About A Girl.

Chapter 5

As I would have guessed, this place was packed and, of course, the party types had come out. I was doing my best to keep myself calm from all the excitement and the loud music. The smell of booze and food filled the air I could even smell female perfume, intoxicating me when I turned to see Jigen. I was getting more irritated even before we left the hotel room. I went to Jigen's side and told him that I was going to go out on my own, but he grunted and followed me.

" Do you intend to follow me everywhere? " I asked slightly annoyed.

" I want to see you work, to see if your worth guarding. "

" Oh geez, thanks. " I huffed.

We had gotten to a more isolated spot of the casino and stayed in one of the empty rooms to talk. I hated this feeling so much I just wanted to go back to the hotel room, no, I wanted to go back home. To run around in the forest and explore the falls like I always have. The thought of pine and the smell of the smoke in the early morning from the hunters made me want to run away. I knew I couldn't go back after everything that had happened. I felt as if my insides were about to collapse and I felt my knees going weak. I could hear my grandfather's words mocking me and telling me about the evil in this world.

I really didn't want to mention any of this to Jigen about what had happened to me when I left home. That would be the one thing in my life that I would not miss and I was hoping that whatever that thing was it didn't follow. When people look at me I feel as if they know something about me and then I get freaked out about it. This would be the many reasons as to why I don't have any close friends or any at all. I was better off alone, for the most part, but right now I had to make this life work if, I didn't want to go back to my old one.

I was concerned that Jigen would press me more about my life, he seemed like he didn't care but at the same time, something inside him wanted to know.

" Having something on your mind? " questioned Jigen. " I hope your not planning to back out now. "

" Don't taught me! " I snapped. " I'm just fine alright. you wanna do this or not? "

Jigen was taken back a bit, but regained his cool cocky posture, taking a look around the room.

" Good, because Lupin is waiting for us in the stairwell. "

Thirty- five levels later I wanted to slap the hell out of Jigen.

He failed to mention the three doors that took me for what seemed like forever to pick the lock, but now he's telling me that the main door that needs to be opened requires a lot of rewiring. I don't know how I managed to keep my cool with him for so long and it's like he knew just the right buttons to push.

" Come on kid, just one more door. "

" Kid?! just cause you're older than me don't make you my -"

I cut myself off.

" Wait, this one? oh for god sake Jigen. "

I set my bag on the ground and inspected the door, but to my surprise, it was already open.

" Is this a joke Jigen? " I was starting to clench my fist. " Someone's already here. "

I heard Jigen pull out his gun and push me back to see if I was playing a trick on him.

" Ouch, hey! "

" Just stay here. "

" Ok, mom. " I growled.

I wasn't too fond of people telling me what to do, let alone a man who thinks just because he has a gun he's the boss of me.

" Finally, it's over. " I whispered.

I stood up to leave, but gun shots distracted me from leaving my post and I heard frantic steps coming my way.

" Jigen?"

Then it hit me, no really I got hit in the face by something hard I was guessing a shoe of some sort. It threw me back and caused me fall down backwards and hit the wall with a loud thud, making everything echo. I heard the frantic steps turn into running which made me annoyed and angry that someone had knocked me down just to get away from Jigen. I could taste my own blood and a splitting headache starting to take me over.

I was so damn pissed that I was ready to let that demon out to hunt down whoever did this to me and slice them up like ham. I had to keep myself calm, considering Jigen was still somewhere in the stairwell with me.

" That damn bitch, she took it!" Jigen cursed. " Scarpetta whare are you? "

" Over here." I winched. " damn! "

" Christ, what happened to you? "

" I can do it myself! " I smacked Jigen's hand away. " Give me that! "

I swiped the cloth from his hand, wincing when I did so and patted my nose with the cloth.

" Will you just let me help ya. geez lady. " He lit a cigarette.

" No, carrying me all the way down was not necessary, I can walk ya now! "

" Oh really? stand up now. "

I glared at him. " Piss off will ya! You're not my-"

I cut myself off since it was an odd habit of mine.

" I'm not your what? your dad? " he spat.

I felt something inside me almost snap from the mention of the word " Dad ".

I gritted my teeth and felt that sharp pain in my chest again as I was clenching onto the couch. I guess the mention of the word dad or maybe even father was a trigger word for me.

" Scarpetta? what's wrong? "

I stood up, pushing past Jigen and ran out of the room and took the elevator. I had to get out of here, I didn't care about the job anymore, I didn't care about getting that stupid sapphire. I realised that if was to have an episode, Jigen would questions me even more and he might as well lose his life if I was to stay in that room. Tears were threatening to leave me eyes, but I held back and forced myself to choke it back.

" Are you alright? "

I hadn't realized that someone else was in the elevator with me, but then again my damn hair was covering my face so making eye contact was a no go. I didn't want to be spoken to at the moment and just ignored the other women that was next to me. I kept my eyes on the buttons and tried to decide what floor I wanted to stay on for the night. Maybe I should just start heading for Seattle while I had the chance, but I had forgotten to get my bag in Jigen's room.

Damn it! this day is not how I imagined it.

My thoughts were scrambled and I was still in pain from a few hours ago, but nothing hurts more than the pain in my chest.

" Miss? " the voice sounded concerned.

I peeked at her a bit though a stand of my hair, but I wold hardly see anything, but her light colored hair that was framed around her face and shoulders.

" Yes, I'm fine "I lied. " It's nothing to concern yourself with. "

I wasn't trying to sound rude, its just I didn't plan on getting anyone involved or ask me questions.

" That's what every woman says after she's been beaten. " she pressed.

" I can assure you that I wasn't beaten, but someone did try to think they did. "

" How about a drink? " she offered. " We can go into my room is you want. "

" No thanks, I can take care of myself. " I really didn't want to get involved.

Who the hell was this lady anyway?

It was strange.

first I was in the elevator minding my own business and now I'm sitting in a luxury suite with this lady who still refused to give me her name. There was something about her that seemed off, she was a bit to calm for my taste after she had seen my face. I wasn't too keen on her touching my face let alone talking to me. She was over friendly and acted as if she wanted something from me, but I wasn't too sure what that something was. Everything she wore was lavish and brought out her soft features with that smirk her pink lips made.

I didn't like the way she was talking to me or the way that she was looking at me. Everything about her made me feel uncomfortable.

I regret ever leaving Jigen's room, but it was either try to clean up a bloody mess or pass out from getting possessed.

" So you here on your own? " she asked.

" As alone as I'll ever be. " I replied. " Thanks for the bandages. "

" So you wanna tell me what happened? "

Good god, she was pushy. " Why should I? it's not like I was beaten on purpose, accident's happen. "

Not all of it was a lie, but there was no way in hell I was going to share anything about what had happened tonight. She was definitely trying her hardest to get some information out of me, but I'm not a snitch.

" Are you sure that's what happened? a little birdy told me something about you." She drank some champagne and smirked. " The little bird told me that you pick locks. "

" Excuse me. " I stood up. " I would like to know where you get your information. "

She laughed. " I know you're working for Lupin and Jigen so you can stop the act. " she took one last drink. " Who do you think hit you in the face. "

My eyes went wide. " That was you?" I pointed at her. " What the hell is your problem?! "

This whole situation was bad, she could turn me over to the police if she wanted, she could even rat out Jigen and Lupin. I thought about murder by this point, but I was going to play it cool for now and figure something out.

Yo̺̦̬̫ṷ͈͕ͅ ͙͍̼̺̺̳̻h͔̪̙av̟̹e̞̘͉̭ t͙͉ẉ̪o͔ op̰ti̖on͇̳̱̥͈s̺̫̻͓̭̠̟,̻̬ͅ ̺k͍i͎̲l͓̭̞̙̤l̗̰͍ ̫̙͙̫͉͖̣h̩ͅe͉̙̣r o̳r̫͍̺̳̣ w̼̝͉͈i̪̼pe͇̳̳ͅ h̳͉e͙̣r̘̻ͅ ̼̣̮͓̭̩m̟̮̣̬̣̱̞e͚̟̘m̜͙o̱̞r̤̲̟̰y̤͓.

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