Law and order svu

Chapter 🦋3

She's through here" Renalds says. "Cheers bro, oh my you really did a number on her didn't you oh well she's still gorgeous" "Yup she's a keeper" says Patton as he emerges from the shadows with his trousers and belt undone. "And she's nice and warm" said Michael as he chuckled. She woke up just as he started "Stop, please get off me please don't do this" said Amanda begging and crying. "What was that sorry I couldn't hear you" He said as he punched her in the gut. She was so tired she wanted it to go away to be locked away in her apartment. She shut off from the world, she closed her eyes and tried to think happy thoughts, it didn't work. He kept going on for what felt like hours but it was only like 10 minutes. Her whole body ached then she gave up and she slipped away.

The team was 5 minutes out they were all hoping that she was ok and unharmed but that would never happen Patton is a monster just like Captain Renalds and Michael. They pulled up, Olivia told the men where to go. "Nick, Carisi you cover the back door, me and Fin will go through the front, if they are in there, if they move don't hesitate to shoot! Ok lets go get our girl" They slowly opened the door and threw a smoke grenade which caught their attention so Patton and Renalds went to investigate, while Michael finished. They walked down the hall and noticed light coming through the door they went to the door and BANG...

Renalds went down with a GSW to the leg. Patton surrendered as easy as that, Fin and Olivia cuffed them and told Nick and Carisi to enter through the back door, that's when they saw her. She was lying flat on her back, her shirt was unbuttoned, her jean buttons and zip were down and her jeans and pants were at her hips. Olivia ran up to her took off her jacket and covered her up so her work mates wouldn't see how vulnerable she is. "Hey your okay , we got you, your safe" Olivia said as she tried her best to comfort the young detective. Fin approached "Fin call a bus" Olivia said as Amanda started drifting in and out of consciousness. Olivia watched as her eyes rolled back.

Amanda's POV-

After Michael was done he punched me many times said I was a skank that I was disgusting. When he had finished punching me he walked away and started talking with Patton I don't know what they were talking about but It obviously wasn't good. Michael came back and started kissing me neck, my eyes were streaming, I begged him to stop but he didn't, he got his finger in my jeans and I think you can guess what happened. As he was doing this, I heard a metal clanking and Patton and Renalds ran past me to another door to the right of me. I hear Patton faintly whispering to Michael saying stop we don't know who that is. Michael came over once more punched me in the face repeatedly then he and hid and I was alone. My head was killing well my whole body was killing but my head felt like it had been smashed by a ton of bricks. So I closed my eyes tried to relax but it wasn't working. My eyes force open when I hear gunshots and I thought OMG I'm dead then as I'm waiting for them to kill me I hear a voice, a voice I recognise. A voice I knew, It was Olivia. she found me. I kept me eyes closed I didn't want her to see me like this, I didn't want anyone to see me like this weak, vulnerable. I finally opened my eyes. Olivia was kneeling beside me she put her jacket over me. I tried to get up but a immense pain shattered through my head as my eyes rolled back. I was slipping away and I didn't feel safe. I heard sirens faintly and loud noises I tried to block them but they were so loud. They loaded me in the ambulance and started putting needles in me. Her head was throbbing the lungs and ribs were screaming at her, burning.

When they got to the hospital they unloaded Amanda and took her into a room and started to assess her. Nick fin and the rest of the team drove behind them and got to the hospital the same time as Amanda and Olivia did.

Hours had passed and Amanda was still in surgery from internal bleeding, and a bleed on the brain. The doctor soon came out. "Family of Amanda Rollins?"

They all got up "How is she?" Fin asked.

"Well we fixed her bleeding internally then we opened up her skull to relieve the pressure on her brain, we had to put her into a medically induced coma to help relieve the pressure to her brain"

"Thanks doc" said Olivia

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