear and the screaming would begin.

The sound of dishes would be tossed to the ground and the shouts of my parents could be projected loudly downstairs. I have had this dream to many times, but the scenery would change, but, this time, I wasn't in harms way for my father to get to me. When I have this occurring dream, my father would be chasing me trying to kill me like he did to my mother and I would feel the knife twisting in my back.

' god no, make this stop, I don't want to be here anymore '

The static sound had not come to bother me nor did the voices that would taunt me and coaxed me to open the door.

Everything was fine for now, but for how long?

I heard muffled voices behind the door which caused me to stop my pacing and sit in front of the door to take a listen. It stopped and then the voices turned into whispering and the door handle started to jiggle, but I was glad to see it was locked.

A sly smile was placed on my face.

' No, not this time, I'm done playing this game '

Anger flared up inside me I was starting to not feel uncomfortable anymore and the anxiety went away. The jiggling of the handle was getting more violent, but it was getting nowhere even if I was getting startled.

' Piss off! I said no '

" Wake up! "

Everything stopped all of a sudden from that unknown voice.

" Hey, Lady wake up! "

What the hell? wait! someone was trying to wake me up from this hell or is it another trick?

The darkness disappeared and the light was shining through the windows, my mood was hopeful, but that didn't mean I was going to open the door because of it. I felt something touch my shoulders, it was a light pressure, it was relaxing to have a slight shake here and there. Everything was fading all around me and the voice that was speaking to me was becoming clearer and the door was fading or I should say more like melting. The smell of stale cologne and cigarettes entered my nose and my eyes were slowly opening to see blurred colors of gray and green.

" Oh shit, you're alive! what the hell were you doing lying in the stairwell?! "

Oh god, who was this guy? my mother? christ.

I opened his eyes slowly, my vision suddenly sensitive to the intense brightness of static flashes. With a start, I blinked twice, attempting to lift my hands to hover a shadow over my face, only to find myself stuck in the paralysis state. My body was sore, but my neck had to be the worst part since I knew my neck had been resting on the stairwell steps.

" What?"

Hearing my own voice, the raspy and hushed tone made the man in front of me slightly flinch and shift away a bit. His eyes were covered by his hat, but I guessed he was only trying to confirm whether I was alive or not. I turned away from him, but it was mostly the light that was getting to me, my face hit something hard and my nose scrapped on what I assumed was fabric. Taking a quick look, bright colors of yellow and gold invaded my vision and the softness of the shiny gold touched my nose.

" We found you on the stairwell, but you wouldn't wake up"

I couldn't help but stare at the ceiling and blinked a few times to get use to the room's bright theme. I placed a hand on my throat remembering that I couldn't breathe, I recalled drowning for a short time and then I must have passed out. I wasn't sure how to talk to this stranger after everything I had done to get into this place.

What would he think of me?

I was worried about the questions he would ask, I was worried that he would become suspicious of me. Laying here and not speaking to him seemed reasonable, then it hit me, I had no idea where I was. My chest began to flare up and goosebumps invaded my body.

Oh god, don't panic, don't let him see you panic.

I should just choke myself to death and save myself the trouble of being discovered of my true intentions. How stupid did I have to be to pull my little stunt? people could have been coming down and seen me having an episode. I wasn't sure where my belongings were, I wasn't sure If this guy had other plans with me or if he did anything to me. He did, however, mention having another person with him and that would surly make things much worse for me.

There was no guarantee that I was safe in this room.

I had to keep myself under control until I figure out a way to get out of this room. The last thing I wanted was to have an episode and cause problems for this guy. He seemed a bit content just watching me, but he was probably studying me for whatever reason, like he knew what was going on in my head.

I turned my attention to him still gripping my throat and stared at the tip of his green hat, but he said nothing and didn't even move.

I wanted to say something, but I wasn't sure what to say, maybe "Thank You" or "what's going on?"

" I can see your confused, I can assure you, that you will not be harmed. "

He was calm and collective, but kept a good distance away from me, folding his arms over his chest. I could tell that he didn't trust me, but his curiosity was seeping through his form. I was going to lie, I was curious about this man and having him in front of me was a reminder that I was in fact back in reality. I let go of my throat and rested my hand on my stomach, keeping a close eye on him feeling my mouth getting dry and my chest getting tense. He sat across from me only a glass table keeping us distance from one another, he was patient and waiting for me to say something.

The worst that could happen was if I told him the I broke into this place.

" Then I have no intention of hurting you either" I spoke for what seemed like years.

He seemed pleased and gave a small chuckle taking his jacket off and grabbing a cigarette.

It took me twenty minutes, but I managed to sit up despite the pains in my body and had started small talk with this man I now know as Jigen. I gave him a false name for fear that he might turn me over to the police or know too much about me. For all I know, he could have given me a false name and made everything seem like an a labret prank. He was nice enough to get me water for my raspy speaking voice, but I was a bit suspicious about the water. I downed it anyway to heal the dryness and stop the coughing so Jigen wouldn't get annoyed with me about it.

" So, I have to ask, what happened?" Jigen asked.

Oh shit, If I lie he'll know, if I tell him partly the truth he might stop asking about it.

" What do you mean?" I raised an eyebrow " You mean in the stairwell?"

I had to buy myself some time, but my thoughts were racing at what to say to him. I couldn't just simply tell him I had a supernatural being living inside my body. Not only will that get him kill, but I wasn't about to drag someone else into my problems and have them suffer.

" I blacked out, I have no memory of it happening. " I said.

It was hard to tell what his expression was, but his body movements helped me out, even though he was good at not giving himself away. It was between being having a satisfied answer to a more " I want to press you more for something more realistic " I kept my eyes on him even though I was staring at his hat and kept my posture proper. I didn't blame him for wanting to press me, but the least he could have done was to get to know me a little bit better, I was feeling interrogated by him.

" I feel there's more to it." He took a quick drink " When I found you-you looked like you had endured a lot of pain. "

" Of course, I did, I passed out on concrete and probably hit my head." I stated. " No offense, but I don't trust you nor do I know you."

" I didn't expect you to trust me, I just find it strange."

I felt my body beginning to tense up from our conversation and the way he was saying certain things.

" What are you a cop?" I spat. " If so, I refuse to say anything else to you. "

Maybe me being a bit hostile towards him wasn't my best option, but I was feeling uncomfortable from his pressing. Why did he care? it's not like he had to deal with this thing that was inside my body. How dare he pry into my life like some therapists.

" I can assure you that I'm not, I just happen to notice certain things about people, your not easy to read."

" Is that a good thing?" I calmed myself " Or should I be more alert around you? "

He shrugged at me ending the conversation with the light of a cigarette.

" Thank you, I'm sorry that I have to be such a burden on you, then again I'm sure no one else would have even noticed me" I rubbed the back of my neck. " So I guess I owe you my life "

" No, not really, but if you could help me and my friend out with something I won't press on about what happened to you."

" Depends on what it is." I relaxed " and why would you need my help? "

" Because you can pick impossible locks. "

He was studying me after all, unless I missed something that gave him that impression.

Before I black out, I wasn't sure if I packed up my lock pick kit or if my age was screaming locksmith. I decided that I wasn't going to let this bother me and do my best to act as if I had no idea what he was talking about. After looking Jigen up and down thoroughly, there was not one hint of danger or anything screaming rapist. It would be easy If I could see his eyes, but I could tell that even asking him would possibly offend him. He dressed very nice and had the hands of a gunman from what I could tell about him, but he seemed distant and alert as if someone would jump in and kill us.

I had to stay alert too since this stranger placed me in his room with his friend who I still haven't seen.

" What conclusion made you think that I picked locks? " I asked calmly.

The feelings of interest were starting to peek in my mind.

Jigen relaxed into the chair using what room he had to feel more comfortable, I, however, was still sitting pretty with my hands folded in my lap.

" It's your hands, there not painted pretty like a girl nor a women's, in fact, I see hard working hands."

I looked down at my hands and he was right, you could see small scars, motor oil and little scrap marks from the lock picks. I was a bit curious to see what else he could find out about me, but I wasn't an open book and my trust was hard to come by. Not one person in this world that knew me has had a personal level with me. I had lost hope in humanity after my incident and the episodes I would have at random.

" um, thank you, I think." I shifted " You seem skilled with guns or is it just the one you have stashed behind you? "

He wasn't the only one that could play the mind-reading game.

" Good eye, how did you know?" he shifted and pulled out his gun.

" The way you were sitting and the constant shifting to make yourself feel more comfortable."

He placed the gun on the table, but he hovered over the table and began to disable the gun within seconds. I watched in amazement as he took his sweet time wth each piece from the gun. For some reason, watching him do this in front of me made me feel more relaxed. I didn't dare to move any closer even though curiosity was begging me to move closer to the table.

I fought these urges as a way of respect for personal space.

I took in each and every detail from every piece of the gun and watched him clean them with ease.

" Smith and Wesson, model 19. " I said.

That wasn't suppose to come out, but it did and I tried to hide my embarrassment from him. He seemed to have smiled a bit and placed his focus back to his gun.

" By the way, have you see my bag?" I asked looking around the room a bit.

He pointed behind him, not taking his gaze from the gun. I stood up and saw the cheap bag placed against the wall, it hadn't been opened thank goodness. despite all the zippers I knew exactly where my little black travel journal was, I had to write everything down or I would surely forget.

" Lupin wanted to look through it, but I told him it was disrespectful since we don't know you. "

Lupin? what interesting names for men.

" I'm glad, I'm sure there are things you didn't want to see. " I smiled.

I spent a good hour writing everything I could from memory and the news broadcast was just as dull as ever. Every date, every time and every move I did, I kept track of and I was pleased to know that I had not killed anyone. I ever wrote down what was on the news, I wrote about the room I was in and of course, I wrote about Jigen.

Maybe one day when I'm old and decaying I can look back on this journal as a reminder of my survival and make a proper thank you to Jigen and his friend Lupin. I did a light drawing of Jigen without trying to look at him so much, I didn't want him to pry into what I was doing and since I was doing this without permission, he probably wouldn't like it.

I was distracted with the travel journal and decided to skim through it to see what I had already forgotten.

" Scarpetta."

I snapped my head up to the false name, giving my attention to Jigen. He seemed a bit on edge but was trying hard to hide it.

" Yes?" I asked.

" You never gave me an answer whether or not you would help me and Lupin. " he stated. " I don't mean to push you or anything it's just were missing a certain person in our group. "

Another person? are these guys some part of a gang?

" Depends, What are the terms and conditions?" I wasn't too sure about all this. " Things have been weird for me, the last thing I need is for things to get out of hand."

" We won't put you into harms way, but just know that what I and Lupin do isn't legal. "

" Like what? human trafficking? drug smuggling? drug selling?" I asked.

" No, in fact, it's something I think everyone does in their lifetime. " he lit a cigarette " I wanted to wait until Lupin got here, but he seems to be distracted by something or someone. "

" What is it that you need for me to do if I was to agree?"

" Like I said before, picking locks maybe even being a getaway driver for us. "

" I have a motorcycle and one helmet. " I was getting dangerously close to getting involved.

" That's fine, just don't kill us in the process. "

" why me? what do you see in me? "

" Honestly, this is all Lupins idea he says that he sees potential." He put out his cigarette and placed it in the ashtray. " Just know that my trust isn't easy to come by. "

I raised an eyebrow " Potential? if that's what Lupin sees, what do you see?" I was getting a little too curious. " I say the same to you. "

" I see a hardworking girl running away from whatever it is she trying to avoid. I was like you once, then I found myself, you will too if you stick with us for a short time. "

I really didn't understand and was maybe I was getting into deep with whatever he was about to offer me. When he mentioned what he and his friend did was illegal, I really had no say in the matter considering I broke into this place uninvited. Jigen was excellent when it came to figuring out things, but I had to keep up this charade before he found out the truth about me. The travel journal probably isn't the smartest thing to lay out in the open especially if I was caught by the police.

If I accept this offer, He'll surely know more and more about me. Maybe If I agree to whatever it was just for a night, I could leave Las Vegas and head over to Seattle.

" So, what do you say? "

" When do you plan on starting this illegal job? "

" In two days, so you'll have enough time to relax. "

Temptation and curiosity were a bad mix to me and now this. I still had no idea where the hell I was going to stay for the next few night.

" Alright, I'll do it, but if I get killed I'm haunting you." I said pointing at Jigen.

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