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Children of the league


River and Riley. They are the twins of Sara Lance and Oliver Queen. Born on the freighter, raised in the league of assassins. River and Riley learned how to protect themselves from an early age. At only three years old Sara left them to go home. To see Oliver and her sister Laurel. Twelve years on.... One night the twins are sent on a mission. It brings them to their home town if Starling City. There they meet their Aunt Laurel and Uncle Ollie. Little does Oliver know that they are his biological children.

Adventure / Fantasy
Rylie Upton
Age Rating:

Starling City 2007

Sara POV

Today is the day. I am going on the Gambit with Oliver. I love him so much, but a piece of me still regrets him cheating on Laurel.

As I'm driving to the docks I receive a call from Ollie.

S- hey

O- hi your sister just showed up so you might wanna circle around a couple times.

S- damnit. ok I'll see you in a bit. Bye

O- bye

After I hang up I turn out of the parking lot and circle the harbor. Going around twice seemed like long enough so I parked my car and snuck aboard the boat, headed straight for mine and Ollie's room.

"Sara. Finally what took you so long!" Oliver whisper shouted. I shook my head and locked the door.

"My sister." I answered bluntly. He nodded and laughed lightly.

We got into the bed and started watching a movie. Thanks movie lead to more things. Yeah I think you get the jist of it.

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