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Ashley Marie Herondale is born and raised at the NY Institute. Ethan Scott Wolfsbane is a werewolf born from Brooklyn, NY. When these two both meet, they turned their own world upside down. --------------------------------------- **Ashley is related to Jace and Clary Herondale.** **Yes, Clace happened and got married!**

Fantasy / Romance
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Ash's P.O.V:

"Ok, seriously guys. Where are my seraph blades?!" "I don't know! Just go get another one from the Weapons room!" My bestfriend Cole shouts. "Aha! I found it!" I grab it, along with my sensor, and a dagger. "Let's go!"

"This Ravener just doesn't want to fucking die!" I hissed, angrily. "O shit! Looks like this one brought some friends!" Cole shouts. We manage to kill a few, but more just showed up. I pulled out my phone, and called my father, Jace. "Dad! We need help ASAP! They keep showing up!" "We're on out way, Ash!" I hang up, and continue fighting for our lives. A few minutes later, my dad and mom show up. They pull out their blades. 5 minutes later, all the raveners were dead. "Thanks guys." "You should've been more careful," My mother scolded. "Sorry mom."

Ethan's POV:

"Damn it!" Ethan growls, in an irritated tone. He glares at his Alpha. "Calm the fuck down, Ethan!" His Alpha, Monica growled. "They, killed my baby sister!! How the fuck am I supposed to calm down?!" "Ethan, shut it before I make you!" Ethan growls irritably and storms out, running into the Streets of NYC. He starts running until he stops in Brooklyn. He looks at the shop, Garroway Books. He walks in and see's a girl with Dark brown hair, wearing all black clothing. 'Damn, she's kinda cute,' Ethan thought. "So, can i borrow this, Grandpa?" The dark haired girl asked. "Fine, but tell your mom, to come see me." The dark haired girl grins. "Sure, thing! Thanks!" Ethans catches a whiff of her scent and frowns. 'Damn, She's a Shadowhunter!' "Ethan! What brings you here??" Luke asks. "I just wanted to talk to my former Alpha." "Bullshit. What happened this time?" "A leech killed, Maya," Ethan growls, while clutching his fists, tightly in pure rage. "Ok, first calm down. I cannot have you, shifting in my shop, Ethan. Secondly, do you know who it is?" "It's someone from Raphael's little clan," Ethan snarls. "I could smell his scent clear as day. He used to date my sister. His name is Michael."Thank you for reading this chapter!!

Sorry it's soooooo short!!!!! Hope you enjoyed it!!!!! See ya next time, my Lovelies!!!!💜❤️💜❤️💜

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