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Female hunter


You started hunting at the age of 6. Your mom died when you where a baby tour dad trained you then while you and him where hunting you where 20 he dued your 25 and you are friends with sam you knew him scents first grade you and him seem to meet exorher every where but you meet dean again after you and the biys meet on a hunt you where taken by a vampire befor you could have stoped it. Sam found your note and they save you and something happens between you and dean.

Romance / Action
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✡Chapter 1✡

Sarah's point of view

i got up from a nightmare i saw a new pirson get hurt this cop and his wife i looked it up and found a new case i knew sam would be all about it so I texted him and we meet there but he didn't expect me to be there so when he saw me he was confused that I was there. I noticed dean looked me up and down lickikg his lip with a small smile and locked eyes with me and i kinda blusheded and I rolled my eyes then sam spoke"sarah what are you doing here?" I smile a bit I forgot I never told them I was a hunter all though there dad knew I was i went for a few hunts with them i always had my dads journal but I smile at sam"well im thr one who gave you your hunt." Sam's eyes widen he was suprised that I knew and dean was coight off gard but steps up clearing his throught and specks"you know we are hunters..sorry to be rude to your girlfriend sammy but how the hell do you know we are hunters!"sam rolls his eyes and i laugh no rembering dean so I speak and take a step to him well one im his ex thanks you and two im not blind winchester so go fuck another girl."I growled at him he looked suprised but I walked away befor they could say anythjng and I go to my motel room witch was next to there room i started to do my work and it passes a few days i left a paper letting them know the most important information I go to close my door when I felt a hand on my shoulder before ri could look behind me and then everything went black.

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