About A Girl.

Chapter 8

Just as I had predicted, I awoke early and began collecting my belongings.

Jigen was sound asleep or I hoped that he was so he wouldn't ask me where I was going and try to convince me to stay. I was kind enough to leave him a note, but I had to rush the entire thing for fear that Lupin might walk in or Jigen might wake up. I placed the note next to him on the night stand with a few emeralds and diamonds I stole from Fujiko. I quickly left the room, heading for the stairwell, I had passed out in and had no trouble running down the stairs. I just hope that my motorcycle was in the same spot or I would have to be spending a good chunk of money on taxis and maybe a bus.

It would be smart to maybe ditch the damn thing, but I like the thrill it gave me.

I was beyond lucky when I saw my shiny red beast waiting for me in the same spot I had left it. There was not one scratch on it and I even checked the seat to see if the money was still there and it was to my surprise.

" If there is a god, thank you so much! "

I kick started the bike and exited the parking lot and onto the street for the painful sixteen-hour drive.

I was hoping my letter that I had given to Jigen wasn't too sappy.

Des plains, Illinois. 6:13 am

Policemen and detectives surrounded the area collecting evidence around the soon to be demolished farmhouse. Eight bodies have been found scattered around the house, but certain organs and parts of the bodies are missing. The eyes of each of the victims have been sewn shut, tongues ripped out and each bone in the body has been broken. The victims have been identified as four females and four males, but the names are being kept a secret until more evidence if recovered.

An American detective stood outside for a quick smoke before he was called back in the house.

One of the police officers had the misfortune of falling into a hole that led to what looked like an abandoned basement. The detective went back outside to discover the doors of the basement had been shredded like they had been keeping an animal in there for days.

A few police officer went down with their guns drawn, ready to shoot anything they saw.

The detective was called down once more and the brave police officers that had gone down came back up trying not to vomit from the smells and the horrific discovery they have witnessed. The detective covered his nose with a worn out cloth and made his way to the very back of the basement, not once did he flinch or let out a gasp. He started at the skinless body of what he assumed was male. The body was chained to a wall that was covered in dried blood and rotting flesh piled around the corpse. The arms were spread out wide and from the looks of the chains the connected to a wheel that would allow you to tighten the bonds.

In the same fashion, the tongue was ripped out, but the eyes were gouged out with probably a sharp object. The fingers have been cut off and there were lacerations around the mouth area like someone was forcing a sickly smile on this man. The throat had been cut to where the head was almost decapitated, but was somehow staying in place.

The detective knew that someone had taken their time with this victim.

" Officer, add nine to the list of victims." He walked back up the stairs.

" Right away, sir, by the way, one of the officer Benson found something in the upstairs bedroom. "

The detective nodded, making his way back into the house to meet with one of the officers in the upstairs bedroom.

" What did you find? " He asked.

" We found numerous amounts of needles and books about anatomy, but one, in particular, stood out." The female officer hands the detective a black book that had seen better days. " It's a journal of some sort."

The detective grasped the book taking a quick look through the pages, he didn't seem that interested in it, but it was still evident.

" Put all the needles in bags so we can get them tested. " He put the book in his jacket pocket. " We have a few more hours, did anyone get any finger prints? "

Benson looked at the detective. " Not that I know of, my men are looking through all the rooms again to see if anything sticks out. "

" What do you think happened here? "He asked, looking through the windows. " I haven't seen anything like this in twenty years. "

Benson shrugged. " Beats me, No one knew this place existed until a few farm boys came looking for their dog. " She sighed, taking a second look around the room. " Five years of being an officer and not once had I seen something so gruesome, what could have done this or who? "

" We don't have any suspects yet, in fact, It might take a while. " The detective went through the dressers and shelves once more. " Each of those bodies we found are going to need some serious work. We'll be lucky enough to find fingerprints or even a single strand of hair. "

" What about the news reporters? " Benson asked. " You think it might be too early? "

" We need to leave them out of this which is why we have to work fast before they do show up. " The detective grunted. " We can't say anything to anyone about this until we know for sure what happened. " He pulled out another cigarette. " I want to make sure that these victims have been properly identified before we talk to any news crew. "

Benson left the room, leaving the detective to ponder.

The detective knew he had to work fast before this decaying house became nothing but a wood pile. Even with twenty people surrounding the place it wasn't enough and the time was limited, if only the boys had discovered this place two weeks ago. He became stressed just thinking about it, but he continued to search for any more evidence that would help find a suspect.

Some of the belongings in the house had already been taken back to a lab for DNA testing and fingerprints and even more needed. He wanted to keep his focus on the house before he moves onto the victims' bodies and then on to the actual stuff. The house was already being torn apart by a police officer to search for things that may have missed, but not one single thing was found.

" Detective, we found a safe, up here, I don't know how we missed it. " Exclaimed an officer.

The detective ran back up the stairs and into what looked like a study.

" How did you find this room? " The detective looked around.

" We had to tear down the wall you just walked though, it turns out there's a small shaft that leads to the basement. " The officer stated.

" This place seems almost new. " The detective walked around the small space. " New carpet, a new window and the furniture looked like it's been cleaned. "

He walked to the safe, he saw a stack of hundred dollar bills, a medical kit and frames that you would use for pictures. He pulled everything out and placed them onto the desk, letting his gloved hand to collect the dust.

He went through the pictures first and that's when she caught his eye.

A little girl no older than six years old had her arms wrapped around a woman's neck that he assumed to be her mother. They were all dressed in traditional Japanese clothing and the colors were not at all dull, despite the dust caked over the glass. Everyone else's face, but the women's and the little girls was scratched out crudely. He dusted the picture of his fingertips to get a better look at their faces. In front of them was a large stone that had Japanese lettering carved into it.

" If only I could read Japanese. " Sighed his detective. " It's strange really, this photo seems out of place for something like this. "

He bagged the cash and the photos in separate bags and decided to go over the medical kit that was about to burst pen. He noticed a small little plastic edges sticking out of the cracks of the kit and opened it Which broke the metal seal. The detected dumped the contains onto the desk and discovered that these were hundreds of Polaroid photos. Some fell off the desk and overlapped on each other from the lack of room.

" What the hell!" the detective exclaimed.

He looked through all of them seeing the same little girl he had seen in the photo. At the bottom of each Polaroid, were dates, times and even ages. He shoved the pictures into a plastic bag and grabbed the remaining ones from the floor, but stopped when he saw the same women he saw in the photos. He took a closer look at her, she was deceased in this photo and a time and date was scrawled down in the blank space. He shoved it into the plastic bag feeling perplexed by this case.

" What the hell happened here? "


I haven't known you for very long, but I would like to take this time to write you this letter.

I had no idea what to say at first since I'm not really good with trying to express it or even saying how I feel. I had to leave this place as soon as possible for fear that I would hurt you or maybe even someone else. I can't say too much, but I just hope that my distance from you would help and keep you safe from harms way. I can tell you're a good guy and it would be ashamed to lose someone that I have grown so fond of, even if it's only been three days. I know I've been rough around the edge with you, but thank you for taking care of my wounds and feeding me food I never tried before.

Just know that I am safe and maybe in another life you and I will meet each other again in safer terms.

I kept reading the letter over and over again trying to comprehend what I had done to deserve such a kind and thoughtful thing. Lupin still had not returned to the room and I don't think I really wanted him to since I didn't want him to pester me about this letter. I knew at some point he would probably ask the where about's of where Scarpetta had gone. I shoved the letter in one of my inner pockets, feeling slightly perplexed, but somewhat grateful for it.

I have met some strange women in my time, but I don't think anything compares Scarpetta to any of them. She was different, in fact, she was the opposite of any women I had the "pleasure " of the meeting. She was independent and had a strong personality, but there was so much more that I wanted to tell her when she was here. I still felt like an asshole for comparing her to Fujiko, but I was still a bit wary of Scarpetta since I knew that she was running away from something.

It didn't matter now, Scarpetta was gone and soon we would be disappearing.

I wouldn't be lying if I said I wasn't at all curious about her, but she closed herself off so good it was hard to start a conversation with her. I smiled to myself, Damn if only she was more persistent maybe something could have happened, but I'm not Lupin.

Chicago, Illinois police department. 9:20 am.

The detective leaned against his desk, overlooking the photos he had collected in the past few hours. There were a total of four hundred and fifty Polaroids laid on the evidence board and on the table in front of him. It was, in fact, the same little girl he had seen in the photo that was in the safe and wondered if maybe that women he had seen in the photo was her mother. Each picture that was taken of her, she looked confused, scared, and even drugged up at times. She never wore the same outfit and the last photo that was taken of her was when she was thirteen, and it was a really bad one.

Her nose was bleeding and she had been crying, which caused her eyes to stay red, her lips, her bloody and she had bruises around her neck and wrists. The detected was only wondering what had caused all of this and what was going through the person's head when they were torturing this girl.

" Detective, we have identified the victims. " Officer Benson came rushing in. " Only if this guy was alive. " She looked angry and tossed him the files.

The detective raised an eyebrow and went through the files. " Is this our John doe we found in the basement? "

Benson nodded. " He's a real sick guy, he got a lot of history. "

" I can see that" the detective held onto the thick file. " Says here, he's a self-proclaimed cult leader and has a history with children. "

Benson cringed. " I have to go, we're overlooking the evidence for prints." She left shutting the door.

The detective didn't say a word and continued to read about the cult leaders in history. He was sickened by this man actions and didn't understand why this guy wasn't caught sooner. The number of rape cases was enough to make anyone stay away, but why was he let out of prison?

" Detective, the news crew is here. " An officer peeked in. " I don't think they plan on leaving anytime soon. "

The detective sighed, feeling annoyed as he set the files down. " I refuse to talk to any type of press at the moment. We are too busy trying to work on this case. "

I officer nodded, leaving the detective's office.

" I hate to say it, but he deserved whoever did this to you. "

His focus was on a picture of an eighty-year-old male that looked like he had been fighting sickness all his life. His eyes were sunken in, most of the teeth were gone, his skin looked unnaturally gray and he had no hair on his head.

Looking through the crime scene photos and trying to compare it to the actual person was hard to believe. This suspect made sure that neither of these people could be identified and tortured them in the worst way.

" Detective, you're needed in the crime lab. " An officer called out.
" I'm busy, have them call me. "

Sir, it's very urgent the director said so himself. " Urged the officer.

The detective grunted, moving past the officer and went down the hall to the labs. He didn't want to stress this enough that he had work to do and all of this was becoming a great distraction.

" This better be good, I have tons of paperwork and evidence to go though Mrs. Akira. "

" It is, in fact, it's strange." she removed the cover of one of the victims. " You see these marks around the neck, arms, and legs."

" Yeah, what are they? "

" Bite marks if you believe it. " She said " I've never seen anything like them before, there too small to be bears, but too big to be dog bite marks. "

" How is that even possible?" The detective took a closer look at the marks. " Are you saying what we're dealing with isn't human? "

Mrs. Akira shrugged. " I can't really explain it myself, I would have to dig deeper into the matter. We still haven't found any hair or even saliva on any of the victims. "

" How long have these bodies been decaying? "

" It's been four weeks at least, but three of them have been dead for over a month." she removed her gloves. " It's possible that they attempted to kill each other, but everything that had been done to them makes no sense. "

" I feel there's more to all of this I just need to keep digging

deeper. " The detective sighed. " Was that all? "

" Yes, sir."

The detective nodded and left the lab to go back to his office.

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