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By wolfgirl4321

Adventure / Action

Chapter 1

Just to let you know, the characters are different to the people on the poster.

This is us. We are known to the world as hero’s, their hero’s. We are ordinary people in your life. We just died violently and gained powers in death. We only forget little things when we come back from the dead like who we had our first kiss with or what hospital we were born in. I, when I came back, didn’t know who I was. I had forgotten everything. I only knew my first name. Daniella. The hero’s found me and took me in. They didn’t understand why I was different from them until I discovered my new power. You see, the heroes have the same power, speed, flying, strength, telekinesis and when working together can become a shield to the cities. My power is teleportation, Chronokinesis and telepathy as well as the other powers. These powers allow me to teleport to places I want, forward, backward, stop time and I can read people minds. We are the heroes  of the world. To the world we are known as “The 6 Heroes.” There is:-

Kevin – turbo. Kevin hates being known as the girlie girl she was when she was seven.

Micah – mega mind. Micah is the leader of the group. His face shows no emotion at all. Be lucky if he smiles at you. It rarely happens.

Ashley – boy wonder. Ashley got his name from the girls. He was the one with the good looks.

Luca – Big boy blue. I don’t even know how he got his name. it just came to him. He was the newest before me and he will not appect the fact that we are dead.

Riley – glimmer. Riley was the one to create the suits. She loves glitter and making things.

Then there is me – Monty. Don’t ask but that is what they give to the new heroes until the humans come up with a name for me.

This is the story on how I found my home town and almost got 15 people killed. It started in school.

‘Daniella, eat up.’ Riley kept telling me I needed to eat, to get my strength. I glared at her. then that was when the principal headed our way. The principal was like us, but he died too old so he became our leader instead.

‘A girl in St. Veitta been found, missing for 2 years. You better monitor the place. Her kidnapper is still out there.’ principal Hacket said. ‘Two girls murdered as they knew too much, 4 girls suspects but one went missing, Daniella Montgomery, possibly dead, the others are being closely watch. James has got new gear, go now. He is free.’ James is his son, he is our gadget man. He is the only other person who knows who we are.

‘Hi, Micah.’ Some girls whispered. He smile politely but held Kevin’s hand. Those two were the perfect couple. He smiles for Kevin all the time. Forget about us.

‘We will leave after school, Hacket.’ Ashley said. Hacket shook his.

‘Go now, the sooner you leave, the safer the town will feel.’ And with that he walked away.

As we entered the class room, James was sitting at his desk.

‘ah, just in time, here.’ He gave us our usual gadgets. Mine was a mini computer which would let me corrupt data. ‘I will miss you.’ He calls as we walk out.

Flying around the cities in the costumes was great. A child looking up at you, thinking it’s the heroes. It was night fall when we arrived in St. Veitta. Bedroom lights were on and you could hear the frat parties happening. We stopped by the town centre. There were flowers and benches everywhere. One of them had my face on it. I pulled Micah back and he came up with a quick plan.

‘Don’t go to the school or go out in public, if this is your home town then forget it. You don’t know anybody.’ He was ordering me about and he knew I didn’t like that. There were voices behind us. Someone had grabbed my arm and pulled me back while someone punched Micah hard in the jaw. I retaliated by doing a back flip showing my opponent that I was ready to fight. I saw the faces of teenagers, they were frightened. The girls backed into the boys. I straighten up and joined Micah. The boy who punched him grabs my arm. His face was tense but one of the girls called him. He let go. He looked like he wanted to cry.

‘They took her from me, from us and you are going to let them win.’ He said.

‘She tried to fight us. That isn’t Daniela.’ One of the girls said. My face went shocked when I heard my name. I wanted to talk to them, to know myself. Who I was but I knew Micah wouldn’t let me. One of the other boys step out, towards me. Micah step in front of me but before they could fight or talk or whatever, there was a bright light. Oh great the police. Kevin thought. A cop stepped out of the car and started to walk towards us.

‘What is going on here?’ he asked.

‘He punches my jaw and they are trying to fight us for Daniela.’ Micah said. He was hoping they would go down.

‘Can you five come down to the station, Daniela, please come too, you can stay with your friends but you are going to have to tell us where you have been over the past 2 months.’ The cop said. I walk slowly towards Riley and she held my hand. The 12 of us walked down to the station as my bench was place 2 yards away from it. The building was large and white. There was a notice board with missing person flyers all over it. They had my face on them. I stood there and admired myself. I was smiling. I must from been happy then. No fear in the world. The boy who punched Micah stood next to me.

‘Are you okay, what did they do to you?’ he was worried. I backed away frighten. He had the hurt look in his eye. I stop and asked him a simple question.

‘Who are you?’ the hurt in his eyes grew. I knew I couldn’t remember him but he answered my question.

‘I’m Stephan; I’m your older brother.’ Then I was taken aback. I had a family, a brother. ‘You don’t remember us at all do you?’ I shook my head gently. ‘Did they brain wash you?’ he asked even quieter.

‘No, I went wondering before they found me. I was like them so they took me in.’ I said. He nodded slowly, not wanting to believe me.

‘Daniela.’ Luca called me and I left Stephan. ‘What does he want?’ Luca asked. I told him about how Stephan was my brother and how he thinks the hero’s brain washed me. When Luca heard this, he burst out laughing. ‘Like we would do that.’ He said. The cop called me in for questioning.

‘Where were you for the past 2 months?’ he asked.

‘Better to tell you where I haven’t been. I haven’t been to 12 states in this country. I stay in one state for a few days then leave. The longest I have stayed in a state was a week. Those people out there, they found me and took me in. There are my family.’ I said. He took note of every word.

‘So, you can’t remember anything before the 18th May. Is that correct?’ I nod. He sighs ‘and when did you meet your family?’ I had to think about that question.

‘About 2 days after I woke up.’ I said.

‘And how did you meet them.’ I tensed up at the question. What to do. Stop time and walk out. No. He would find me. I needed to say something or he would think i was covering for them .

‘I can’t say.’ I finally said. He laughs humourlessly.

‘You can’t say.’ He repeated. ‘Did they threaten you Daniel?’ that was new. No one has ever called me Daniel before. Well in my new life.

‘No they didn’t threaten me. Why would you think that?’ I asked. He didn’t respond.

‘Even before i became a cop, your family had asked me to keep a close eye on you. If people asked you to keep quiet, that is what you would do. Plus Christian would want to know why you were with them and not him. The guy isn’t doing so good. We wanted to bring him in for questioning on what happened but all he could say was that you got stabbed up. No one knew how or why but your body was missing.’ The police kept going on and on about why my safety was important to him. Finally he took a break.

‘Here, this was taken about 3 weeks before you went missing.’ The cop handed me a picture of a group of friends. Stephan was there. The three girls and the three guys. I didn’t recognize two of them but one was standing next to me with his arms wrapped round my waist. My hands were on his shoulder. The cop was there as well.

‘Who are these people?’ i asked. He smiled at me gently and sat down on the table near me.

‘That is Emma.’ He was pointing at the girl with the long black hair and tanned skin. ‘She is Melissa.’ Pointing at the girl with the curly brown hair and the darkest skin. ‘Her name is Anna and that is Mike.’ He point at the girl with the blonde hair and the boy whose hair was down to his shoulders. ‘And that is Christian.’ He looked up at me. Christian was the one who was worried about me. He was very good looking. He had brown blonde hair and was very tall. His smile was pretty and his deep blue eyes reminded me of freedom.

‘Felix, we called Christian and Emma. They are both on their way down.’ Anna said through the door. The cop, Felix smiled.

‘Time to meet your friends.’ Thank god, I get to go back to the heroes. That wasn’t what the cop was thinking. He lead me right passed Riley and Micah right to the humans. The girls smiled at me and the boys touch my shoulder. The doors of the station burst open and the girl, Emma ran in. She almost fell at the sight of me. She ran right into me, hugging me tightly. I couldn’t breathe. Someone removed her from my body and her eyes were full of tears. Christian. He had walk through slowly, thinking about if this was a joke to get his hopes up. There he was. So beautiful. But he was wearing sunglasses so i couldn’t see the pretty eyes. When he saw me, i forgot to breathe. He was stunning. Like Emma, he came running up to me. He didn’t hug me, he just stood there. Taking in my new details. I could feel my heart racing so I exhaled. He removed his glasses and his eye...

I remember every time I ever saw them. It was like flash backs of my past. He was there. We were children growing to teenagers, going to middle school and high school. My last memory of him was when I was in a dark room and he was banging on the door, screaming, crying for me. This was my death.

I woke up on the floor of the police station. I had Micah, Luca, Riley, Kevin and Ashley leaning over me. Riley sighed happily. Christian was there too. His eyes were hurt.

‘Are you okay?’ he asked me helping me up. I nod. How did i survive being near him all the time. I ask myself. ‘I’m sorry.’ He said.

‘Why are you sorry.’ I asked.

‘Your friend, Luca, said that you couldn’t remember anything and seeing me probably kicked in a lot of memories so I’m sorry for making you pass out.’ He was so nice with his words that i wanted to hug him. I knew his eyes. I know I did know him in my past and that he was there at my death. I stood up and joined my friends. Riley put her hand on my shoulder and the 6 of us walked out of the police station. As I looked back I saw my old life.

‘Wait.’ We all stop and turned to Kevin. ‘That boy can tell us about her death.’ We all agreed.

‘Can that wait for school tomorrow?’ I asked.

‘I thought we said no school.’ Micah turned round and stared at me. His voice cold.

Let me know what you guys think - wolfgirl4321
Write a Review Did you enjoy my story? Please let me know what you think by leaving a review! Thanks, wolfgirl4321
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