A Killers Heart

Chapter 3

About three months had passed since that night and Anthony still hadn't informed the police about what he had seen, he knew that he should even if it was just to clear his own mind of the guilt that had plagued him for about a week but whenever he went to pick up the phone something always stopped him as he remembered those eyes staring into his own, besides it wouldn't do much good anyway, even if Anthony was able to describe every detail of the man with ocean blue eyes the cops would still have a hard time finding him and in a rather sick way Anthony was kind of glad about that. He had been able to slowly wrap his head around what had happened and knew that he should probably feel slightly more worried than he actually was due to the fact that the killer knew what he looked like, he knew that at any moment he could turn around and feel a sharp blade piercing his flesh, slowly draining the life out of him as cold eyes stared down at him but he also had a feeling that their next meeting would be a much more different experience to the first.

The next morning Anthony arrived at work bright and early as usual, he had been enjoying his new job and had actually met some rather cool people, though he must admit that Mari did scare him a little bit. He got to work with a bunch of new technology which was just amazing, the company gave him a lot of freedom to just play around with the programs and see where each attempt would take him.

There was one bad thing about this place though, because the business was still trying to generate more and more interest in their company and products they allowed people to walk around the different areas so the public could see exactly what they did. Sometimes it was rather annoying when you are on a role with a particular piece of technology and a bunch of people just walk in and interrupt the whole vibe that the place has. They always seemed to come in when everyone was busy and actually expected them to stop what they were doing to give a small speech about whatever they were doing, it was rather annoying to see a bunch of men in suits roll their eyes as you try and explain something to them, bunch of idiots.

He had been hoping to be on his lunch by the time that the group came around but as usual the brunette got caught up with whatever work he was doing and didn't notice the time as the door opened and a bunch of people flooded into the room. Beside him Mari rolled her eyes as she flipped over the disc she was working on. Antony tried ignoring the group as they slowly moved past each individual work station, but as the group neared himself and Mari Anthony suddenly spotted a pair of blue eyes staring straight at him and felt a chill go down his spine.

Anthony's eyes widened almost considerably as he stared at the man who had been haunting his thoughts every night, he knew that there was a possibility that the guy would be able to find him but he wasn't prepared for it right now.

Slowly the group approached his desk and all he could do was stare at the man that was now just in arms reach, slowly his sense came back to him and he quickly slipped a charming smile on his face before anyone else noticed his reaction moments before but he never once took his eyes off of the man with the bowl haircut. He answered a few questions luckily without any problems, most of them coming from the man who was still staring at him. Just a they were about to leave Anthony felt a warm hand against his thigh, without him noticing the other man had moved so that he was standing close to Anthony but not so much that it would rouse suspicion.

"It was lovely to see you again Anthony."

With those whispered words the blue eyed man rejoined the group but not before placing a light kiss to his brow that made the taller man shiver. Anthony stood staring into nothingness as one sentence echoed around his mind, holy shit he knows my name.

"Well shit"

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