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The story of Dean Winchester the superhero


Little people know Dean Winchesters secret. He's a superhero. Not even Sammy knows. Dean doesn't even have a name for himself as a superhero, but to people who know him he is simply known as nameless. Will dean's secret get in the way of hunting? Or will the whole world find out that superheroes can actually be real? Find out in this book.

Adventure / Romance
Cole Johnson
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Chapter 1

Dean Winchester hated school. But not every thing, he liked lunch, PE, and most of all Michelle. Dean Winchester was in his last year of high school. So was Michelle. It was perfect, that is... if Dean could find a way to ask her out. He was so used to girls asking him out, that when It came to him asking girls out..... it was much harder. There was a Halloween dance coming up but he couldn't build up the courage. But he would have to sooner or later. And he chose later. Dean was sitting at his desk working on a math paper. He hated math. But what made it worse was the a) his glasses kept falling down, and b) he had a cast on his right hand.... The hand he wrote with. He had broke it when a wendeigo threw him across an abandoned warehouse it had split the bone down the middle and across his forearm
"Sonofab*tch," mumbled Dean quietly and grabbing his casted hand his hand was aching but His hand writing was 100 times as bad if he wrote with his left hand. So that ain't gonna happen.
Dean sighed then went back to working on his paper. What Dean didn't see was when Dean grabbed his hand in pain Michelle had looked in his direction and frowned. Michelle was a nerd Dean was a jock. It wasn't going to work out. Michelle was too shy to ask Dean out her self, she was hoping that Dean would ask her out to the dance but it was a week before the dance and he hadn't asked her out yet. So all Michelle thought was that it wasn't gonna happen any time soon.
The fire alarm started blaring. Everyone got up and went out the door and put side. "This is going to be a long day," mumbled Dean and he got up and went out.
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