Law and order svu

Chapter 🌹2

Back at the squad room

They were pieceing together the evidence from Amandas apartment. The tests had come back and it was Amanda's blood. They also ran the hairs they found on the bed. They continued watching the rest of the video and thats when they saw him. Patton!

There mouths dropped in shock as they saw the man who has mistreated Amanda has done it again and nobody could of stopped it.

Amanda woke up to the sound of clanging which hurt her head.

"Wha... what are you doing?" Rollins said still groggly.

"Oh morning sleeping beauty!" Patton said.

"Let me go I won't tell anyone i promise" Amanda said desperately.

"Well we can't do that now can we your squad has already seen the footage we are a top priority now" Patton said as if he was happy that they had seen the footage.

"We gonna have some fun!" Patton said as he knocked her over the head with a hard object.

She woke up to see her top unbuttoned and he was on top of her,

"Patton... please stop... please" Amanda begged as the immense pain hit her.

"You should of learned by now I don't take no for a answer" said Patton calmly.

She could not believe this was happening again and she was thinking about the team how she wishes she could call them but that was never gonna happen. plus she couldn't call the team they would never look at her the same way.

she didnt know where her phone was. She kept thinking about the team they should have noticed and gone to her apartment and noticed that she was missing.

She finally passed out after hours of excruciating pain. She woke up at about 8.25 and she thought to herself she was late for woke because she always woke up late and olivia would always shout at her. She looked around looking for him but he wasn't here. Some timed had passed when she heard the door open and several footsteps approaching her... he wasn't alone. "Oh crap" she said barely audible.

Back at the station they were working hard to figure out where he took Rollins. Fin felt incredibly guilty for not sitting down with the blonde talking to her he could of protected her.

Meanwhile at the unknown location the blonde is on the bed broken bruised battered used damaged. she looked down at her arms to see the scars from her previous encounter with Patton and what it did to her she couldn't do the aftermath process again.

They got a possible lead on Amanda's abduction. There was CCTV footage of her unconscious body being dragged into a car which belonged to a rental company which led to a dead end as it was a sketchy company with no CCTV and Patton payed with cash. They headed back to the squad room where they worked like hell to find Rollins and nail Patton for his crimes.

She looked around for something to use to fight with and get out of there but was quickly knocked out after that. When she woke she wasn't tied to the bed. She gathered her strength to get up but was cut off by Captain Renalds. "What are you doing here?" Amanda growled. "Well that's not a nice welcome to your old friend" "Just let me go I won't say anything to anyone I promise" Amanda pleaded. "Oh well we can't since your team has already seen the footage!" He sniggered. "What footage?" Amanda said confused. "Oh you'll see" he said. Renalds left with Patton, he locked the door and left Amanda there. She waited until they had gone then she got up forgetting the pain of what she has been through, but she battled through it. She turned around and saw blood on the bed that's when she started to have flashbacks of the past 6 nights of hell. She started to panic, she felt like the room was closing in on her so she was frantically searching the rooms for something to pry open the door with. She went down to the laundry room and found a crowbar, she ran upstairs to the door opened it and started running as fast as she could. She thought she did pretty well considering she ached everywhere. She got down the block and into a alleyway. She was safe, or at least she thought she was safe. 2 men creeped up behind her, it was Patton and Renalds in hoodies hiding from the security camera's. She started to hyperventilating again when they put a bag over her head, gaged her then drove away."

There was a witness that saw the whole thing so she called 911. When SVU arrived they interviewed the woman. "Ok mam what did you see?" Olivia asked gently. "I saw a woman running down the street, she had a busted lip her face was bruised, she had a black eye and blood on her forehead and back of her head. She had blue jeans on and a chequered shirt. There was blood all over her clothes" the woman replied. "Okay what did she look like?" "She was white, blonde hair green eyes" "Ok what about the assailant's?" "They were wearing hoodies, tracksuits, they were white quite old like 40 ish maybe 50s. There is a CCTV camera other there looks straight into the alleyway." "Okay thank you. she gave the witness her card. "If you remember anything else call me!" she said then walked away.

They looked at the security footage and they saw Amanda get beaten up, gagged then shoved in the boot of a car. They managed to get a licence plate from the car, it belonged to Michael Louise Jones. They searched up his name, he was captain Renalds cousin, so they got a search warrant for his home and car.

They got his home address, they got there knocked on the door. A woman answered the door. "Mam we have a search warrant to search the premises." said Olivia as she stormed in. "Who are you?" she asked as she started inspected the rooms. "I'm Michaels sister and who the hell are you?" "I'm Olivia Benson special victims unit" "What's he done this time?" she said knowing this was going to happen sooner or later. "He has assisted a kidnapping, and he will probably be going down for sexual assault and assault." "Oh well I'm not surprised" "why" "Cause he changed his name so you couldn't see his file, his real name is Dean Jones Webber, he's a rapists. He's on the sex offender register." Everyone's faces dropped. "Can you think of anywhere he would go?" "He sometimes goes to a abandoned furniture factory on Canal Street." "Ok let's suit up and hit that factory."

Amanda couldn't focus on anything, her vision was all blurry, she could hear Patton and Renalds talking but she couldn't understand what they were saying. Her forehead felt wet, it was covered in blood. "Oh, crap" Amanda said but they heard her. "Oh well looks who's awake! Were you listening to our conversation?" "No, I don't care what you say" Amanda said snapping. "Don't speak to me like that!" Screams Renalds as he repeatedly punching her in the face and chest. That's when Patton pulled him away. "Enough, take a walk" Patton walked up to Amanda, pulled her flat on the bed took her top off then knocked her out.

When she woke up, her shirt was unbuttoned her trousers was down by her ankles, so she pulled them up but some of her buttons off her shirt had popped off so she could only do up like 3 buttons. Renalds was outside when his cousin appeared. "Hey what's up bro, where's that girl" says Michael.

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