About A Girl.

Chapter 4

Why am I so eager to agree to anything that Jigen had to say to me?

" By the way, how is it that Lupin sees potential in a person he's never met? " I finally asked. " How are you guys sure I won't mess this up? "

Jigen only shrugged, I guess he was just as confused as I was.

" You can ask him if he ever gets back. " He groaned sounding annoyed " That could take all night so I guess you can have his bed. "

"W-wait what?" I exclaimed " No, no that won't be necessary I-"

" You have no place to go, besides we should stick together and go over the plans for this heist. "

Oh god. what if I have an episode? what if I float in the air again? shit!

" That's very kind of you, but it's just that I don't know you and what if your friend comes back and sees me in his bed? " I sounded to hesitant.

Jigen chuckled a bit. " Trust me he won't, not with that women around. "

" Women? he some type of playboy? "

" You could say that, and the women is Fujiko Mine, she's after the same thing we are. " he flicked his lighter " Don't trust her or fall for her little tricks, she's a user and only cares about herself. "

" How do I know your not the same way? " I asked " And what exactly is this item you seek? "

" I know what betray is like, don't know why I would do it to others" He put his lighter back into his pocket. " It's a sapphire the size of a human heart, rumor has it, that it belong to a queen and it was discovered by a local under neither the old ruins of a former hotel. "

" So I'm guessing the women you spoke of plans to make this into a game, but why is Lupin bothering to make contact with her?"

" They have a complicated relationship, the thing about Lupin is every time she's around, he's willing to give her the loot even though he knows he's been played. "

I facepalmed myself. " Oh, that's just great, I'm glad you're telling me this now. Sounds like enough drama to make a soap opera. "

Talking to Jigen was easier than I thought, but I wasn't willing to say something wrong for him to get annoyed with me. I learned quickly that he despises the women called Fujiko Mine and certain women that cross him. I avoid talking more about Fujiko since I didn't want him to be irritated with me and of course, Lupin. Instead, we ordered room service and went over the hotel map and some stolen blueprints that were, unfortunately, useless, but we kept them just in case. He told me his and Lupin's basic plans on how to retrieve the sapphire, at first, I was a bit wary of the plan, but I was assured everything would play out.

I would have to pick lock the main door that was keeping Lupin and the sapphire separate from each other and if he was suspected I would have to create a diversion. If this Lupin was such a great thief, why wasn't he able to pick the lock himself? I was good at pickpocketing, picking locks and even some hand to hand combat, but this seemed almost like a setup or maybe even a test. My judgment was starting to become clear and my suspicions were begging to raise more and more questions that would go unanswered.

" This whole thing looks easy. The security in that area seems weak, but the casino is like a prison. " I overlooked the map again. " If they wanted to protect something so expensive why not add more security? "

" Your right, which means it could be a trap and the real sapphire isn't in its original location. " Jigen pulled out the blueprints. " There's an even number of rooms on these blueprints, but the map itself has an odd number of rooms. "

" What the hell? Something is wrong, there have to be more players that are contributing to all of this." I knew there was " What about police enforcement?"

" It had to be a trap, there was no explanation as to why there would be no high security in the room other than law enforcement."

" Then if that's true, this place is probably crawling with inspector Zenigata's men. " Commented Jigen.

" Who is that?" I asked.

" The only man who's determined to put Lupin behind bars and anyone who interferes with the law. "

I sighed. " Anything else I should be aware of? "

" Everything is a surprise, so you'll have to go with the flow. "

" As in gamble with my life."

" Pretty much, Just stay alert and you should be fine. " Jigen stated.

I didn't want to shower, but I made sure that it was only five minutes long and threw on a baggy T-shirt and a pair of long pajama bottoms. This day was going by so fast I had no idea how I was able to process everything within a matter of hours. Jigen was starting to grow on me, but I realized that I would have to cut my attachment to him real soon after this. I was so worried about getting stabbed in the back in my sleep, I mostly stay awake looking up at the ceiling and assured myself that it wouldn't happen. It was odd how things turned out, but I wasn't going to complain about all the good luck that was showering me.

I just hope when I do this job, lady luck will be with me to help get that sapphire.

Hopefully, I'll remember all of this so I could write it down in my travel journal, all this information was important and I needed to keep a clear head for a fee days. I would get familiar with the hotel so that I wouldn't get lost, thirty- five levels of a building was hard to keep track of unless you actually live here.

I eventually drifted off to sleep to hear the comforting sounds of Jigen's shifting.

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