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Calling For You || Jungkook x Jin


Jungkook was heartbroken and ready to completely give up. One day while on the beach, he has a fateful encounter with a mysterious, but beautiful stranger in the ocean. Jinkook AU tw // small mention of suicidal thoughts, and mentions of suicide

Romance / Fantasy
Tae’s Tea
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All he could see was red. There was blood everywhere. The walls, the carpet, and the photo of a young couple; covered in blood. He breathed heavily as he looked at his blood stained hands. It was all over him, almost like he bathed in it. There seemed to be an endless pool coming out of the body laying only a few feet away.

It wouldn't stop. She deserved it, he thought, trying to justify his actions.

Yeah....after everything she did to me...she deserved it...

He started to chuckle. He was laughing. He murdered someone, and here he was, laughing. He was expecting to feel remorse, overwhelming guilt, but he was numb. He felt nothing.

Suddenly, he screamed, as loud as humanly possible. He felt his throat tighten, and the sound that emitted from it was raspy and desperate. He wanted to feel something. Anything. He stumbled past the body, and practically ran into the front door. He opened it and limped outside.

It was storming, hard, but he could barely feel the heavy drops of rain hit his blood-soaked skin. He kept looking up at the sky, wondering why it had come to this. If there was a higher power watching the world, why was this his fate? What had he done to deserve this?

Some of his neighbors had come out of their homes, hearing the scream he made earlier. Seeing he was covered in blood, they were gasping and whispering, some were calling the police. No one dared approach him, however. They knew an insane man when they saw one.

The sky was thundering furiously, and the clouds were bright with lightning. He opened his eyes and looked at the clouds above him. He thought he heard a deep voice, almost like a low whisper. It started to echo in his mind, leaving his head and ears ringing furiously.

He didn't have much time to think about it, because right then and there, his fate was decided. The last thing he saw was a flash of blinding light, and everything went black.

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