About A Girl.

Chapter 6

Of course, I had to choose the fate of a stranger, I knew I could do it, it's just that I had no memory of the choice that I picked. For all I know, the demon himself could have picked the first outcome, despite it being my choice. I wanted her to stay alive, but at the same time, I wanted to snuff her out so I wouldn't have to bother with her again. The chances of me seeing her again were probably slim, but she would probably stab me in the back if she had the chance.

I could finally see her personality, seduction, betrayal, and casual sex.

I knew this person was trouble from the start but was she really worth a kill? The more I thought about it the more I wanted to do it, but I had more self-control than I realized. I could have easily killed Jigen if I wanted to, but I choose to walk away and spare his life. There was something about him that I liked, but what was it?

Just take over, take her memory before I change my mind about keeping her alive.

I heard a dark chuckle escape the demon's lips and it echoed.

I wanted to get this over with fast, but I knew that he would want to play with her and make her feel confused. That was the speciality he gave me when unsuspecting victims crossed me. I wasn't going to lie when I thought this, but she deserved it.

" Is something wrong? " she asked not sounding concerned at all.

" Oh no, not at all miss Fujiko. " A smiled played across my lips even though I knew it wasn't my smile. " In fact, things are about to get interesting. "

" H-how do you know my name? and what happened to your voice? "

I looked up at her, her expression went from cocky to jaw-dropping within a matter of seconds. Her eyes were wide with fear as she was trying to find the words to say anything to me.

Oh, the poor soul. HA.

" I'm going to suggest you don't scream or I will rip that pretty little throat of your's to shreds! Simple as that!" A dark echoing laughed escaped my lips and made Fujiko flinch. " Now, You going to forget everything you saw or heard about this girl in front of you, got it!"

I showed my sharp teeth to her to show her that I wasn't playing around and she only shook her head which caused the demon to become irritated. I was slowly blacking out and the last thing I could recall was the demon lunging at Fujiko as she let out an ear piercing scream and pleaded for her life.

Did I choose this or did he?

I was rummaging through her room to look for the sapphire she had taken from Jigen. Since she was passed out and was recovering from the shocking she had received, I decided to take what I felt could help me out. I found the sapphire in the bathroom that was sitting in a glass bowl filled with diamonds and other gems that she had probably stolen. I took all of them, shoving them in my pockets, my bra and my jacket pocket that had zippers to my luck. I kept the sapphire close to chest just in case one of this women's lovers came in and decided to shoot at me.

I felt greedy as I was taking things that didn't belong to me.

I was considering this payback for the way she treated me and Jigen back in the stairwell.

Even though she was nice enough to bandage me up she still insisted being condescending about it and took the credit for kicking my ass. That was one thing I didn't like about her, her lust for lavish things she didn't need and the means to act like a total bitch. I left Fujiko's room undetected but was still wondering what I should do. Should I go back to the room and maybe see if Jigen is still there or just get on my motorcycle wth all these gem's and head for Seattle? I took a deep breath, If I take these jewels, I would be no better than Fujiko and would probably be hunted down. Something about Jigen kind of frightened me, especially if I was to anger him in some way.

Something about Jigen kind of frightened me, especially if I was to anger him in some way.

I could go back to the room, but I wasn't sure if Jigen or maybe even Lupin was in the room waiting or out scouting the casino. I even still had to get my bag out of the room if I was to ever leave, I have some pretty embarrassing things in my bag. I facepalmed myself, remembering that stupid travel journal I had left in the bag, I was praying that Jigen or even Lupin had not opened it.

I even had money in there too. Fuck!

How could I leave all that in there with two thieves?

I kept facepalming myself until the door of the elevator opened and I immediately stopped, but no one was there for my sake. I got off and started a slow and painful walk back to Jigen's room, trying to figure out what to say to him if he was to ask about what had happened to me. Of course, I am going to give him the sapphire, but I'm sure he would ask how I obtained it I can't really say if I found it in the stairwell, since there were no scratch marks on it. I could tell him the truth, but he might think that's I'm insane and send me away.

The closer I got to the door the more scared and nervous I became.

Why do I feel this way? I'm not one to be easily daunted by a stranger.

I have to tell him, maybe not the truth but something that sounds convincing enough for him to make him believe me. I stopped in front of the door getting ready to knock, but before I had the chance it swung open and I was pull in. I couldn't muster up a scream, but a small screech that sent my flying across the other side of the room. The door slammed shut and I was afraid to turn around to face whoever had been so rough with me, but I was forced to turn and was met with the gaze of Jigen.

" Um... " That was all I could say to him, I was sort of confused. " Hello, there ...what...what's going on? "

" Are you working with Fujiko!" He snapped making his grip tight.

Oh god, he was pissed and by the smell of him, he was drinking heavily and had just finished a cigarette. I didn't wince from his grip, but I did attempt to pull away and made it worse when he jerked me up to his height.

" Jigen! that fucking hurts! " I hissed. " Let me go and we can talk! "

" I asked you a question! are you working with Fujiko!" He snapped again.

" No! now let go of me! "I shouted. " What's wrong with you! "

" Oh really? Lupin says he saw you walking into her room. "

" I did, but I'm not working for her or with her, she helped me! " I pushed him away from me and managed to get my arm back. " You asshole here! "

I pulled out the sapphire from my chest pocket and shoved it into his hand and proceeded to walk out the door. I was going to just break into a room and sleep in that one tonight, but before I could actually leave something cold gripped my wrist and the more I pulled the tighter it got. I looked down to see a cuff placed around my wrist like a cheap looking bracelet.

" Jigen what the fuck! " This wasn't good, what was my lady luck? " Are you out of your mind!? "

" How exactly did you get it from Fujiko? " he asked pulling me into the room.

" Jigen I will scream bloody murder if you don't get this cuff off me! "I was starting to lose my temper.

" Tell me how and I might consider it. " He growled.

" I went inside her room, she told me that she knew that I was working with you and Lupin, I knocked her out and stole it from her." It wasn't a lie, but it wasn't the truth either. " Happy? now get this bullshit off me! "

" I have to make sure it's not a fake, so stay here. "

He pulled on the other end of the handcuff like a leash and dragged me into the bathroom and cuffed me to on of the sink pipes.

" You asshole!" I spat.

" You better hope this isn't a fake or my trust in you will forever be lost. " He said looking at me. " Also, we'll frame you for the whole thing if it comes to that. "

" You son of a bitch! how dare you! " I pulled on the cuff trying to kick him. " You talk about how you hate betrayal and yet you do it! you lying hypocrite! "

I was fuming, I wanted to rip his throat out and watch the cocky smirk of his fade into terror. I wanted to watch his dark eye glaze over as I watched the life leave his body and he knew it. We had been glaring back and forth at each other and not once had we looked away from each other. My deminer was getting darker every time I thought about doing a violent thing to him. It was as if I was getting off on it, but It wasn't me he had angered, it was the demon within me.

" You better hope that I don't get out of these cuffs, because there going around that neck of yours Jigen. "

After having a screaming match with Jigen over the sapphire and Fujiko he left the hotel room and I was still stuck to this damn sink. I must have been an hour of just fighting with him and giving him death threats that amused him. My back was to the door and I was curled up with my knees to my chest and my head resting on them, letting my hair hide what it could. I hated this feeling, I was like a trapped animal all over again, but this time, it was a stranger that had done it to me. There was no way in hell I was going to beg Jigen to let me go and just forget about this whole thing.

He was probably waiting for me to calm down, but I wasn't going to speak to him or that Lupin.

I searched my pockets for a bobby pin or anything that would help me pick at the key hole, but I had nothing and everything was a short distance for me.

" I never thought I would say this. " I sighed " Please, help me get out of here. "

My words were hushed for fear that someone might be in the room trying to listen to me. I was greeted with silence and kept pulling my wrist back and forth as if the small chain would break. I didn't have super human strength unless I was forced to push my limit and it seemed only certain things would trigger the demon. The words had to come from someone else's lips to make me feel surprised if I say it, nothing will happen.

I felt so frustrated that Jigen would do this to me, after everything I had done for him and his partner. all the frustration caused me to have a slight rage fit and I began to pull back and forth more harshly till my skin turned red. I pulled harder and not one link came undone for me, every direction I tried made the pain worse.

" Come on man " I pleaded.

I went back to my normal pose and rocked a bit, I was starting to feel panic set in from the recent events. I just wanted to forget even though in my mind I knew that wasn't true, I guess I just wanted to forget all the bad things.

" Please, please let this nightmare be over. "

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