Chapter 2


Two goddamn months he had spent locked in Toue's labs.

The man had been extremely interested after he had turned on the first full moon and killed several of his scientists but by the second time Mink knew his strength. If he didn't fight the wolf he was still there in the subconscious. So he used that to his advantage to break out. The manacles on his wrists and the collar he left to symbolise being chained to the past. Because he knew he was.

He would get vengeance for his tribe through any means necessary and then he would die to join Harry and Teddy in the next life.

He hated thinking about what happened. Even what he did after his breakout. But he wouldn't regret anything.

It had been two years since he had gone back to his homeland and built the cabin he had wanted for Harry. A year since his last semi-successful break in and subsequent gaining of leadership with his escaped prisoners and two days since he had heard about Aoba and the power of his voice. That boy would be the perfect tool to Toue's downfall.

Harry sighed and adjusted the strap off his messenger bag. Today would mark the anniversary of the third year since the tragedy. He was lucky to have escaped with his life, the bullet having hit behind his ear and knocking him out until he woke up the next morning in his human state. Teddy had been put into a coma from head trauma and still had yet to awaken.

Perhaps it had to do with the fact that he kept moving his godson from hospital to hospital tracking that bastard that kept his godson from waking. It was an unlikely notion, though. Teddy was lucky to be alive with how bashed in his skull had been, and the fragments that had cut into his brain had most likely caused permanent damage, that he would never wake from, but Harry couldn't just give up. That wasn't like him.

So, every new town he went he created a new persona to live under and this place was no different. Haruaki, or Sun Sparkle the way the Kanji was written, was a messenger boy that delivered packages for any store willing to pay for his services. The Junk Shop Heibon was a rather frequent customer and his actual destination now. He had to make money somehow for the hospital bills… It was rather annoying the Goblins had sided with the Ministry and blocked access to his vaults. It wasn't his fault the dragon had caused so much damage on the way out.


"Ah, Haruaki-san!"

And there was the pleasant sound of the blunette's voice as he looked up in greeting. Harry always had the suspicion something was off about it because almost everyone in town was in love the man's voice but Aoba always seemed oblivious so the brunette never brought it up. Mink's voice had been more beautiful anyway.

"You said you had a package for me?"

"That's right! Haga-san wants me to get out of the store so I hope you don't mind if Ren and I tag along."

Harry raised his eyebrows in amusement. "That slightly defeats the purpose of my job but if I'm getting paid for it who am I to question good company?"

"Thanks," the other said cheerfully pushing out of his chair. "Come on, Ren!"

"Coming, Aoba," the little Spitz All Mate replied as it jumped to it's feet.

"I still don't understand why you don't get an All Mate, Haruaki-san," Aoba teased as they departed from the shop.

"I don't see the point." That and magic would probably fry the poor thing. "I do just fine on my own."

"That's got to be a bit lonely."

Harry gave a brittle laugh. "Sometimes. So what is the address?"

After Ren announced it the two set off in that direction. It was rather uneventful until they started on their way back when Aoba and Ren just collapsed, their mind's seeming to be in another place. Harry freaked briefly before rushing them to the the boy's grandmother who was a certified doctor. It was while he was nervously waiting in the kitchen that he caught sight of something quite odd. There was a pink Cockatoo on the fence outside. The cigar in it's mouth indicated an All Mate but the beads and feather add ons were just… A reminder of Mink.

It seemed to notice him watching because it ruffled its wings before taking off into the air and wheeling away.

It wasn't possible. No. More like it shouldn't be possible. The hair was longer, there was a gaunt look to him and more scars on his face but… It was Harry, it had to be. There was no other human alive that had such green eyes AND owned a choker of colorful beads that Mink had handmade.

So it had to be him. But how?

Mink had seen the blood splatter from the wolf's head and Toue had never taken in… Wait. Toue had never taken in Harry's body. The man had taunted and tortured him with the fact that his tribe was dead along with the wolf. But he had always said the wolf and the businessman hadn't known about shifting until Mink himself had done it.

Which suggested that Harry had never turned back into a human; that Harry had never died like the other werewolf. That Harry was alive and in the same city as him, probably aiming for revenge as well.

He was so stupid! How could he have forgotten that one important piece of information? He could have been looking for Harry and Teddy this whole time...

A bit of his resolve shattered. He couldn't die now. Not now that Harry was alive and seemingly well. But he still had to take revenge at any cost, even his own life…

Mink tugged a weary hand through his dreads, ignoring the clanging of his manacle, and sighed pitifully. This wasn't supposed to happen.

"Aoba! I have a package for you!"

Harry knocked on the door again and waited. He knew the blunette was home. He had just watched him invite a blonde with piercings into the house.

"Oi, Aoba! I know-"

"Ah!" The front door flew open and two people stood there. "Hello, Haruaki-san."

"Aoba, Koujaku." He nodded in greeting. "I have a package for you, Aoba. It was express mail and apparently time sensitive. So I had to get it to you."

"Time sensitive?" The other muttered contemplatively.

"Un. I also have something for Tae. Is she here?"

Harry immediately regretted asking when the blunette slumped against the door and Koujaku uncrossed his arms to comfort his friend. What the hell happened?

"Is she okay?"

"Ah, I don't really want to get you involved in this Haruaki-san It's better you don't know…"

"Involved? You haven't gotten hurt or in someone's debt have you?"

Koujaku growled a bit but kept his mouth closed while his fingers tightened upon his friend's shoulders.

Really? Something horrible had to have happened for the two to be acting so secretive and.. and depressed (Aoba) and angry (Koujaku). Maybe… He should help? Aoba was a pretty good friend as far as Harry knew. Of course, he didn't stay long enough in each town to make close friends but the Old Residential district was right next to Platinum Jail where that bastard was hiding. He had been here the longest and gotten to know the people pretty well even if he stayed distant from them emotionally.

"Aoba," he said catching the other's attention. "Do you need help? If you're in trouble I'm pretty handy in a fight. I'm stronger than I look, you know."

"No! No, no, no! I couldn't get you involved-"

"Koujaku." Harry turned to the brunette with a deadly serious face. "Do. You. Need. Help?"

The hairdresser paused and glanced to where the living room was. He seemed entirely hesitant in saying yes, but he obviously didn't want to turn Harry down outright either.

"What?" yelped Aoba. "No! I already have people helping-"

"Aoba. You've never seen Haru-san in a fight. He's amazingly good… Maybe he should come along?"

"But that's…"

"You're a good friend Aoba. I WANT to help you. Please, let me."

As long as there was no silver around, Harry would be fine. He would get back to Teddy without feeling regret over not helping someone he was somewhat close to.

"I- Oh, alright. Come in, quickly."

Harry smiled and stepped inside while pulling off his messenger bag and setting it near the door. With a practiced hand he grabbed the package for Aoba and followed the retreating men into the living room.

"Ah, Aoba, maybe your package will help? It is time sensitive. The only I've ever delivered that had to be delivered at a specific time… and it has no return address."

As he went to hand it over he stepped into the other room and froze. The package fell from his numb fingers and he vaguely noticed that Koujaku had caught it. It didn't really matter though, because Mink was standing right there. Mink! Who was supposed to be dead or locked away with Toue.

For a moment his brain short circuited and everything went white with a high pitched whine in his ears. Then it was gone and he was staring at an equally surprised (if you knew what to look for) face. Teddy's gift was still wrapped around his head and there was a glimmer of light that shined off the quartz necklace around his throat.

"Mink," he gasped he right hand shooting up to clutch at his heart.

"Eh? You know this guy," Koujaku butted in rudely with a snide tone.

"Yes. Yes… I know him. I thought you…"

"Were dead?"

And, oh how he missed that baritone that rumbled through his being. He hadn't thought… hadn't noticed how he'd numbed himself to the pain. But there it all was again. Sharp, cutting, and stealing his breath away, making it hard to truly think.

"How many?"

Those blue eyes… why were they blue? Contacts? gazed at him for a moment and Harry thought he saw a glimmer of rage, of pain, of never ending sadness.

"None. I'm the last."

He gasped and stumbled back into the wall. How out of tune with his emotions was he that he hadn't noticed that small spark of hope, that someone else had made it. That spark, was crushed and died within seconds.

He hadn't noticed the tears on his face until Mink was there with his large calloused hands -was that a manacle on his wrist?- wiping them away. He couldn't help that his knees collapsed in the next moment. And he didn't really care what the others thought of him. They could rot- but hadn't he offered to help Aoba?- for all he cared. He was warm again being held in those strong arms.

It was like sitting in the snow and then going back inside to sit by the fire. His whole body tingled pleasantly and Harry basked in it. Deep in his subconscious, he could feel the wolf howling happily. The alpha packmate was back.

"H-haruaki-san, are you okay?"

Aoba was flitting nervously about Mink, not getting too close but looking as if he'd like to give him a hug.

"I'm fine," he rasped. "Just a… just a shock I wasn't ready for." He cleared his throat and shifted as Mink pulled away to stand back in his corner. Harry shivered at the loss of warmth. "Aren't we," he cleared his throat loudly. "Aren't we looking for Tae?"

Aoba was listening to their planning. Of course he was. He was also staring at Haruaki-san and Mink-san trying to figure out how they knew each other. He turned the small data disk in his hand again. It held the map of where Grams was taken and he couldn't help but wonder who had sent it.

Then his attention was caught by Mink, slightly brushing his hand against Haruaki's black shoulder length hair, while the other seemed to pay it no mind, leaning forward from his sitting position on the couch to look at the map. The movement looked completely casual, as if it was an accident, but Aoba had witnessed many such touches throughout the past hour of discussion. Obviously the two had been close. He had never seen Haruaki even remotely sad before and to just watch him burst into tears at the sight of someone had stunned the whole room.

Clear had been curious, Noiz looked more shocked than Aoba thought him capable, and Koujaku had nearly thrown a fit trying to get Mink away from the smaller brunette. Then Noiz had insulted his friend and another argument started up between the two. Really, those two were never going to get along. It was bad for people's health to have them in the same room together.

The whole way to the garbage facility, Aoba watched them. They had broken off from the group and were chatting quietly, lagging behind everyone. They stood closer than was strictly polite between friends and once again, he couldn't help but wonder how they knew each other.

During the battle against Morphine members in the facility, Aoba watched them fight together. Mink was brute strength, a tank that took all the damage (really he didn't take very much considering how many people they were fighting) and Haruaki looked like a predator, weaving between people and knocking them out with hits that showed the man's actual strength. Seriously, Aoba knew how difficult it was to knock someone out with a blow to the stomach, not even the solar plexus but the stomach! Haruaki made it look easy though, ramming his elbow into soft spots and constantly downing the Morphine members, using Mink's body as a getaway when he became too surrounded.

It was actually rather awe inspiring to watch them fight while Noiz worked on opening the doors.

Then after the whole debacle with Mizuki (and, oh god how could he have done that to his friend? What kind of monster was he?) Aoba was there to witness the first fight between the brunettes. Not that anyone else seemed to notice because they kept it so quiet. Back at the house, with his Grams safe, he noticed that the two stood further apart than they had the whole time and were completely ignoring each other. There were no more 'casual' touches, though Aoba had seen Mink's fingers twitch towards the mail carrier a few times.

He really did wonder… but for now… He had to escape Akushima.

Mink frowned as he watched the police raid the Seragaki household. Harry stood slightly behind him, his green eyes shadowed with some emotion he couldn't figure out.

"If you're going to Platinum Jail, then I am as well."

Mink let out a breath through his nose. "I have already said-"

"I don't give a damn what you said," the werewolf snarled, his eyes flashing amber with his anger. "You think you can just go off to that tower and sacrifice yourself? Hell, no! I'm still alive, aren't I? Don't Teddy or I mean anything to you? If you go, I'm going with you."

"Teddy needs you" he replied, forcing Harry's clenched hand from his bicep. He gave the smaller man an intense look but the other only sneered even more.

"Teddy needs you too. He is in the hospital! Has been for the past three years!"


"Blunt force trauma."

Mink closed his eyes in grief before he let out a sigh. He turned to fully face the smaller man.

"Teddy still needs you. You're paying for the hospital bills, aren't you?"

"Fine then! What are you going to do," he whispered dangerously, "if you get caught once again by Toue? Or if you don't finish your plans in time? The full moon is in a few days! I can smell the wolf on you."

"I have everything planned, Harry. You coming would only ruin that."

"Yeah? Your sacrificial plan, right! I completely forgot! You know what? You go right ahead. Go to Platinum Jail. I'll meet you there later."

Mink actually growled and reached forward to grab Harry's jacket. Why couldn't the man see he was doing this for the both of them? With Toue gone Harry and Teddy (once he woke) would be safe and he would be with his tribe. Staying with Harry would be… it would be beautiful and wonderful but Mink knew he was a monster now. He had done plenty of things he wasn't proud of to reach his goal. And he would do them all over again a hundred times to get his revenge.

He couldn't be with Harry like this. He was tainted. A murderer. Yes. His cracked resolve started to mend itself. He could feel it inside of him. Harry didn't deserve someone like him. Not now, as he is. The werewolf would be better off with someone who could take care of him and his son.

With a snarl he latched his mouth onto those soft tantalizing lips that had been taunting him. Then he roughly pushed the man onto the ground, ignoring the slight sting of tears in his eyes and the utter betrayal written in the green ones. It would be better this way.

"Make sure he doesn't leave."

His All Mate made an acknowledging noise and jumped into the air.

Ignoring the All Mate circling his head, Harry landed another punch to the Scratch member before dropping him. Right now he didn't give a damn that this was Mink's team. They deserved it for trying to stop him. He would not be underestimated. He had been in a war and now he had the strength of a werewolf enraged. He would not let this slight pass him by. Mink would not die. Harry wouldn't let him. If his friends hadn't let him commit suicide he was not going to allow the alpha to do it either.

And the older man had not phrased his words into a command, so he could happily ignore them without fighting his inner wolf.

With a huff, he set out towards the jail, the pink Cockatoo already flying ahead. Probably trying to warn Mink. Whatever. Neither of them would stop him going after Toue. If he had to kill the man before Mink got to him, then objective achieved either way.

Two days later after finally getting rid of all the obstacles Mink threw at him, he wandered closer and closer to Oval Tower. Inside this place he was never more thankful to Snape for trying to teach him Occlumency. He hadn't gotten it back then but in an attempt to help with his wolf he had learnt it on his own with supreme effort. It was great for blocking out all the mind controlling stimulus this place had.

"Ah, here we are," he muttered staring at the doors.

He gave a few sniffs. Yes, Mink had definitely been around here the past few days. Now how was he supposed to get in? Through the front door would be the easiest but would probably require the use of his magic. Through the back door meant somehow breaking through the locks… which would probably require magic. Damn, technology…

Front door it is. He could worry about escaping any aurors later. Mink was more important.



He paused in gathering his magic and turned to look at the small ragtag group behind him. Noiz, Clear, and Koujaku stood behind him panting slightly as if they had just run a mile. Clear had no mask on and Harry couldn't stop himself from staring for a moment. He had perfect features,(some of it wrapped with bandages) almost like a doll...

"Haru-san, what are you doing here?" Koujaku questioned, stepping forward a bit.

"I have an annoying, pig-headed bastard to retrieve before he tries to kill himself."

"Eh? Eh? Master, no!" Clear cried as he rushed about in a circle clutching his hair.

Noiz 'tsked' and stepped back to avoid being run over and Koujaku looked a bit embarrassed. Harry sighed. Clear probably thought he meant Aoba, not Mink. The others knew that they were acquainted but they didn't know any of Mink's end goals or the relationship they shared.


"Master, we must get to him now!"

And then the white haired idiot ran straight at the front doors and broke them down. Oh, dear merlin, why did he have to deal with this? No, no. Think positive. He now had three major protectors of Aoba on his side. One amazingly good with a sword, the other with crazy strength, and the last one was one of the best hackers.

Noiz would come in handy the most… And now he didn't have to use magic…

"Well, then. Looks like we have our way in," he muttered walking past Koujaku, who was staring as if he couldn't believe what had just happened, with Noiz following right behind, a small smirk on the blond's face.

Traversing the tower was extremely easy with Noiz's digital bunnies blasting open all the lock's and the guards were a breeze to knock out.

Mink was on the 60th floor with a machine gun in his hand. He did not look at all happy to see Harry among the group, and said man, only gave a nasty smile and a wave of his fingers in response to the disgruntled look. Really, Mink should have expected this. They were both bull-headed. Now he could to take down Toue AND monitor the idiot. They continued on.

Within thirty minutes they had reached a lab floor where they found Aoba being accosted by the blond yakuza members he vaguely remembered meeting once a few months ago. He couldn't exactly recall their names but they ran at the first opportunity and were unimportant in the long run so he ignored them.

He waited until the blunette had happily greeted his friends and gotten his All Mate (poor Ren, to be infected by a worm…) before going over and giving his own greeting.

"Ah," Aoba hesitated. There was a look in his eyes, pity maybe?

"Did something happen," the werewolf questioned urgently. Why in the world was the bluenette giving him that look?

"Do you remember my explanation of Scrap?"

"Yes." He had told the group after the rescue of Tae. It was difficult to forget that science had somehow created a very magical ability.

"Mink… he wants to die-"

"I know." Was that all? Phew… He thought something had happened to Aoba or, merlin forbid, Teddy.


"Why do you think I'm here?" He asked with a roll of his eyes. He didn't exactly want Aoba mentioning this in front of the others. It was a bit personal… "That idiot has another thing coming if he thinks I'm going to let him meander his way to the spirits. It's not nearly his time if I have anything to say about it." He paused. "Which I do, so yeah. No bright lights for him just yet."

Aoba looked extremely relieved. It made Harry smile.


They were interrupted by another side door blasting open and more soldiers pouring in.

"Aoba, go," Koujaku yelled as he brought out his sword to block and swipe at the annoying guns.

As much as he'd like to stay and help the little group he had other things he needed to do. Like follow Mink. So, he dashed out the door, right behind Aoba, just as it was closing.

"Mink," Aoba gasped trying to catch up to the man's extremely long strides. This was about the time Harry was thankful for werewolf stamina and experience from 'Harry Hunting' all those years ago.

"Up here," the man grunted taking a sharp left up into a stairwell.

Finally they arrive on the next floor and ran straight in a large white room, with a lone figure standing in the middle.

"Toue…" Harry growled under his breath. This man had caused so much damage. He had put Teddy in the hospital and had made Mink suicidal. This man… Oh how Harry hated this man, even more so than he had Voldemort. That was war, this was personal.

Mink could feel his inner wolf shift with his aggravation. He was so close. That Aoba and Harry were watching made no difference. He would rend this man limb from limb and laugh while doing so.

"I've been waiting for you, Aoba-kun."

His irritation spike higher at being ignored.

"And you are…?"

He didn't think he could possibly get more angry than he was now. He could even hear Harry quietly growling, that's how much his aggravation was heightening his senses. With a near silent huff he reached into his jacket and pulled out the the giant Crystal that the Elder kept at the top of his staff.

"I'm kidding," the man said mockingly. "Of course I remember you." As he should. "I only wanted to research your people's secret art. If your people had cooperated, the tragedy would have never happened."

Oh the hell it wouldn't. He had seen the sick pleasure that had masked his disgusting face while Mink's own people were shot down. There was still a gleam there now that said he was enjoying toying with them.

"You're going to die," he rumbled gruffly.

"Oh, most definitely," Harry muttered. "Let me know if you need help pulling his entrails from his shredded belly."

Aoba glanced over in surprise and Mink couldn't help but feel a little bit of that as well. He knew Harry was aiming for Toue's death as well. He even knew how much he wanted to help Mink do it, if the brunette couldn't get the pleasure himself. But he didn't think the man had been serious about actually torturing. He couldn't let Harry do that. He couldn't let Harry become a monster like him.

A small warning growl left his throat and those green eyes flashed at him, but the werewolf made no other move.

Toue tapped his metal tipped cane against the ground interrupting their small, silent altercation.

"Now wait a moment. You wish to kill me and then die yourself, correct? But you can't do that."

Those words were… Ugh. His head hurt and his wolf was howling for blood. It was just like when Aoba was trying to command him. But that couldn't be right…

His vision was blurring in random spots and he heard the businessman's words as if through a tunnel. "You won't be able to do that.


Was that Aoba? Or Harry? He couldn't tell. Everything was fading in and out. His head hurt.

"It's too bad… same power…-kun. Though...I… artificially."

What was happening? Make… it stop…


That voice again. He fell to his hands and knees. Or did he? His head hurt.

Aoba was surprised when Mink fell, but even more so when Haruaki-san howled -actually howled- with rage and jumped over both of them.

"Stop," Toue commanded. The brunette's steps faltered briefly but he kept going and was across the room in only a few seconds, his hands (were those claws?) wrapped around the other's throat.

"Your eyes," Toue gasped, staring. "Just like his…"

Haruaki growled inarticulately and tightened his grip enough that the elder man's face was starting to turn purple.

"Haruaki-san!" His voice was slightly injected with Scrap's power. Just enough to catch the man's attention. He didn't want to witness a death here today. He just wanted to stop Toue.

He was not expecting to see furious amber eyes stare back at him, and he was most definitely not expecting Scrap to fully initiate.

So when he landed in a sea of blood, he barely had enough time to catch himself from falling under. There were tortured howls and moans constantly ringing through the air, and Aoba couldn't help but cover his ears. It was terrifying to listen to.

This bright, cheerful mail carrier had such a dark subconscious. Why?

"Why?" He asked through gritted teeth and the scene shifted.

There was a literal mountain of bodies with blood flowing down it in waterfalls. Limbs and eyes occasionally twitched and a tortured moan would escape from a frothing mouth.

A mournful howl sounded from the top and he glanced up. There was a distorted figure up there. Could it be Haruaki?

"Haruaki-san," he called lowering his hands from his ears, hesitantly. Another howl.

With a gulp of dread, Aoba started the climb. And, oh god, this was worse than Mink's. Every time he touched someone there was flash of how they died or what torture they suffered. He grabbed a forearm to pull himself up and-

"Where is Toue?"

"Oh, god! Please, stop!"

"Goddamit! Tell me where he is!"

Another fingernail torn off, followed by some broken fingers. The man only screamed miserably.

He gasped and struggled to reign in the tears. What the hell? Had Haruaki actually done this? It was… terrifying but… If he failed Scrap...

That thought pushed him onwards.

He was getting higher now and his arm brushed against a mass of curly black hair-


She screamed for a few seconds before it turned into a laugh. "You have to mean it baby Pot-"


She screamed louder and it continued to echo long after she fell silent.

The blunette shuddered. What the hell was that? But it didn't stop him from continuing.

About halfway up a pale arm shot out and grabbed his hand. He yelped and almost fell off the mountain trying to pull away. Doe brown eyes stared at him as he watched a small stream a blood rinse through her curly brown hair.

"Don't," she begged. "Please! Please no!"

Then she shrieked and her grip tightened enough to bruise as letters starting forming on her arm.


"Harry," she sobbed miserably. "Ron! Help…"

Then her hand went lax and her brown eyes dimmed.

Aoba was seriously contemplating turning around and fleeing but… No matter what he saw he did not want another Mizuki incident. He would continue on.

Finally, after suffering almost constant flashes (and being scarred for life…) he reached the top. Gripping a flailing leg he was able to pull himself up so that his torso was above the pile. The shadowed figure turned around and Aoba gulped down a frightened yelp.

Haruaki's face was deformed as if in the middle of a transformation, his nose and mouth elongated. His teeth ranged from normal to sharp canine teeth that were too big to fit into his mouth and so pierced into the skin above and below it. His right eye was his normal green but the left was a bright amber he had only seen on pictures of the old wolves.

His hands were bleeding rivulets from his fingernails from what looked like claws that were pushed through the tips. Fur was in patches on every piece of visible skin and his normal clothes (white button up shirt and black jeans) were torn from slashes. Blood stains were visible all over the shirt as well. All in all, it was quite terrifying.

Haruaki-san gazed down at him with a resigned sadness but he offered his clawed hand as if to help pull him the rest of the way up. Aoba didn't hesitate to grab it. Haruaki had never shown him or his friends ill-will no matter what he had seen here.

With a slight pull, Aoba was standing upon the mountain of bodies.

"Everyone that I've ever hurt or couldn't save… Everyone that I regret never helping or ever hurting…"

Is that what this place was?

"I'm a monster."

"No! You're not! You're Haruaki."

The man gave brittle laugh. The same one he had heard before when he had asked about an All Mate.

"That isn't even my real name."


"It's Harry Potter. You'd think the bastion of the light would be to good to torture right? But nobody ever asked how I felt about being the Savior. If I could have, I would have done it a different way. Slaughtered all of them so they could never hurt people again, but that would make me Dark. They would have prosecuted me for that. I don't like hurting or killing, but to protect my precious people I would do anything… Does that make me a bad person, Aoba? Does that make me a monster?"

So that was why he'd leapt at Toue like that. He was trying to protect Mink. Obviously the intimidating man was one of Haruak- Harry's precious people.

"No, I think… if provoked… I would do the same. It's human nature to want to protect your loved ones. It doesn't make you a monster."

Harry smiled at him and the mindscape faded.

Harry panted. That… Had that just…? Aoba had used Scrap on him… Is that how he really felt inside? He hadn't even known.

He reluctantly released his tight squeeze. He would not kill Toue… not now at least. Instead with a quick jab to the temple, the businessman was out like a light.

"Thank you, Aoba," Harry said as he turned to the blunette. He was given a weak smile in return as the boy picked himself up off the ground. Mink was also shaking himself out of whatever had been done to him. "You should continue on without us. You look like there's still something you need to do. Mink and I need to finish something here." he said glancing down to the prone body at his feet.

"Un." And then the blunette was gone, racing through the top floors


The werewolf glanced up, his blue eyes disoriented. Then they alighted upon Toue and a snarl crossed his normally non-expressive face.

"Aoba has gone ahead to finish whatever he came this far for. We can leave."

Shaking the last vestiges of dizziness off, the native american stood and said "I'm still furious that you came… but I'm also glad… Before we go… there are still some things that need handling."

Harry raised his eyebrows.

"There are bombs planted all over this building. They'll go off in about an hour. I would… prefer… if we got everyone to safety."

The wizard smiled gently. "Agreed."

After the destruction of Platinum Jail Mink and Harry disappeared along with Toue and Teddy. They headed back to the place they had both happily called home. Toue, while not tortured as either one would have liked, was properly disposed of in the most gruesome way.

The next full moon both wolves spent the night romping through the woods ending on a note of satisfied pleasure. Mink had been smug and Harry mortified for the better of two days. Eventually he got over it but he still couldn't bring himself to have sex as a human just yet.

They settled into the cabin that his lover(?) had built quite happily. Mink would disappear during the day only to come back at night but Harry wasn't too worried. He himself spent most of his time at the hospital with Teddy when he wasn't working to pay the bills.

They were content like that for a while until one day Teddy woke up. It was a cause for celebration but also sorrow. Harry had been right about the brain damage. His little boy would never be able to function normally again. It was a miracle he had even woken in the first place. Harry suspected magic had healed what it could and that was the only reason Teddy was awake.

He had a severe case of TBI and the doctors said it would cause difficulties in memories, expression, decision-making, information processing, and attention span. Harry near about burst into tears right there, but he didn't. Instead he paid for pain meds, grabbed some care instructions, and took his godson home.

Mink came home that night to the sight of Harry gently rocking a sniffling twelve year old. They both swore to do their best to protect and care for him. It was also then and there that Harry initiated his first french kiss with Mink.

The sexual tension tension between them only built until a few weeks later they finally had sex in their human skins for the first time. But that is another story for another time.

Harry's friends were ecstatic when he was able to contact them two years later and introductions were made all around. Eventually a new minister came along that repealed Harry's warrant of arrest and he was able to rejoin the wizarding world. Not that he wanted to. Instead he only stayed on the fringes of that society the same as he did with the muggle one.

About ten years after the Tragedy, Mink asked for Harry's hand in marriage (finally giving up on hinting, really he should have learned this a long time ago) and a small ceremony was held for them, mixing Native American and Wizard traditions. Teddy was the ring-bearer and with the help of Rose and Hugo -Hermione's children- was able to walk the rings all the way down the aisle.

The three stayed together for a long time, Mink living much longer than previously thought possible for a muggle. Teddy never really got better and it was like caring for a three year old but the couple dealt with the ups and downs, constantly persevering. Teddy was the first to pass at seventy three and Mink followed at the ripe old age of one hundred sixty eight. Harry, not wanting to live without them, went to sleep on his husband's chest and never woke up.

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