A Killers Heart

Chapter 2

Ian wasn't sure what made him follow this guy back to his house, maybe it had something to do with the fact that he had just seen him getting uncomfortably close to a young boy or he just wanted to wipe that smug little grin off his face, but either way Ian trailed the guy back to his house with only one objective in mind. It was too easy to sneak inside the house, it was as if there was some higher power telling him to kill this asshole and who was he to deny himself the pleasure of seeing this guys blood on his hands?

The murder itself was quick, probably a little too quick but he did have other things to do and this guy was already taking up too much of his time, all it took was a single hard blow to the head and the man he later found out was called Alex was gone. The blue eyed man walked into the kitchen and began searching through the drawers and cupboards trying to find a knife, none of his murders were the same but there was one thing that he liked the keep the same. He always carved a small sign into the victims flesh, the images were never the same and sometimes they never really made any sense but whenever he saw those little carve marks in the skin and knowing he had made them he felt like he had made something beautiful.

He was just about to get ready to get cleaned up and leave when a loud bang caught his attention and suddenly he found himself gazing at a rather gorgeous young man. The poor guy looked petrified as they stared at one another, he could see the rapid rise and fall of his chest from where he was standing and for a moment he was mesmerized by the brown eyed youth. Ian had always known that he could fall for both women and men but had never really found a man that had caught his interest, maybe until now. Ian could only imagine what must be going through his mind right then. For a moment the blue eyed man thought of what he could do, this kid could easily run off and tell someone what he'd seen, they may not believe him at first but when the police find the body the kids story might start making sense to their thick minds. Ian knew what he had to do, he couldn't just let this kid run off and tell, it could ruin everything for him.

So he moved so that their bodies were flush together, Ian raised his hand and wrapped it around the kids neck, it would be so easy. All he would have to do is squeeze just enough to see the light fade from those brown eyes and no one would be the wiser to what had transpired here, but for some reason he could not make his fingers tighten around the soft flesh that laid within his grasp. From here he could feel the rapid breaths that the young man was taking and couldn't help pressing his face against the side of his neck and took some deep breaths of his own.

What was he doing? This wasn't his first time killing someone so he didn't understand why he was hesitating, why was this guy so different?

Ian pressed his lips together and leaned forward so that his lips came into contact with the mans cheek causing a shiver to go down his spine, why was this guy affecting him so much? He felt the other man trying to turn his head and for a second Ian's mind worked on what he should do but it seemed that his rational mind was taking a back seat as he took the mans chin in his hand and moved his head so that they were nose, it took all of his willpower to not get lost in those chocolate brown eyes. There was something in those eyes though that made his stomach warm up in a tingly kind of way and he felt a shiver go up his spine, there was so much defiance and stubbornness in those brown eyes, it was like he was preparing himself for a fight and Ian's heart sped up at the sight, such a strong will for someone who looked like they had just finished school.

A small smirk grew on his lips as he looked at the man and couldn't help making a cocky little speech before dashing out of the door. He hoped that this wouldn't be the last time he ever saw the kid, he wasn't sure he could let him go on now that he knew that he was out there, maybe this would be more fun than he thought.

It took a few days for the police to find the man who had been laying dead on his living room floor, the bowl haired man couldn't help the sneer that appeared on his face as he read the headlines of the local paper, the police made this far too easy. During the time that it had taken for the police to find Alex Shipway Ian had been ding some investigating of his own, he was trying to find as much information about the dreamy guy he had met that night and with his knowledge of computers Ian was able to find out that the guys name was Anthony Padilla and even found out the address of where he worked which he knew at some point would come in handy if Anthony didn't try and find him first.

There were times when he was out in town and he would catch small glimpses of Anthony passing by and every time he felt his heart speed up in excitement, this was gong to be fun.

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