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Knowing Her: When two become one


A mirror shows only the truth even if in reverse so her she stood looking in the mirror watching as the reflection that reflected back into her eyes shows a broken girl. She didn’t care but he did and from his perspective, he could see the broken and the tamed girl as his reflection was hers and his alone. “ Why don't I cool you down? ” Throwing the water on him. He froze in shock as he stood there drenched then he spoke a few cold and distant words I had heard before and knew all too well “Why would a bitch like you even dare to talk to me if you just wanted to humiliate me?” That was our first encounter and with all that shits going down. I knew it was gonna bite

Romance / Drama
Age Rating:

Chapter 1

I always do a little info for my stories and with this on it has a lot of underlining tone that I hope will come out into the light in a beautiful way. And yes it is a fanfic which may throw a few of you off but if you give it a chance I doubt that you will regret reading it.

This story is one of my favorites yet. It will be on the in’s and out with updates as this originated as a collab piece. I always am working on a film at this time so yeah

Hope you enjoy and I love comments and feedback so drop some thoughts they are the best motivation.

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