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I Wish It Wasn't So - Draco Malfoy Love Story


Azlynn has grown up sheltered and forced to believe her future was as evil as her Grandfather, He Who Must Not Be Named. She must decide for herself what and who is good and evil. Will those choices hurt her in the end?

Fantasy / Romance
Lindsay Ward
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Chapter 1

My life was boring and lonely; then again that’s what you get when you’re me. My mother, father and I lived in a moss covered cottage surrounded by a guard of tall, evergreen trees with no one in sight around us for a dozen miles. We were royalty in the ‘wizarding’ world. When it came to power we were a ranked the level below the Malfoy family. Instead, we were Wards. My parents didn’t want me around muggles (or anyone) for that matter because they wanted me to be the best wizard, like my family before me. For you see, my grandfather was the most powerful wizard of all time. The fact that Tom Riddle had a child, which was my father, baffled people because my grandmother kept my father so secret. I was told my grandfather changed into what he was today. The only reason we were behind the slimy Malfoys was because they had the money, but we have the blood; pureblood. There are three different kinds of blood; pureblood, half-blood, and then muggles (non-magic).

So why do we live in a little cottage if we have power and money? Well, because my family isn’t what you’d expect. They didn’t care about the money or the power. But since it is family that caused trouble, it’s our curse. No one wanted the Ward’s at their school. No one in town wanted to be my friend because they all feared me. I’ve never been in a public school in my entire life. And now I sit in my small room packing up what I did have because they were sending me to Hogwarts. What kind of name is that? Seriously, but they say my great grandfather went, so it’s tradition.

There was one girl though, who was my only friend; Genevieve. She was beautiful, smart and kind. She had the world in front of her and so many opportunities; instead she threw away on a life my parents wouldn’t let me have- going out with friends and spending all her time out of school. The only reason they let me be friends with her is because she bugged them to let me play and she was pureblood as well.

I pulled my messy blonde hair into a high bun and gathered up my bags and headed downstairs. My father took my belongings immediately and headed out to the car without saying a word. I sighed and my mother apologetically smiled at me. “I’ll miss you, my Azlynn.” She kissed my cheek and wrapped me in a tight hug. I heard the sound of a honk outside and she scoffed. “Your father” she rolled her eyes. “Yeah but your husband” I laughed and kissed her again. “Love you” I shouted as I ran to the car.


By no surprise, I was sitting by myself in one of the rooms on the train. My father left me by the platform I was suppose to enter and told me to just walk through it, then left. Whatever, I could figure this out. I closed my eyes and started walking towards with my bags clutched in my hands. I waited for the wall to hit me, but when I felt nothing, I peeked my eyes open curiously to see a beautiful, big read Train. Crowds of students from different ages talked and laughed and seemed to be making new friends as well as greeting old ones. I felt segregated automatically, so I just headed right to my red savior.

I walked down the long aisles, noticing all the sitting boxes were full, until I found one that was empty and I breathed a sense of relief. A young girl came in. “Hi” she said quietly to me. “Is it okay if I sit with you?” she asked. I smiled and nodded. “I’m Ginny” she said after a few minutes of silence. “I’m Azlynn”. Everything seemed nice until three boys came pushing through the doors. “Get out of our car, Weasley”, a blonde boy demanded to Ginny. I knew that ugly face, because I’ve seen his father’s all the time. Draco Malfoy. “We were here first, Malfoy” Ginny said glaring at him. The other two boys were just getting food from a woman with a food cart. “No, it’s fine, we can leave” I said standing up. I started to walk out with Ginny behind me. “Draco Malfoy”, he said smirking. I just rolled my eyes and tried to push through him, but he held me back. “Azlynn” I barked. “Ward? Never nice, I see.” he smiled, pleased with his acquaintance. “Goodbye” I said leaving. Ginny caught up to me.

“We can go to my brother and his friends’ box” she said pointing to the other way. “Sure, thanks” My cheeks red with embarrassment. She led me to a car with two boys and a girl in it. “Ginny, where have you been?” a red-haired boy asked her. He looked like her brother, since they both had the same colored hair and facial features. “I met a new friend Azlynn and we were bullied by Malfoy” she said like it was no big deal. “Are you ok?” another boy said standing up. He had brown hair and a scar on his forehead. I knew of him. Harry Potter. My family hated the Potter boy, because he was naturally our enemy; well, my family’s enemy. “I’m fine” I said looking down to my shoes. The girl that was sitting down looked up at both of the boys and got up. “Can’t you be gentleman and introduce yourselves?” she smiled at me. “I’m Hermione” she said. She had bushy brown hair. “I’m Ron” the red haired boy said. “Ginny’s my sister” he added. “ And I’m Harry” The Potter boy said grabbing your hand. You weren’t sure what he was doing so you grabbed your hand away and politely smiled. Ginny and I sat down next to Ron. Harry and Hermione sat across from us. We all chatted and they told me about their years at Hogwarts and what teachers to avoid making angry and which teachers to trust. It seemed like no one even knew who I was, which was a breath of fresh air.

After what seemed like hours of chatting, Ron looked out the window smiling. I rushed over to the window to see what he was looking at. I saw a huge stone castle surrounded by a large sea. It was so beautiful. “So that is Hogwarts?” I asked still amazed by the sight of it. “Yeah, this year is going to be so exciting” I heard Hermione say. I took a deep breath in. “And my new life begins” I whispered to myself.

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