The Blindfold


"I guess I have your answer then" the impostor sighed. "I tried to get your attention for so many years, then you go and hook up with Harry." they spat out the name 'Harry' as if they had just swallowed a whole bottle of bone juice.

"Who are you?" Draco was terrified and the only way to hide fear is anger. Draco was so pissed if he had his wand he might be tempted to crucify this person because of the unforgivable things they have done. They did something unforgivable then why not get a taste of what they dished out.

"You don't recognize me. Of course not I look like that stupid idiot". Draco really wanted to punch this person now. 'HOW DARE YOU CALL MY HARRY AN IDIOT, ONLY I CAN DO THAT!!!' he had to suppress his anger thou, he needed to concentrate on getting out of here.

"Why?" it was the only question Draco could think of that would keep the impostor talking. As they explained their reasoning behind the abduction and imprisoning of the great Draco Malfoy, Draco was going through his head as to who this person could be. Draco ran through their conversation in his head to see if they dropped some clues as to who they were. They said the first time they saw him if they knew anything about harry they would know that the first time he and Harry meet was in madam Malkins robe shop. He and harry where the only ones that knew that, but some of Harry's friends might know about it. His friends that would make sense they know him and harry meet at madam Malkins but never meet Draco until they were on the Hogwarts Express that has to be it, but which of Harry's friends could it be?

Who’s strong? The Weasly boys could be very strong, he'd seen it himself, but that was another time. However they Weasels are fairly stupid too so it couldn't be them. Hermione is extremely smart and would know silent spells but she’s not the strongest of people. Nevel? No. Luna? No. 'Who could it be?' Draco was about to slam his head against the wall in frustration, he could not figure it out.

"Every time I saw you two fighting I would get this feeling in my stomach, I realized it was jealousy. I felt a longing to be near you." as the impostor continued talking the voice charm began to where off, the voice was becoming familiar and female. 'A girl, what girl do I know that is one of Harry's friends, who's strong, and really smart?' then a face came to mind, it was the face of a shy girl red in the face clutching her books as she ran past him in her first year. The day of Valentine’s Day when the freaky dwarfs Lockhart hired to deliver love notes was wrapped around Harry's legs. The girl’s fiery red hair flowing behind her as she ran. It was the face of Ginny Weasly.

"I hate how everyone just assumes I'm sweet and innocent, but you saw me for me even though you used harsh words you spoke the truth. Soon, I couldn't get you face out of my head, your blond hair, grey eyes, and your mysterious smile you wore whenever you two stopped arguing. You were so beautiful."

Draco wasn't sure if this was the female weasel but whoever they where they were really freaking him out. Draco had to get out of here, he had to find the real Harry, he had to get...'MY WAND!!!' just a few feet to the right lay Draco's wand, if he could just get to it he could free himself from this dame room and escape this impostor. He was pulled out of his planning by the staring face in front of him. Draco couldn't place the expression it was strange having Harry's face look at him like that almost defeated, and angry.

"What?" Draco spat with as much venom as he could which wasn't hard because he was extremely pissed now.

"You look nice when you’re thinking. Why do I feel that way? Why does it have to be you?" Draco glanced at his wand, maybe if he dived for it he could reach it. "You can pick it up." Draco was stunned, why they would let him have his wand now when they disarmed him just five minutes ago? The impostor continued “I don’t want to keep you prisoner I just wanted to talk to you. Although I guess I could have done that in a nicer way now that I think about it”. This threw Draco off first was the fact that this person was not at all worried about their safety. Draco could easily stun this person then run and get help. Secondly, that voice was sounding more and more like Ginny’s. Also the potion was wherein off. How long had they been standing there?

The impostor started to shrink a few inches, their eyes changing from beautiful emerald green to somewhat dazzling blue. Harry’s short jet black hair elongated and turned to a fiery red color. The face of Harry Potter with his stupid scar was turning into the non-other than Ginny Weasly, her face as red as her hair. A tear trickled down her cheek. “I think of you all the time and I know it’s wrong. Your with Harry, but it’s like I’m cursed or something.” At this Ginny broke down and started to sob non-stop and fell to her knees.

Draco did not know what to do so he knelt down next to her and put a hand on her shoulder. It was not the Malfoy thing to do but he believed it was what she need. When Draco put his hand on her shoulder she threw herself into his chest and cried on his shoulder. His hands felt wired just hanging at his sides so they came and wrapped around the weeping girl, comforting her.

Ginny was calming down, at least that was what Draco thought. Her sobs where turning into short frequent sniffles, her shoulders where shaking with sadness and her hands clung to his torn shirt for dear life. Draco wanted to explain to her that he loved Harry –even if he had never said it to him- and only him, but just then a door opened and in came that very person.

End 2

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