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Out For Blood-A Jughead Jones Captivity Fanfiction


Tilliana Childress’s family owe the Serpents a huge debt, and it’ll cost them their only daughter.

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Night One

His breath hit her neck quicker than she had time to prepare for it.

One arm grabbing her shoulder, the other had a firm grip on the handle of a cold blade, pressed so close to her neck it almost sliced right through the flesh.

"Don't. Fucking. Move. You'll only make this worse"

She stood, paralyzed in fear. She could feel his hair against her cheek, his hips pressed firmly into her backside, the knife against her windpipe, so she decided to obey him.

She opened her mouth to speak but he cupped his other hand around her mouth. "Shut up. Don't ask fucking questions, just follow me"

She followed him to a black SUV with tinted windows parked at the curb of a quiet dark neighborhood. It was 2 am, no one would hear her unless she made herself be heard. And she was too afraid to do so.

He opened the back door, picked her body up like she was weightless, and threw her with a force in the car.

He got in beside her and started binding her hands and feet with rope. She looked at him with questioning eyes, fear overshadowing them, and he met her gaze.

"I know you have a lot of questions. I'm going to answer them. But not here...." He took a strip of duct tape and put it over her mouth. "Not right now. Just listen to me... to us.... and you'll live."

He looked to the driver's seat where his father, FP Jones was sitting, his hand on the steering wheel ready to drive, and nodded to him. "This is the girl. I made sure of it. Just drive, dad"

FP floored it.

He looked at her. "I'm Jughead. And to put this lightly, your family has a debt to us. So yeah, you're being held hostage until its paid. But don't worry... we plan to take real good care of you until that happens." He smiled evilly. A tear ran down her cheek, mascara running with it.

He leaned forward, moved her hair behind her ear, and whispered, his breath hot on her neck:

"We will spare your life if you spare your struggle".

He bit down hard on her earlobe so hard it tore skin, she tried to scream but could only bite down on her tongue until she drew blood, leaving a copper taste in her mouth, her tears rolling down her cheeks now.

He spits out her skin, and laughed, his dad laughing along with him.

"She's gonna be fun to torture Jug. I'm almost upset I was willing to share that pleasure with you"

They drove to a desolate wooded area and slammed on the breaks, as Jughead drug her by the hair, followed by FP, to a run-down cabin set deep in the forest.

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