A Corporal's Story

Chapter 2 ~ Where it all began

Levi sat there, beside Mikasa. He blinked, stating, "You just can't see it yet." He looked at her, and though she looked down he stood to his feet. "No one ever asked me how my childhood went. Nor would I ever so speak of it. Mikasa lifted her head a little, "What?" She replied. Levi's eyes focused on a wall, the story flashing through his head.

There was a young boy that I knew. He had a sister, she was younger than the kid. He was seven, his sister three. The children had loving parents, and they were pretty energetic. I remember, the boy's smile was so bright, the girl's shinning brighter. They left the house they stayed in, coming back to a smothered home, blanketed in fire. The boy's sister seemed to cry a lot. But I guess the kid didn't want to cry in front of her, because he'd taken her shivering hand, walking away without a word. The children arrived at an orphanage. I'm certain they made many friends there. But no one had offered to adopt them. More children arrived at the building over time. And the girl, curious as ever, left the building. So once the boy noticed her disappearance he ventured out to find her. A journey in his head I presume." Levi sighed. "There was a noise, the child hadn't heard before. "A Titan." He guessed, not having a clue what a titan was by the looks of things. But after the noise there was a scream; a scream that the boy recognized. He took off in the rain, the drops that started to fall, stumbling across rocks. The sky thundered and the scream was harder to hear, the beast gone. He lie on a field, the boy's tears were falling by then. But no one would notice, through the rain on his cheeks.

He stuttered, more than ever. Walking towards the family member he treasured the most, torn in the storm. The storm that she so happened to be in, dead she was. The boy's face changed, an emotion I'm certain he'd never felt before brought him to his knees. He hugged her, walking away in hatred he arrived at the orphanage, but it wasn't there. His past haunting him, the lightning that caused a fire he'd never seen before. His nightmares coming to life, as if he'd written his worst fears in them; and the moment was more horrifying then them. He thought of his sister, his mother and father. "That couldn't have been my sister. S-she was in the building. I-I remember her saying bye, the smile on her face; It's all a lie!" He yelled. I remember the words he screamed, "I'm gonna find her!" And "She's gonna be there when I wake up from this hell!" His voice was weary, but he still screamed words that I don't recall. The boy ran into the fire, searching for his sister. For one of his friends, for an exit to escape terror. The young child coughed, fainting in the fire. The fire that raged went out in about an hour on it's own. The rain gone, the child unconscious. When the boy awoke he shook his head, "Why is this happening in real life!" He yelled, but his voice didn't come out, releasing coughs and gasping for air he got up. Searching for hours, that turned into one night and two days."

Mikasa sighed, looking to the floor she listened, unsure as to why he where telling her such. Levi sat on the floor again, his eyes still caught in a daze. "The child found a girl, the boy was positive that she wasn't his sister. But there was something about the girl that he found beautiful. He picked her up, holding her in his arms. She looked younger than three, but much like the little boy's sister; with an identical smile, that brought the same tears he cried when he held his younger sister. So the boy walked around, looking for a willing home. As he walked he grew even more weary, but the seven year old boy looked determined, turning in the girl he'd saved, to a precious family that was willing to take her in. She looked young enough to not remember much, adding that she was unconscious for most of the journey that the boy took." Mikasa picked the sword back up, looking away. "But my parents were never my parents, both of them were perfect. Amazing. And here I am. I"- "You are alive because that boy searched for hours, hurt and broken for years and so on Mikasa." "But-" she replied. "That boy..." he teared up a little. "W-was...y-you." Mikasa interrupted. Levi nodded, covering his face he held his tears, Mikasa looking at him. "Y-you...you saved my life...y-you gave me the loving parents I had...y-you had a younger sister, you!-..." Levi nodded, continuously. And Mikasa stopped, "Why?" -"I'm sorry." Levi said. "I-I'm sorry-" "N-no..." Mikasa replied, I'm sorry. She said, as Levi's eyes widened.

She sat there, hugging him. The sword on the ground, along with the tears that they spilled that day, a corporal's story...that she'd never forget.

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