The Blindfold

Broken Heart

All harry wanted to do was plan for the next DA meeting. Why did Draco have to be there, and not alone? Why was Ginny there too? This was what Tralony had warned him about. Why didn’t he listen?


Harry had been asked by professor McGonagall to take a few documents to professor Tralony, they were for a seer’s convention in the spring. She was no longer teaching, no thanks to a certain pink toad, but she still lived in the castle.

When harry got to the west tower he found the professor sitting in a chair in front of her big fire place with a cup of tea in her hands. She was still upset about being fired, who wouldn’t be, when you were publically fired and banished from Hogwarts. Luckily Dumbledore had over ruled the last one.

Harry knocked on the door and the professor looked at him, her big dragonfly eyes slightly read. He decided to say nothing about them and just hand her the documents. She took them and he gave her a small smile before turning to leave.

“My boy, would you allow me to read your cards? All my other equipment is in the class room and to be honest, I’m not the best at palmistry.” Her usually dreamy voice was gone, replaced by a deep, almost scratchy one. She didn’t sound like she was in a daze and only half living in reality, she sounded sad and lonely. Harry accepted her offer and sat down next to a table with long rectangular cards on it.

Tralony moved to the chair opposite him and began to shuffle the cards. She had him pick five cards from the now shuffled deck. He picked his cards randomly then handed them back to the professor. She set them out on the table in a pyramid shape. Three cards on the bottom and two above them.

The first cared she flipped over was of two wands crossed like an X with love written on the top. The next was an unbalanced scale – justice. A locked wooden chest – secret. A heart with three swords piercing threw it – betrayal. Then finally was a sun – forgiveness.

“Your cards are very confusing to me. I see that you have recently found love, yes?” harry nodded and Tralony continued. “You also seem to be seeking justice for something as well, but you are keeping a secret from those around you, your friends or perhaps your loved one? I see you will soon be betrayed by more than one person. Then I see that you or someone close to you will give forgiveness or be forgiven.

Harry only nodded because he stopped paying attention after Tralony mentioned his secret. He was in deep thought when Tralony called his name; apparently she was asking him a question.

“My boy, you look disturbed, is something wrong? Would you like me to clarify something?” harry nodded again wanting to know if someone was going to sell them to Umbrig. Tralony just re explained the entire thing.

As harry left the tower he wondered what the professor had meant about being “betrayed by more than one” for some reason he could not stop thinking about Draco.

*End Flashback*

He had been warned and he had been suspicious, but not once did he think Draco would really cheat on him, not only Draco but Ginny too. Harry‘s heart was beyond broken, and for some reason extremely angry. So angry in fact, that as he passed around in an empty classroom he couldn’t help but stop and punch the nearest thing to him, this was a wall.


Harry’s hand immediately stings; he broke his hand on the wall.

“Well this is just bloody great”

Harry clenches his broken limb in his good one and quickly makes his way to the hospital wing. As he walks he slowly calms down, he starts thinking about something Draco said just before they parted. ‘I love you’.

“That was the first time he has said that to me.” Deep down in his heart, harry feels his broken heart start to mend. He feels that when he hears Ginny’s and Draco’s explanation he just might be able to forgive them.

End 4
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