About A Girl.

Chapter 7

Jigen's P.O.V.

Maybe I was a bit harsh, but I had to be cautious.

I was sitting by the door the whole time listening to her conversation and her every moment she had made. She was frustrated and angry, but I needed to give her time to cool off to tell her that I was sorry for being a dick. I knew she wasn't anything like Fujiko and yet I made claims that weren't even true about her.

No wonder she was pissed off at me.

I shut the door to make it seem like I left, but really I was looking at the sapphire she had been storing in her chest area. After looking it over a few times, it turned out the thing was actually real.

I really screwed up.

I was surprised that she came back, but I figured that it was for her belongings and my actions seemed possessive when I pulled her into the room. I was just going to open the door and give her a welcome back greeting, but something snapped inside me when the thought of her and Fujiko working together made me think otherwise. After Lupin told me that, I really couldn't believe it since Fujiko always worked alone or would sometimes tag team with us.

When I grabbed Scarpetta's wrist she didn't seem fazed by it, but I would image the amount of confusion she had in her mind. When she spoke, she sounded almost frightened of me, but she was brave enough to look at me and not take her eyes off me. The way she looked at me made me feel slightly uncomfortable and by that point, I had gotten straight to the point and asked her about Fujiko.

Every word she said to me was ringing in my head and I was starting to feel guilt.

" Jigen! that fucking hurts!"

Just that one phrase was enough to make think a bit clearly and I was glad that she was being honest with me, but did I really have to cuff her to the sink? That seemed like a Lupin thing or even a Fujiko move. I tried to think of the many reasons's why I did it. It could have been that I was a bit paranoid or her or maybe a bit intimidated. The way she looked at me, it didn't seem like her, even the way she spoke it seemed out of place for her.

I was wondering if maybe I should be worried.

I was also a bit curious as to why she left the room after I denied being her father. I had to admit she is a pretty damn good fighter and she's got some lungs on her.

I could be nosy and look through her bag, but that would give her a good reason to kill me even more. I could do a more human approach and talk to her and maybe get to know her a bit better. I wasn't bad when it came to females, but when they were angry I either had to leave the room or just give them time to get over their fits.

I would try a more reasonable approach.

I could hear movement around the door, but I didn't bother to even look behind me and decided to stay where I was. I felt humiliated in a way for anyone to see me like this, even my own captor. I had cut through some of my skin from my pulling and yanking, but I didn't notice it until I smelt a familiar metallic smell. None of these senses were mine to have, but I was glad that this whole demon ordeal managed to work out for me somehow.

From this point of view, it looked like I was maybe pouting, but I was really hiding my face.

Jigen was in the room, but I didn't hear the door open once and if it did, maybe I had been focused on trying to make my escape. either way, I was not entertained by the thought of this whole thing to be a prank if it was. I wasn't expecting to get an apology either, but maybe have him say something that tells me he's not going to kill me.

Maybe he would be doing me a favor.

This whole thing was messed up anyway and I had already done so much to cause issues and make lies. I kept thinking about all these issues that could have been avoided, but the stairwell is where it pretty much started. Maybe If I had just gone up a few flights I could have avoided passing out and found my own room to break into.

Looking past all the events with the heist, running into Fujiko and of course, being cuffed to s ink as led me to believe the worst. I was given two options by Jigen and I had only one option I gave to myself, I couldn't decide what was worse.

To be killed by a stranger or be handed over to the police. My escape had failed and the attempts of my pleading to the demon fell upon deaf ears. I was wondering when Lady luck would show up in my situation and what other parts needed to be played in order for me to obtain this luck.

If I wasn't a semi-honest person I would have got on my bike and taken that stupid sapphire and sell it for cash. For some reason, I felt like I needed to approval and trust from Jigen I never got from someone else. I didn't understand, maybe it was because I had spent most of my time in a farm basement that human contact was what I was craving. I hated being touched by anyone, but I think just having a nice conversation with someone would help me ease into it.

" Hey "

It's a hand on my shoulder that snaps me out of my thoughts.

What the hell was I going to say to this guy?

Gee, thanks for getting me out of these cuffs, gee, thanks for bandaging my wound that I made myself. I don't think he even had anything to say to me after he bandaged me up and left to go outside to smoke. I could tell that he wanted to ask me some questions, but he didn't seem to know where to start for fear I might attack him.

I was going to be calm about it, but I would have to maybe lie about some details in order to avoid that women again. Eve though I'm sure Jigen had a deep hatred for Fujiko, what would stop him from telling Lupin what I did to her? It's not like he would believe me anyway no matter how many time's I try to wrap it around my head. No matter who I get close to, they always die or they immediately do their best to avoid me.

I would leave early tomorrow and never see him again.

" So about that Sapphire. " I turned my attention to Jigen as he spoke. " It's real, so I guess the job is officially done. "

" Yea I suppose. " I turned over looking at my wrist " Not like it matters right? "

I could feel the stinging in my wrist when I said that, but I'm sure he was just glad that he and I didn't have to fight anymore. The more time I spent with him the more I felt somewhat human in a way, but there were so many things I couldn't describe and I t was frustrating me. I've been in Vegas for three days now and nothing interesting has happened except for Jigen and the heist we had managed to pull off so quickly.

I thought the whole thing was a sick joke, but Jigen was being honest about everything.

I was expecting to die or maybe get shot at by some guards, but this whole thing was too easy and it was making me wonder just a bit. I should have pressed on more about my questions, but I was busy trying to figure a way out of here I wasn't thinking clearly. Deep down I really didn't want to know, but regret was nagging at me for being so stupid to just easily say yes.

Part of me wanted to trust Jigen and the other art questioned me as to why I had in the first place. Maybe due to being deprived of any type of human contact I depended on people to help me. I knew I was an adult and yet, I felt a sort of emptiness inside that needed to be filled. Maybe being this close to someone was helping me realize that Jigen and whoever else I had seen was, in fact, real. Of course, I wasn't completely blindsided I knew a bad person when I saw them, in fact, the demon helps me realize that. Unless he wanted to play around with Jigen and his friends.

Unless he wanted to play around with Jigen and his friends.

" You act like you want it to be over, not that I blame you. " Jigen stated.

" IT seemed to easy, that why. " I brought my hands closer to me, covering my wrist. " Besides, I have a bad feeling about it all, like it will come back at me and bite me in the ass. "

I could feel slight tension in the room, I hit a nerve on Jigen which was maybe causing him to think about his cause.

" By the way, I still haven't met this Lupin either. Does he exists?" I asked.

" Yea about that. " He sat down in his bed which caused me to shift. " I don't think you would want to meet him, he can't control himself around women. "

I turned to him. " Seriously?" I raised an eyebrow at him thinking that maybe this was an excuse. " I can handle myself, I'm a big girl. "

He chuckled. " I'm sure, just don't fall for his charm. "

" Sorry to say that I'm uncharmable so he can try, depending if he's my type. " I laughed a bit. " As if. "

" I don't think Lupin would be your type, he's a playboy. "

I cringed. " Yea, nevermind. "

" So " Jigen laid back onto the bed, resting on the headboard. " What's your story? "

That was a quick change in conversation. " What do you mean? Like where I'm from? all the basic stuff? "

" I guess, I guess I'm just curious as to why you accepted the heist so quickly. "

" I can't really tell you why, maybe I had a moment of weakness." I shrugged. " Why would you let a stranger help you? what if I was a cop? "

" I can see through that stuff, so I knew you weren't, we even checked to see of you had a badge on you. "

I hope that ability of his only goes so far because I have a lot I don't feel like sharing or even attempt to reveal. I didn't want to make him lose his memory, I didn't want to hurt him like I did Fujiko.

But why?

I hope this doesn't become a recurring thing because it's really annoying when I'm trying to think about something else. Everything about Jigen seemed to stick, his voice, the ways he smelled and the way he would look at me. I could feel myself getting flustered over it and turned over on my stomach to avoid him taking notice of it. I was kind of bad at trying not to make it to obvious especially when I groaned.

" Everything ok over there?" He shifted around the bed, he was sitting up.

" Yea I just have a headache. " I lied. " I just need to sleep for a bit."

Please don't see through me, please don't see through me.

" We do have pills for that. " I heard him get up and walk around my bed to get to the bathroom. " Maybe a sleep aid would help you too. "

Oh yeah, I really needed to be knocked out right about now.

It was getting harder to keep my eyes open, but I needed to sleep if I was planned on leaving in the morning. A good ten hours of sleep would do me some good after everything I had gone through. Jigen seemed to be taking notice in me trying to fight sleep, but I would close my eye for a few minutes and then open them to take a look around the room again. He had been in his bed reading a book waiting for Lupin to come to the room so they could talk about their next location. After doing this, I never regretted a single thing, even when looking back on the whole Fujiko incident, I felt nothing. Maybe it was because I was so doped up on sleeping pills I didn't feel the need to justify my true nature. Jigen was nice enough to clean my wound one last time since I kept messing up my bandage from itching it too much. I caught Jigen's gaze looking at me from the top of his book and he quickly cleared his throat.

" You should be asleep." He turned a page from the book. " You took three of those damn things. "

I felt myself laugh. " Yea I know. " I closed my eyes again. " So, what are your thoughts about me know? "

He looked up from his book again. " Why do you care so much?" He sighed. " Just know it's nothing bad. "

" How would I know that? " I was pressing further. " Besides, We won't see each other again. "

" How can you be so sure about that?" He rested the book in his lap. " Where do you plan on going from here anyway? "

I shrugged, " Anywhere I feel safe I guess, but It hard to choose just one place. " I yawned.

" Nowhere is safe. Even if you run away from your past, it catches you. "

My vision was getting blurry. " How ...can you... be so sure? " My eyelids getting heavy with each second.

My eyes closed and my voice was no longer in use, I felt a blanket being thrown over me, but I didn't move at all. I wished I had time to hear what he had to say.

" I just hope whatever you're running from your life gets better. "

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