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Caleb's Phantom: A Caleb Hyles fanfiction


Caleb Hyles finds himself in the possession of a crazed 'Fan'. Claiming that he can make him better, all Caleb has to is rid himself of his fear of failing... Both Caleb and the 'Fan' endure torment thought this ordeal.

Horror / Thriller
C.A. Thief
Age Rating:

The Problem that is Felt

That night he had no intention of generating such a plot or for that matter fully understanding why it struck so hard.

He is subscribed to well over a hundred creators on YouTube, like most. He has shared laughs, tears, and disgust with creators. Yes, more than once he has crushed hard, but it never escalated to what he ends up doing to one creator. Many times he has looked at other content and has thought, “Oh, I would not have said that.” or “You’re missing something, I just don’t know what.” He is not the only one to do this if anything it is all too normal to do that. With the millions of videos uploaded daily and just other factors, some real gems get lost.

Yet, there’s Caleb Hyles, an American singer, high-energy, and very passionate. He subbed to him after hearing the cover of Les Miserables- Bring Him Home. Caleb’s voice told him the sad story in such a unique way that he was able to fall in love with the song all over again. From then on Caleb’s voice became his cup of joe every morning, rather or not knowing the song he was covering. Caleb was a gem that was greatly unappreciated, yet, that never slowed Caleb. He sang and acted, not concerned with views or likes or subscribers. That is what is so great about him along with his spectacular voice.

So many of the creators he watches are greatly overlooked, but it was Caleb’s videos that he pushed out and spoke to his friends about. Yet, no one seems to share the appreciation, even in the comments people claim to be fans but they find something to dislike.

Even to his disgust, nearly two years of listening to Caleb’s covers. There is something that he can’t shake and this irritated him beyond all hell. What was that thing? He couldn’t say it, even in thought, he couldn’t answer the question. It was just something he felt.

It wasn’t until he encountered two songs in 2014, these were the songs that changed his whole ‘protecting’ aspect toward Caleb.

The first song that really stuck in complete devastation was the Green Day Medley. That was when the ‘felt’ feeling started to become words, the video was flawless, characters on point, and good editing. It wasn’t till the end, the blood and all outperformance. After the video, he was in complete shock, crying. The overwhelming sadness he was experiencing was the fact he was scared for Caleb. To have so much talent and passion than to die without warning, it killed him just thinking about it.

In the back of his mind the ploy was beginning to take shape, yet, it was far enough back there to not cause alarm. Even though Caleb was still uploading weekly, he could shake that haunting of overwhelming sickening sadness.

In the month leading up to that fateful night, there were four covers and a four-hour livestream. During the livestream he found himself watching and having the first of many feelings that would if he wasn’t emotionally hurt, he’d back up and evaluate himself. However, that was not the case, the feeling was anger. Angry toward whom he didn’t know, but for the four-hour livestream he didn’t feel any relief from the mental anguish that he was experiencing. Which was just adding confusion to his already distorted mental state; this the closest thing to being with Caleb that he can...could get.

The four covers just left him thinking, “He’s missing something... No, he’s distracted... no....” trailing off, nothing sounds right yet, at the same time they do. He stopped sharing to help Caleb, instead, he actually stopped talking to his friends, and instead of listening and enjoying the videos. He was reading between the lines trying to understand this feeling that he couldn’t explain. He couldn’t talk to other fans, the energy of trying to explain something that he couldn’t himself. Is the recipe for extreme disheartening, because he already knows that he was the only one that feels this.

It is September 21, 2014, and Caleb Hyles releases Confrontation...Caleb is calling for help, he is torn up inside. Caleb is struggling with the fear of failing, which in turn is causing him to go all out. Caleb is losing the self battle and it shows; the fan sees that there is one way to save him from this path of self-destruction... “Sing for me or you will fail!”

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