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The Princess and The Cricket


Jiminy Cricket is a lowly servant, who falls in love with the princess in the castle Princess Isabella Maria Diana of the Fairies. She is known as The Blue Fairy, because her favorite color is blue. Jiminy would do anything to please her, but she doesn't know that he loves her because she's in love with Lord John Foulfelow Honest John. Jiminy doesn't trust. him and thinks that he's no good for Isabella he''s very protective of Isabella, which angers the fairy king, her father, because it's illegal for a cricket servant to be in love with royalty. Can Jiminy win the princess ' heart?

Romance / Fantasy
Aubrey Ezzo
Age Rating:

Out of The Castle

One day, Isabella was getting ready, when Jiminy came in and gasped worriedly "Milady, what are you doing?" She laughed "Relax, Jiminy. I'm just going out for a bit. I'll be back, I promise." He. said with worry "I. can't let you go alone. You never been out of. the castle. Please let me go with you, as your bodyguard." He hopped to her dresser and did some karate moves and she giggled "Oh, Jiminy you always be looking after me." He replied "It's. my job, Milady. If anything happened to you, I'll never forgive myself. You are the fairy princess." She covered her. head. with a blue scraf and whispered "There, nobody will know it's me, not even my father. Follow me, Jiminy." They sneaked out, when he asked "Where are we going, Milady?" She replied "The cricket village and call me Bella, please. I don't want anybody to know I'm royalty.. I have a secret job as teacher at the Primary school kindergarden." Jiminy smiled "Okay, Bella. I didn't know you liked children." She got in her classroom and drew butterflies on the board.
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