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Rebels On The Run (BTS ff*)


A mischievous high school student that loves music and martial arts you were but you were not ready to have your feelings activate something in you that you never knew existedand changed your life forever , as strange and scary things started happening to your body you didn't know what to do, but someone with supernatural features just like you wants to help you escape a monstrous underground lab that holds other people with these features that is now hunting the both of you. Will you escape alive? Understand what's going on with yourself and get to know this mysterious man that you probably have to stick with for the rest of your life?

Romance / Action
Oshi McLaine
Age Rating:

Pink? Or Orange?

"You never stop drinking that stuff do you?" Tae chuckled, he has been your best friend since you were little kids, you just ignore him and just continue to sip on your banana milk. As you walk down the hallway of cinemas to watch a movie, you decided to watch spiderman far from home and made your way to the snack booth. "Do you want some popcorn?" Tae asked pointing at the menu with his long slender finger. "Sure, we can share one I'm not that hungry," you replied with a smile it was finally winter break and you had more time to hangout with Tae which made you giddy.

After a while of watching once you finished the movie you spread your arms out to stretch as you walked out the cinema. "What did you think?"

You asked nervously, you could barely focus on the movie because Taehyung grabbed onto your hand during the movie! "It was pretty good, I kinda found some things similar from the comics I read as a kid so it was fun to watch!" You drooled over his adorable smile.

You decide to call it a night after couple of drinks and started walking home. Once Taehyung saw you off home you jumped on your bed in excitement because he kissed you on the cheek before you parted ways. For some reason you always got attracted to him, it was weird because you were never ever attracted to someone like that before. You never felt that particular way before, was it love? you just played music and danced around while drinking in excitement as you were still giddy after you took your shower while still dancing. The steam from the hot shower surrounding you and covered the mirror blurring your view. You started to wipe the steam from the mirror so you could see better, You gasped as you saw a suprise waiting for you on your face, your eyes were pink!?

You didn't put in any eye contacts so you were very confused. Why was your eye color like that? Did you have an infection? you decided to just sleep it off and hopefully everything will back to normal once your sober.

You woke up with a throbbing head from all the drinks you had last night. The light from your window started to blind you, you had the hardest time sleeping because for some reason you were hearing every little noise in your apartment room. Like the bed creaking or the AC making noise but you normally would doze off to the soft humming, but this time it felt so loud! Maybe I just put it on a setting too high?

Still having a hangover you remembered about your eyes last night you ran to the mirror to check you eyes to see if they were still pink or if you were too drunk but thankfully they were their normal hazel. You sigh in relief As you remebered you had to go to the gym, "just because you were in break you still should keep your body in good shape!" Your friend Yongsun is quite the gym freak but shes what's keeping your body in shape so you forced yourself into the shower because you reeked of alchohol! Especially since you had two bottles of Soju last night, your face was so puffy! Its best to go!

You arrived at the gym entrance and saw Yongsun waiting for you, she ran over to you and gave you a big hug almost squeezing you to death. Yongsun was your workout buddy Yongsun aka your girlfriend. You did a lot more than normal but barely broke a sweat today at the weights it seems that your hard work has been paying off, you giggled in pride. You had a great taekwondo practice, You were a black belt so training was intense, you later went to the pool to practice your swimming skills because they were not as good as your taekwondo skills but strangely they were a lot better than last time!

You were swimming faster than Yongsun who's literally the fastest swimmer you knew! Things are getting really strange but at least I'm a better swimmer!! Yongsun just watched you with her mouth agape, she always made fun of your terrible swimming strokes but she seems quite suprised but so was I so we were both speechless. "How did you get so good so quickly!? You just started lessons a week ago!" Yongsun said in complete awe. "To be honest I really dont know but I'm a lot faster now, I just have to work on my strokes." You replied but you saw a huge smirk come across Yongsuns face and that's when you started to panic because you knew why she was looking so sly! "Its because of my amazing training sessions I make you do everyday and because I'm an amazing teacher isn't it?" She started to giggle "Shutup!" You shout but start to laugh, you had to admit it her training sessions were really doing you favors! You started to get a slight 6 pack. But I would have slapped her if I had to go through all that torture and not see results so you were quite happy.

You spent the rest of the day with Taehyung again but at the studio, you were helping him with his new song called 'Sweet Night' his voice was like honey! You were admiring from the recording room as he was adding in some backing vocals how did he sing so well? His voice is so deep and soulful but it's not heavy. "Its perfect" you giggled, his singing made your heart melt as he hit every note perfectly. He finished off great, but when he stepped out he looked at you little surprised?

"Hey Y/N did you put in eye contacts?" You froze in place in confusion "I like it, the pink looks nice on you!" He said and you started to drool over his amazing boxy smile again. You turned red not caring about your eyes but just the compliment. "Thanks Tae," you said in complete embarrassment. Once he finished recording and you added finishing touches to the backing track and beat the final product was ready! He waved you off from the studio because he some more work to do. "Get home safe and dont walk in dark streets ok Y/N?"he looked really concerned but that was because it was pretty late you just smiled at his adorable concerning face "Yes Oppa" you said shyly "Goodnight!" You say waving your hands in a quick motion he smiled "Goodnight Y/N."

As you were waking home filled with giddiness looking like a young school girl in love, you noticed something weird, you heard footsteps as if someone was right behind you, you quickly turned around to see, nothing? Ok Y/N what's going on??

Why are these weird things happening? you started to feel scared, you looked at your selfie camera remembering about your pink eyes and wanted to see if they were still pink but they weren't, they were orange!? As soon as you gasped you felt something hit you in the back and fell to the ground.

A group of men wearing black were surrounding you and somehow you flew to your feet and started to run, you ran as if your life depended on it, because it did! You realized you ran five blocks in the matter of a minute! You sighed in relief panting deeply you had thought you lost them until one jumped right in front of you. But surprisingly your body made you fly back from the attack. You seemed to have gotten better reflexes, but as you were ready to knock him out, the man just fell to the ground unconscious. You were suprised with your mouth agape still in your fighting stance, a strange man just morphed in right in front of you out of thin air! and then everything went black.

Enjoying the story so far? I promise Jimin will come into the story soon!
Also how do you feel about Taehyhng being your best friend? ;)

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