Origin story about Kiddo


It’s about what’s true of kiddo of him though what’s not true of kiddo though

Lauren Breaux
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Origin story about Kiddo life of a kitty

this is a orgin story about kiddo him we got kiddo at the human society place there we found the kitty that’s Kiddo him we knew that he’s the kitty for us though that Kiddo he was with a family before he was with us though that but we didn’t. Know what family he was with though that But kiddo he left that family though he was with though that kiddo he’s a amazing kitty though to me and my family though that I wanted to know what kiddo liked though of his like and interest him though that something you didn’t know of kiddo of him though made up of him tough is that kiddo he’s a spy kitty he is though his kitty spy abilty of him Though is his kitty claws abilty power though that was given to him by his ant sisters lions and tigers Liv out by the wild out there though that what’s true of kiddo of him though is that he licks my face though but we don’t know of which family kiddo he was with though that or whats the name of that family that had kiddo before we had kiddo though that kiddo he’s a amazing kitty to me though and to my family though that I love him though that a orgin story I would like to read of something though would be of the dog named scooby doo Though That I love my kitty kiddo I love him as my pet kitty I love him that

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